Le Journal de BillPerry™


I keep forgetting I have the “regular” Limit Destroyer module in this. That’s the only one I see that might lead to better endurance/resilience at the gym.


haha so great, forgot about this.


PS contains Spartan Lite and Centurion. Always motivates me to train. So does Ascended Mogul. Khan should have similar elements too.

While Rebirth helps with absorption/expression of all scripts.


I guess THAT could explain it :D. I never really considered gym results to be top on my list. Good to know it can happen even without focusing totally on that.


Voice is deeper today, but I haven’t really listened to anything the past 2 days except BILLionaire and RebirthQ (Not Ultima).

I got a working prototype of my hypnosis-related website up last night. Just testing it now with a couple friends. I haven’t felt that stoked since I made the iOS app in 6 days using AscMogulQ and LimitlessQ!


must be something in bilionaire bring it out

keep up with the progress


It took me a moment to figure why you keep mentioning
BILLionaire until I read your name again. For some reason I thought it was a reference to this


was about to ask you if it has Informaticon in there, since it’s said to give you exactly these kinds of nudges. Then I saw your next post below this one, and saw that it does. Right?

That is pretty cool.


Aye. It’s in there for sure. I nearly left it out but someone here who wishes to remain nameless convinced me otherwise


looks like it’s already paying for itself.


Lol instantly thought of wealth subliminals, guess those will alwas pay for themselves


Yesterday I listened to BILLionaire masked sometime in the early morning.
Last night before bed I listened to the ultrasonic version.

Went to bed intending to listen to a hypnosis session I’d recorded for myself concerning getting to a different weight, but fell asleep before starting it. So nothing listened to in bed.

My dad and stepmom got a divorce (?) and he moved into some ratty motel. I went to visit, and he seemed all full of energy. He dragged me out in public and said “C’mon. I’m gonna put you on my taxes to see if you get any more money!”

I apparently have a backpack and a Thermos®-style container with me.

I said “If you put me on YOUR taxes, I won’t get ANY money!”

He said “Well, we’re already here, let’s just see what they have to say.”

So we go into this huge office building. Go to the “tax agency” in the building.

As soon as we go in the building, my dad puts on a very smooth and fake French accent. So I KNOW he’s got some scheme up his sleeve.

He finds a guy in the “Tax agency” and this guy is acting all fake and saccharine to me, be seems totally taken in by my dad’s wealthy Frenchman act.

The guy hands me off to some lady in an office, and she runs my credit (which is horrible IRL).

She says “Well, the best we can do is a temporary loan for you and the minimum interest rate is 180%.”

I said “Why would I need to take out a loan if he’s trying to put me on his taxes?”

She laughs and said “Oh, this is for his money” (?)

As soon as my dad hears that I won’t be able to get a good enough “tax refund” or “loan” or whatever it was, he drops the Fake French and said “Well, fuck.” The lady looks taken aback at his sudden change of accent and demeanor.

I said “Fuck this. I am outta here.”

I get up, walk out…and looking for a down escalator. At this point, I don’t even care if Dad follows me or not. I’m resolved to get on a bus and go back home to the wife and kids (I think my kids were still kids in the dream?)

I quickly realize the only escalators are up escalators and all the escalators that are down escalators are only coming down from the floor above. I SOMEHOW get down to the next lower (floor) and look for a down escalator. Same situation.

I walk around for what feels like a very long time. My dad in tow the whole time, saying “I need this! I need help! I love you son!”

I finally find a large door leading out to the ground floor…but on the way I see 2 very large holes in the floor. inside on either side of the very large door.

I look down the one on my left and it has a bunch of gears down there…machinery and equipment.

I suddenly think “I can chuck this backpack and Thermos® in there!”

So I do. Then I realize my cell phone and wallet were in the backpack and I’ve got no way to call home or pay for a bus ride home.

My dad is incredulous I threw the backpack and Thermos® into the shaft to get chewed up and pulverized.

I keep walking saying “I don’t care. I’ll fucking hitchhike if I have to. I’m going home without you! Fresh start!”

Thus endeth the dream

I am certain EoG1 and EoG4 played a huge part in this dream. This is the first dream I think I’ve seen as a direct result of the custom. With the exception of Rebirth, the rest of the custom’s modules are either related directly to wealth or enhancers to make the sub itself more efficient.

EDIT: I remember at one point in the building, there is a HUGE picture/painting of my dad on the wall. Him wearing a Navy Whites uniform…full with ribbons. I laughed and said “They actually think you were in the NAVY? Man you really got em snookered! He wasn’t in the Navy!”


Holy shit!
Only listened to one loop of BILLionaire today when I was supposed to be working the day job.
No other subs today beyond that.
I busted out some mad productivity on my hypnosis project, and I have a totally working prototype now.

I’ve been able to have a few testers test out weight management sessions I created and they seem to be liking it so far. I think SC has helped me unlock my creativity and get past the “procrastination” or “laziness” and get shit done!

I can’t credit my custom with all of this, of course. I’ve exposed myself to AscMogul, Emperor 4, Primal Seduction, Libertine V1 and V2 (mostly V1), Rebirth, Executive, and on and on.

I definitely think the custom is hitting stuff hard enough to get me off my ass though.

Love this company!


Gym day again today. No subs while I slept. Just the hypnosis session I did for myself to reach a different Body Fat % target…drifted off to sleep while listening to that.

At the gym today, I felt my usual muscular aches/fatigue where I’d normally have said “That’s it. I’m spent.”

Just like last week, however, I found more “oomph”.

At one point, when I started feeling like being done with each exercise, I briefly thought of David Goggins’ 40% rule like last week.

More prominently, though, I suddenly had a thought of “If it will move, I will move it” and I kept pushing the fucking weight as much as I could. I didn’t end the set until the weights legit wouldn’t move anymore no matter how hard I tried.

Usually, I quit when the discomfort of exertion gets to be “too much”…but 40% Rule and all…I apparently CAN keep going…


Well I’m struggling still with working my “day job”. Instead of working right now, I’ll clearing stuff off my desk, and I ran across my pendulum (just a key on a piece of kite string).

I forget who, someone on forum talks about using pendulum to get the sense of what the SubC thinks the best sub is to match current goals.

Decided I’d give that a shot since I’ve used the pendulum before to test if I hold certain beliefs or not.

After quite a bit of asking and answers, it seems my SubC mind thinks that my best sub combination right now to help me work my day job reliably and consistently is KhanQ ST2 and KhanQ ST3. I asked about ST4 but the pendulum swung wildly in the NO direction for that.

I don’t see how Khan ST2 and ST3 would conceivably help with being an employee, though.

I trust my SubC, of course. So I’ll give it a shot.

Funny enough, SubC also said that listening to BILLIonaire is detrimental to my goals of working the day job. Not sure how I feel about that, so partly am wondering if its answers are some form of preemptory reconciliation or stonewalling lol.

I will still listen to BILLionaire at least once a day. I NEED to get the wealth thing kicked in the ass.


With all due respect: of course running a custom with goals to have you living your preferred lifestyle would be detrimental to a job that makes you miserable and physical depressed.


Yep. It’s just interesting getting direct confirmation from the SubC like that.


I was starting to suspect that my SubC is confused or playing tricks
I just asked, “Will the KhanQ2 andKhanQ3 subs help me build my empire?”
And got a very prominent yes
Then I asked, “Will the KhanQ2 andKhanQ3 subs help me succeed in my day job?"
Very much NO. wtf?

THEN I rephrased the question since I remember I asked it slightly differently at the beginning.
SubC says KhanQ2 and KhanQ3 will help me PERFORM my job until the empire is built
But that it won’t help me SUCCEED at my job. Not sure if that’s good or not but I can see why the different answers.


Listened to KhanQ2/KhanQ3/BILLionaire in bed (the order my subconscious mind prescribed).

Dreamed I was visiting the wife of a friend I haven’t seen or talked to in years. I’m trying to have sex with her. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That’s all I remember.

Today was a shit day. I gave in to the urge to call out of work before it even started. Called out only half-hour. Which turned into 2.5 hours, which turned into 4, which turned into all day. This has become a regular habit for me.

I used the pendulum to confirm if the sub stack it recommended is still good to go for helping me perform in my job (when I’m working) while also working to build my empire.

It now says that KhanQ1 and KhanQ2 are the recommended stack and to skip BILLionaire until I’m truly ready to build my empire.

One weird thing from today is as I sat at my desk, I asked my subconscious if “Performing at my job” is indeed what it truly wants for me, what I want, whatever.


I then did more yes/no questions…I ended up getting tired of yes/no questions, and closed my eyes and said “subconscious mind, just let me know in consciousness what I need to know. What are the subconscious goals you have for me or are working toward. WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW TO SUCCEED?”

After a few minutes of eyes-closed “meditation,” I heard a voice (Always a voice).

"It is NOT illegal to change current events. THAT is politics”

The first part seems straightforward enough…but “THAT is politics”?

The sense I got of that part when it was “spoken” to me is that it was saying that is the wheelhouse of politicians. It didn’t make sense to me though.


3 things came to mind reading this:

  1. Either you’ve been thinking a lot about the just concluded elections, or
  2. You may talk to a politician to help you with your goal, or
  3. Your subconscious wants you to run for politics. Lol

But seriously, do you have any idea as to what kind of empire you want to build? Maybe that’s why you’re getting conflicting results? If you don’t know where you want to go, how would you know what path to travel on? Simply telling yourself anywhere but here would just confuse you more.