Layering Subliminal


@blackaddr I wasnt going to after reading the first comments when I asked about it.

right now its just asking what is the best way to move forward with recoil, and get back onto a more solid improvement path again


How many loops are you currently running ?

Are you taking days off from listening ?


Right now my stack is

  • Emperor Q
  • Prim Sed Iron Throne Q
  • Stark Q
  • Power Can Corrupt Q

I have them in a playlist its 4 hours of that playlist, So I at least get 2 loops of EmperorQ and PSIT and one Loop of StarkQ and Power right now as ultrasonic.

While I sleep I have Emp Q, PSIT Q and StarkQ in the playlist as masked, they playone on repeat so 2 loops of each while I sleep as well. Last night I decided to not run the loops to give one night a rest and let it sink in as per the comments here.

So at current, it would be Day + Night mix of subsonic and masked

  • Emp Q = 4 loops
  • PSIT Q = 4 Loops
  • StarkQ = 3 Loops
  • Power = 3 Loops
    Not Rest days

I was running Stark Terminus for a few days last week as my job means I dont have all the time to dedicate to listening daily


@MrBlank i am very happy with your listening stack now i want you to take a days rest every 7 days.

Also bear in mind as i have always told members several times action is everything. Keep your goals intact and act on them.

I have strong intuition in 3 months from now great things will happen to you.

Keep up the good work

Your Friend Black Adder



Thanks, dude, I will do that I will sake Sunday off every week to and continue with my current loops.

Thanks, it has been a tough year for me mentally due to multiple past events and recent issues that have come up, I really hope so. Subliminal Club has really helped me get back on track and improve my life and I want to keep that going

I will hit you up in a few weeks of trying monday-Saturday on and Sunday off, let you know if there were any changes :slight_smile: