Le Journal de BillPerry™


I will be including PCC in my daily stack soon. I have a theory that if I listened to it once per day for 260 days (52 weeks of listening with 2 rest days), that should average out to being exposed to each of the Laws just over 5 times each.

I know that sounds simplistic, but I do think I got PCC for a reason, and I intend to put it to use now along with BILLionaire. I originally wanted PCC in BILLionaire, but didn’t want to risk having a 4th core for my first custom.

I guess we’ll see what happens as I add PCC standalone in once a day. It’s Q strength so I expect I’ll see SOME results even before 30 days of use is up.


Will look out for you PCC results it one of those thst i wanted to buy this year but i decided that ill put in in a custom, now i dont know at all let see what happens.

I came to a decision moving forward to only run one main sub with two ultimas for the max, which i plan to stick with for the whole of next year


So my paycheck was basically half of usual. My usual propensity of feeling ugh about taking customer calls. I do feel that is about to change. I feel like I’m on the cusp of change with subs. Esp since starting my custom.

Writing this post because, of course, the wife gets upset with me taking so much time off unpaid. She’s got some medical issues that keep her from holding down a “regular” job, so I’m the only income until I figure out something she could do from home that she’d like doing enough to stick with.

I was planning on listening to Libertine Ultima V2 in bed to see if that would affect it nay.

I ended up staying up late enough, however, she looked on our mobile banking app and saw the incoming amount. Said “This is upsetting”…understandably so…I figure from her perspective, I’m not the man I could be…not living up to my potential.

The difference now is that, instead of me getting all down on myself due to letting her (and myself) down, I felt very centered and explained to her some stuff. I emailed my rental agency that I’d be a bit late with rent. Wife actually pointed out to me that we have enough for rent, due to when I transferred some money before, I sent it to the wrong account lol. So I emailed them back to say disregard that.

After that, I went to bed and listened to BILLionaire, Libertine V1 AND V2. She was totally cuddly and we woke up today as if nothing is wrong ¯_(ツ)_/¯

As for these subs, if anyone ever asks me if I’m a lifetime SubClub customer…Hell YES


I had another dream about the house I’ve been dreaming about. At least it feels like the same house. This time it was the living room and I was standing near the front door. I could hear it raining very heavily outside.

The main theme of this dream seemed to be one of gratitude. I remember thinking “I love this house. I’m so grateful I have this house. I’m so lucky. This house is strong and is keeping the rain out.”

I remember also thinking “I love that it’s raining, and if I wanted to, I could go out in the rain. But this house is keeping me dry, and I won’t forget how lucky I am.”

To add to this, I’ve not worked since last Friday. I took off enough time (“legally” this time) so I won’t be going back until this coming Monday. Definitely felt very optimistic and relaxed.

I don’t know quite where all this gratitude stuff is coming from in that dream. I didn’t include the gratitude-specific modules…so maybe it’s from other modules as a byproduct?


I came into an unexpected $50 recently. I decided I’d use it for either or of:

  1. Limit Destroyer ($49.00)
  2. Regen+Aura ($34.99+$9.99)

I went with Regen+Aura after about 5-10 mins of back-and-forth, since both options are fantastic and both are Unisex so the wife can make use of them. I VERY briefly considered Aura+Primal Seduction: Iron Throne, but that isn’t very practical right now since she can’t use that one, too.

Last night, I slept in my recliner while listening to Libertine V1, my Sleep MP3, Aura and PS.

Dreamed a lot about sex with women…random women…I don’t remember specifics, just that there was lots of dream sex.

I got Aura since I’m aware there’s a chance that it might get the Ultima treatment at some point, so if that happens, I’ll be ready. Even if that never happens, I’m glad I got it. Aura should pair very well with my BILLionaire custom since it’s got EoG1, EoG4, and AscMogul as cores.


Heading to bed with this stack. Will report back in a few hours :slight_smile:


What in the name of all that is…

:joy: What interesting dreams you have.


I just woke up. The dream I just woke up from was epic. Post coming soon on that one lol


Do you always sleep listening to subs? Might be obvious that you do but I just want to clarify.


Hi, @Brandon!

Most nights, yes.


Listened to this aforementioned stack in bed:

The aforementioned stack

I’m in a room much like the hospital room I had a few weeks back when I passed out at the gym. But I have the “window half” of the room this time. And instead of a hospital, it seems to be more of a dorm room.

I’m sharing my bed with this girl I’ll call K (someone I know IRL hence the obfuscation of the name). It’s someone I knew back in 2010 or so. In the dream, I REALLY wanna fuck her (what’s new?) and I’m trying out all sorts of subtle hints, indirect maneuvers. She’s married IRL, as well as in the dream.
In the dream, I don’t care that she’s married. I feel as if I just wanna have fun with her.

At one point, I take off my shirt before getting into bed. My thinking is “If I sleep topless, maybe she will too!” lol

At one point, I get up and start walking around this “school,” because I can’t sleep. The crusty old “headmaster” dude catches me as I’m walking into the cafeteria. I’m just looking for a bag of herbal tea to help me sleep.

He says “Mr. (whatever my last name in the dream is), you KNOW you aren’t allowed to be out of your room wandering the building between the hours of (whatever hours). Why are you doing so?”

I say “I’m going into the cafeteria so I can-”

He cuts me off “Regardless! I’m writing you a chit and you’ll be docked 100 points!”

At this point, some other older guy, more middle-aged and not dumbledore-crusty like the headmaster, interjects and says “Mr. Headmaster, sir. Keep in mind he is a model student otherwise, and I believe deserving of some leniency in the matter.”

The headmaster says “You are right! Forgive me, Mr. (last name). Instead, I’ll write you a chit so that you will be given a celebration where we’ll have cake. You’ll have the option to pay us $26 for a special cake utensil to eat your cake with!”

He writes up the chit, and I take it.

I go back to my room, and the “hallway” side of it is actually a hospital room setting (lol) and there’s a huge number of people…not sure which in that family was the sick one…but one kid seemed to be run-down and lethargic and his leg was in a cast. I wheedled my way through them back to my bed to see if I can get some action from K. No such luck. She was totally oblivious.

I crawl across her for some reason rather than just getting in bed on my side. (Think Jack in Titanic…there was PLENTY of room on that door!)

Once I get on my side of the bed, K has turned into my IRL wife. Even though I’m not really “Bill” in the dream as far as I can tell.

Well, at some point, I discover I have healing abilities. Like in the 90s movie “Powder” (great movie).

I find that I’m able to “tune in” to people’s energies or something and engage the energies to effect change in them. (I wonder if this came from the Aura parts of the stack?)

It’s more than just “healing” people. It’s like I eventually find that I’m able to “tune in” to the energies of reality itself to make stuff happen deep at the core of reality.

There’s a lot of healing going on the more word about me gets out. People from the school wanting help with stuff. From everyday ailments to more deep-seated psychological issues. All of which I’m able to take care of, usually by touching them and tuning in.

I notice as I’m doing it that I take on a physical discomfort/draining feeling of people’s stuff as I’m healing them but it fades fairly quickly.

Fast-forward to the “Celebration” the Headmaster set up. The chef person or whoever it is passes out cake to everyone. He brings my cake and the special “cake utensil”. Sets my cake plate in front of me, asks me for the $26 for my fork.

I say “Eh, it’s fine. $26 is too much. I’ll eat it with my hands or something.”

The chef dude looks all pissed off. “NOBODY has ever turned down the utensil before!”

Me: “No biggie. I just figure I’ll eat it for ‘free’”

Chef: “NO!” (calls the headmaster over)

When I see the headmaster coming over, I get all pissed off. Like “This fucker wrote me up for wanting some goddamned herbal tea!” pissed off.

As he comes over, he yells “Mr. (last name), you have to use the utensil! Give us your $26!”

Me: “No, I have perfectly good fingers…plus I have a regular fork here already which will work JUST fine!”

Headmaster screams louder, I scream louder.

He places his hand on the table, and for the first time up-close, I see just how old and wrinkly and frail his hand is.
I instinctually place my hand on his, and “tune in” to his energies.

I realize the dude has some sort of severe arthritis or something and is in constant pain. Hence his curmudgeonly crustiness.

As I’m tuned in to the arthritic energy, I am feeling all this pain and discomfort he feels all day every day. And I begin to feel genuine sympathy for him. My hand that is touching is actually getting all frail and wrinkly like his.

I then use the “symbology” hypnotic process I learned from the late Jeffrey Stephens (this part feels like I’m more “Bill” than earlier in the dream).

I say to my subconscious mind "Show me a symbol to represent this man’s arthritis, pain, and discomfort.
I got a symbol, then instructed the subconscious mind to make whatever changed need to be made to release his arthritis and return him to perfect health.

slowly, his hand and my hand start to “unwrinkle”, the pain and discomfort start diminishing…and the more that happens, the quicker it start happening more and more.

after 30 seconds or so, our hands both look “normal” and “meaty”. I look up at his face, and he looks at least 20-30 years younger now.

My hand stops hurting so I let go. He is crying and says “My GOD. This is amazing! THANK YOU. Don’t worry about the $26!” and runs off all happy.

Some more vague and nondescript healings happen later.

At one point, I’m in a large room like a high school gym with a ton of people, and I have the feeling like “I’m done”.

I go stand against one of the gym walls, and slowly my legs give out and I slide down the wall and lean over so I end up laying on my left side against the wall. 2-3 of the people by me are like “(Name)! (Name)! Are you OK!? I think he’s dying!”

They seem genuinely sad and concerned. I feel my body fade out and vanish like when Yoda died. Only my clothing remains.

I think this would have been the perfect ending to the dream.

But wait! There’s MORE!

I’m in a church that seems to be Christian-favoring but also welcoming to anyone. Wicca, Mormon, everybody.

I’m still the “me” from the dream but nobody recognizes me. Even the preacher who was a dear friend when I was still alive. I realize I’m likely reincarnated. Hence, new body, new look.

The preacher friend is up on the pulpit and segues from talking about “Jesus’ sacrifice” to talking about the “Sacrifice” I made when alive to help people.

Then he goes into a weird thing of listing out all the people I helped…to the tune of Baby Shark (ugh)

“He helped this guy walk
do do do do
He helped this woman get a date
do do do do.
He fixed this one’s arthritis
Yes he helped him too”

Even in the dream, I’m both disturbed and fascinated by this guys’ ability to Baby Shark my achievements.

Anyway, after that, he is walking around talking to us as we’re in our pews/seats still. When he gets to me, I’m like “Hey, do I seem familiar to you?”

“No. But I’m glad you’re here.”

I keep dropping all these subtle hints to show him I’m back. Back from the dead, or reincarnated or whatever it is.

At one point, I throw my church flyer at him and say “Catch”…as I’m “tuning in” to reality to make it so he can catch it…even though both his hands are full (one hand has a book and the other has a Thermos®-style bottle)

He catches the flyer I threw at him and then is taken aback that he caught it with a third arm (lol)

“Whoa. I’ve never had 3 arms before!”

At this point, just as I’m seeing a glint of recognition in his eyes, wife wakes me up IRL to feed the cat instead of her just feeding the cat. ARGH.


The dream itself all played out as if it were scenes from a biography about “me” and my life.

EDIT: I remember after healing the Headmaster, I mentioned to one of my friends by me that the Headmaster used to be in the submarine service (like me IRL) and I gleaned that when connected to his mind.

Later, the Headmaster sent me a letter thanking me for everything, and signed it “Your submarine brother in arms”. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Here you go, @Ninjistic lol


The more I think about the dream, the more I remember and feel it had to do with the interconnectedness of everything. I’ve been reading some of Ryan Holiday’s stuff on Stoicism.
The Stoic concept of Sympatheia is very interesting to me, naturally. So this may have colored the dream somewhat.


Ryan Holiday has some interesting books, ive read some, to be honest the first time i saw Ego Adsum it reminded me of the book “ego is the enemy”
Just had to say its a great book


Your dream recall is almost more impressive then that dream itself :anguished:

Also, that post was 111

Also, I hope the dream sequel ends in little Bill becoming a big Bill for her to take note of and ‘pay off’.

Also, I’ll never forget the little Bill post :joy:


So last night, I listened to E:HOM, Aura, StarkQ (all Ultrasonic) while working on my website project more. I didn’t feel productive until about halfway through HOM

I was working on more of the “back end” stuff in my site that will help me coordinate hypnosis sessions for clients.

Once the productivity hit, I felt clear-minded…focused…not quite as much as I did when I looped AscMogulQ and LimitlessQ 24/7 for a week lol.

BUT…I will say that the AscMogulQ+LimitlessQ productivity felt more “Manic”…where this was more clear and calm focus. I still stayed up until 5am-6am working on this thing, as per my usual.

Went to bed, listened to Libertine Supercharger, KhanQ3 (masked),AuraQ (masked), Libertine Ultima V1.

No sex dreams this time. I dreamed that I was in Robert Downey Jr’s home discussing with him what it was like to play Iron Man.

We talked about what our favorite IM movie as well as what our fav scene from the movie was, even if not in the fav movie.

I told him my fav was IM1 for the Tinkering aspects as he built the MK2, but my fav scene is the end of IM3 when he finds the stubby screwdriver amidst the rubble of his mansion.

That scene 100% symbolizes the whole “starting over” or “fresh start” thing I think a lot of us here yearn for.

Then we go outside, and he hands me an actual Iron Man suit…and says “You figure out how it works, you can have it.”

Then he gets in his own suit and takes off just flying around.

Wake up


Love this story alway wanted to just run libertine ultima and aura just to see what happens, either way you have quite a dense stack seem like it covering all gound nice


I’m focusing on BILLionaire custom plus Stark for the time being. as of 2 nights ago. I’ll still run Libertine on occasion to keep that up.


Please remember to update Stark results, Im interested to see how well you do with what we talked about.


So far I had the dream I was talking with RDJ. That was a trip. I definitely felt more productive on BILLionaire and StarkQT then I did even on AscMogulQ+LimitlessQ and that is saying a LOT.

The productivity on B+Stark was more like a steady slow candle burn where AscMogul+Limitless was like a nuke that just kept going off and wouldn’t stop until I got done what I was doing.


That was quite an awesome dream! So filled with meaning.