Le Journal de BillPerry™


I can’t say my financial situation has improved, but I haven’t improved really on the action-taking front yet.
I’m listening to Regeneration right now as I type actually. Feeling a lot of shit at the moment so I put regen on to have it going as I stew and focus on what’s bothering me.


To paraphrase Dave Chappelle: “Mind’s Eye + Regeneration is a hell of a drug!”

Listened to that on ultra in bed. No headphones since mine broke. So wife heard at least part of it. She seems in a better mood today ¯_(ツ)_/¯

As for ME, I dreamed about someone I haven’t thought about in a while. I was listening to this stack as I fell asleep in SATS (For Neville Goddard fans) and thinking about my wealth situation. The person I dreamed about is someone I fell hard for (stupidly) about 10 years ago…Thought I was over that.

Regen is crazy powerful…Mind’s Eye just made it more so I guess.


I got all but Executive in early today while working/talking to customers, because I have to use real headphones for Ultima etc
I’m listening to some Danny Elfman as I read in “The Millionaire Course” by Marc Allen. Executive is up next after the Elfman music.
I’m reading the “See the half-full side of the glass” section in the book…and suddenly, it hit me what I’m lacking.
What I’m missing in my life is “Blatant Resourcefulness”
It just popped into my head
I need to be “blatantly resourceful.”


Now that I’m using Palpatine as my profile pic, I can’t help but think I should be using PCC in my stack somewhere


Not sure I like this “Rest day” shit
My mind is all over the place today
I’m being shown examples from my life of when I needed to “speak up” more
I’m not even doing a healing stack!

EDIT: Other than the Rebirth module in BILLionaire and the Rebirth module in AscMogul. Not even sure Stark HAS healing per se. But this is crazy.


I saw in your first post that you have included Ascended Mogul in your BILLionaire custom, as well as Ecstasy of Gold Stages 1 and 4. That’s very intriguing to me because I never ran Ascended Mogul. Periodically, I’ll wonder about it.

My question: you have Ascended Mogul as a module in your custom. And I guess you’re also running the Ascended Mogul pure program in your stack?

That’s all. Just wanted to see if I was understanding your description properly.


This is correct. I was hella productive when I ran Ascended Mogul with Limitless. I just really like AscMogul and wanted that to be a sharper focus for both the productivity and wealth side of the stack. I’m not 100% sure I have Stark there, but I’m committed for 6 weeks.

The way I have the stack designed, they’ll run 6 weeks at a time (which is 30 days of 2x of BILLionaire along with however many of the other items).

I think next run I may swap out either AscMogul or Stark for Limitless.


Most likely, the next run will be BILLionaire, AscMogul and Limitless with an Ultima booster. The current Ultima booster is Executive. So that should fit in nicely if I leave that alone.


Rest Day #1 almost over. Heading to bed soon as I have work tomorrow.

Just now, I got a headache in my left front right in front of the temple. Almost forehead area.

As soon as I acknowledged feeling the headache, it went away and now I feel kinda sad.

Sad like “I miss being a kid”. “I miss (fill in the year)”.

I tend to be past-oriented anyway, prone to regret. Maybe this Rebirth or Limit Destroyer in BILLionaire doing their thing.


It could be doing some kind of inner child work who knows, keep an i out on feeling like this


Starting Day 1 of Week 2 of 6 today.

2X BILLionaire
2X StarkQ
1X Executive Ultima

I’m doing ultra today because today is funky and I don’t feel like putting up with Masked. I’ll do Ultra today and possibly tomorrow.


So your stack is Billionaire, Stark, and Ascended Mogul? (with Ultimas) Seems like a great stack.

I may have missed it but why did you choose Ascended Mogul over Emperor?


The only time I used Emperor was Emperor V3 for my aborted 30-day run. I tested Emperor Q when it was still v1.5 or whatever that initial Q thing was.

I’m just fond of Ascended Mogul because of past results (Stacking it with Limitless to build an iOS app from scratch in 6 days).

Plus I need to make my day job work until I get to the point my empire can obliterate my need for the day job with extreme prejudice. Since Emperor has went through 2 versions since I really last ran it, I can’t afford to risk it jeopardizing my day job too soon.

Do you think Emperor would work with my criteria? Or is AscMogul a “safe” bet?


I would say Ascended Mogul is definitely the safe bet.
I have not really tested it myself except for once, and it was insanely strong confidence
and swag. I tested it after a loop of Ascension.

What was your experience of the EQ 1.5 vs. version Ascended Mogul? That would be a fairly good gauge

Emperor is a risk in environments where you have to tolerate bs and authority figures, especially incompetent or socially inept ones.

My sense with Emperor is -it takes a lot longer than AM to get rolling, when it gets rolling it’s more whole life focused then work, although work focus is a big part of it. I’ve realized with EQ I can’t just put my nose to the grindstone with work, in the begining I could but not any more. I have to be developing myself, clarifying my purpose, learning things, working out, reading, getting my feet wet in dating…so there is huge drive but it’s diversified, at least in my experience.

I handle work like a breeze now, and spend most of my extra time doing the above things. If you have a clear wealth vehichle or vision on ‘how’. Emperor may serve you better for putting efforts into that. Despite new income streams from various sources. I have yet to craft one of those yet.


Emperor won’t do anything you don’t want it to. It’s not going to like, program you to quit your job before you have another way of supporting yourself or anything stupid like that. Anything it pushes you to do will be to your advantage.


The way this is set up, it’s 6-week stacks, based on 5 days a week of 2X of BILLionaire. Since it’s the core of the rotation.

5 more weeks on this one, so I’ve been lightly tossing ideas back and forth on what 2 subs to use in place of AscMogul and Stark (Assuming I don’t’ stack with those another 6 weeks).

So many possibilities. Emperor may make an appearance.

I honestly don’t remember. I’ll have to read back over journals. My clearest memory from Emperor V3 without looking is the chick checking me out in the Walgreen’s parking lot. That was unexpected.


That’s not my experience, it pushes you to do things that may prove challenging given one’s circumstance. Or rather I should say it will push you to do things that you want to do, that may cause friction with the status quo and current survival or validation based concerns.

Saint also mentioned it be difficult to run if you don’t have the means to quit your job if your driven towards entrepreneurship-I’ll edit this if I find that quote

none of it is unmanageable -it’s just tricky to fully use effectively


Interesting. I haven’t had any urge to become an entrepreneur, so it may effect me differently. When I was running it before, it did give me a large push to find a better that was more in line with my long term goals.


If your clear and have a pathway set, and just want pure firepower to accomplish it, Emperor is a beast of a sub. The mastery part of handling is setting up the aim and path imo.

yes, exactly, for my long term goals are a world away from my current trajectory. Meaning I’d never get there doing what I was doing. Or at least that seemed to be the case the first few months of Emperor. You might not have such dissonance between your current life path, and ultimate goals. In that you have a ways to go but the path is lined up more.


2nd week of 6 will be down today. I’m not getting reconciliation (other than maybe the urge to do 1x of everything daily instead of 2x).

That could be recon since BILLionaire is Terminus and I wanted to see if I could do 2 loops daily, 5 days a week. I honestly feel fine, but I realized that 5-6 hours of subs each day is a lot for me.

Today is what sent me over the edge on that idea. 3 of the 5 days are days off, and if I tie myself to headphones (can’t listen to BILLionaire around the wife without them), that somewhat limits what I can do in terms of productivity.

Thursday and Friday are my workdays. So maybe since I’m tied to the headset ANYWAY, talking to customers, I’ll keep it at 2X for BILLionaire and Stark and then just have to worry about doing Ultima after work once I’m on the better headphones (I got Beats Flex for Christmas, and it’s SWEET).

Af for the future, I’ve been having thoughts of doing a 3-stack rotation consisting of BILLionaire, Khan1, and Khan4. Khan4 should give me exposure to what’s in ST2 and ST3 as well as whatever extra stuff is there.

I briefly considered a 3-stack rotation of Khan1, Khan2, and Khan3…but I would have to give up my custom for that time if I stick with the 3-stack-maximum recommendation. So this is a happy compromise.

I’m sure my mind may be different in terms of the future, given I have 4 weeks left on this BILLionaire+Stark+AscMogul+Executive rotation.