Le Journal de BillPerry™


lol wow… crazy results. Which sub do you think is affecting your voice like that?

I know GLM, Emperor and of course the Q module Emperor’s Voice does that… but Libertine?


I have to assume either Khan ST1 or ST3 have something akin to the Emperor’s Voice module. or both. Based on the sales page, I’d assume ST3 has more of that stuff. Since it has PS:IT and whatever else.

I’ve been using Khan3 prior to or right after Libertine on occasion lol.


Not sure I understand married guys running Libertine. Seems like it’s asking for trouble


It helps with the wife. What more can I ask for? :slight_smile:


Don’t mind me. I’m bored , irritable, and frustrated. My apologies


no worries. I was on the fence about Libertine for sure. Totally worth it though.


@JCast home gym?


@realbillperry DDP Yoga


I did Khan 1 followed by Khan 4 while in the office. 1 loop of each.

Wife and I had a shower together tonight…and I got way more handsy than usual.

She wasn’t in the mood for full-on sex. I think if I’d kept it up, she would have been.

But I didn’t feel the “energy” of going beyond some shower makeout.

Sub: KhanQST1/TB
Start Date: 10/22/2020
Projected Competion 12/1/2020
Day 9
Goal (Hours) 100
Completed (Hours) 28
Percent Done 28.00%
Hours listened today 1





First listen of BILLionaire Terminus down!
I was working on my website while listening. I’m having a bitch of an issue with passing a dictionary of keys=>values to PHP using JavaScript.

I have a very tiny headache in my left forehead eyebut not sure if this is dueto the sub. I’ll wait to run it again until tomorrow of course.


Maybe I spoke too soon. I’m feeling an ever-increasing sexual energy taking over. Very strange.
The only module I can think of that would contribute to this is the Ascended Mogul Core.

Definitely feeling like Mrs. Realbillperry is gonna get a visit tonight.

What am I missing here? wow.


I listened to another loop of BILLionaire right before bed, of ultrasonic as I finished up last night’s work on my current project. Made huge gains on it. Moved the needle better than before.

Woke up this morning with a very slight headache. Listened to masked (I know. too much with it being Terminus). I know 3 loops is too much in under 24 hours. I do feel fine though. I really just wanted to see how far I can push myself.

Fell back asleep, had some dreams about the wife and I living at my dad’s house again, and the toilet was broken and constantly overflowing.

Rather than just turn off the water supply the house, a plumber showed up and installed an outside pump and put a hose in the toilet bowl so it kept the toilet from overflowing. That was his idea of a “repair”.

Of course, I was a bit like “Um…kinda silly there”…but was largely aloof as I kept going into my bedroom and working on projects and was letting dad, stepmom and wife deal with the dumbass plumber.

Haedache gone by the time I woke up :slight_smile:

And yes, I will not listen again until tomorrow. I’m listening to a stack of AscMogulQ and Primal Seduction Q while I make more progress on the website project.

The prototype I’m building for my website idea should be working by this time next week. I took legit time off today from the day job to work on it. Plus I’m off tomorrow and most of Wednesday.


Sounds like an interesting project.


It’s fun. it’s been keeping me awake far too late at night. But if it pans out, it should mean the difference between being stuck in the day job or able to quit and have most of my time back to tinker on each more projects. That’s why I built the BILLionaire custom with the modules I did.

I’m ready to be rich as fuck.


Lol I just had an Alpha moment

Not sure quite why

I went from my home office to the living room for something.

And wife said “You came out to help make dinner!?"

And I said, “Is it 8:30 yet?”

Then said “I took the day off to work on my website. I can help after my normal work time is over.”

She kinda rolled her eyes a bit.

Then just asked me to at least open the cans of beans and stuff and she’ll do the rest.

I didn’t even feel like I was particularly mean about anything. Just felt like I was enforcing a boundary or something.

It kinda goes back to my time in a certain network marketing company way back in the day.

This lady told the story of how when she had a regular job and was doing the network marketing business part-time, she was successful enough with it she felt comfortable quitting the day job to go full-time.

But once she went full-time, she started doing worse than before.

After some introspection and logging how she spent her time, she realized her family was making demands on her time they wouldn’t DARED have made when she were working at her “real job.”

They’d say “But you work for yourself now, you can come help me with X. You have time.”

I run across it, too. Some days if I take off a day here or there to work on one of my own projects, she will be like “Can you help me with X ‘for a few minutes?’” and a ‘few minutes’ ends up being more than a few.

I’m not meaning to complain about her specifically. It happens with lots of people. They tend to value our “job” as a thing of importance that shouldn’t be fucked with.

But when it comes to your own business, projects, people don’t have that same “Not to be fucked with” mentality.


So I TRIED to listen to BILLionaire masked again before bed. Always the experimenter?

Anyway, like 10-15 minutes in, I suddenly felt very much like, from every fiber of my being and every corner of my mind, “You NEED to turn this off right now!”

I waited 30 seconds to see if that feeling would pass. It did not. :smiley:
I turned it off, felt much better…almost immediately.

looks like 2 looks per day is probably my maximum with this being Terminus Hard to say since it’s only day 2 now.

I’ll try for 2 today, but am totally willing to go to 1 per day if that happens again. I’m willing to hear Saint say “Told ya so!” I just have been reading more on Stoicism (via Ryan Holiday) and wanted to find my limit.


Today, I’ll be using the Infinity Player by @Grasping_infinity to listen to BILLionaire and overlap 4 loops of this:

I cannot listen to this without feeling pumped as fuck after (and during).

So I bet this would also go well with Executive. I’ll save that for another day though.



OK. Is there anything here which would make me really go at it at the gym?
Today is Gym day, and I was doing the Body By Science “Big Five” on the machines.

I felt the usual “fatigue” coming on…and usually I stop when the pain becomes unbearable to me…even if I could probably squeeze out just a few more inches (no dick jokes lol)

Today, as it came on, I was mentally reminded of David Goggins’ 40% rule.

So I decided to keep pushing…it hurt like a bitch. Apparently the wife worried because my face was bright red even though I was exhaling pretty heavy on the pushes.

(I passed out at the gym 3 weeks ago…no idea why…I’m fine now though)

She was worried I was going to pass out again. I didn’t though.

Anyway, I have been listening to smatterings of KhanQ ST1/TB, Rebirth Q, Rebirth Ultima, Primal Seduction, KhanQ 3 when I want more of the “Action/PS:IT” side of things.
Not a lot of any one of those over the others, a loop once a day…maybe 2.

It felt good to not give in quite as easily.

Maybe BILLionaire is hitting me on the resilience angle?