Le Journal de BillPerry™


I’m changing my rest days from Sunday/Monday to Tuesday/Weds. Mainly because Tuesday/Weds are 2 of my 3 days off and I’m a lot more active on days off. So I figure it’s more beneficial for any bloom to happen when I’m in a position to make use of it.

I’ve felt slight tinges of what I feel are “bloom” while working on Sundays and Mondays…and that seems wasteful to me.

Day 1: Thursday
Day 2: Friday
Day 3: Saturday
Day 4: Sunday
Day 5: Monday
Rest: Tuesday/Weds


Intriguing perspective! Thank you for posting that!


I’m a big fan of @realbillperry


I’m not a big fan of @realbillperry today. One o’ them days.

Since today and tomorrow were already rest days, and now Tuesday and weds are…I’m using today to overload on Khan1 and Regen so I’ll have 3 rest days to process the Khan/Regen overload.
then back to week 3 of my current rotation (6 weeks total)


Well, I did Khan/Regen yesterday on loop like I said I would. Next 3 days are rest days, and back it Thursday.

Ended up being about 2 loops of each on Ultra with my DOSS bluetooth speaker.

I remember, at one point, I had an “insight” regarding both Tony Stark and myself.

At the end of Iron Man 3, there’s the scene where Tony throws the Arc Reactor into the ocean, and then he finds the stubby screwdriver in the rubble. Total symbolism of starting fresh and going back to basics.


I have a few pics as my background pic rotation on this Mac at work which are the same for me.


My first computers ever. The modem that used to come with them (300 baud lol). But these are where I got my start at 5 years old. I used to tinker for HOURS on the computer and my dad didn’t understand it. All while HE was in his workshop working on his radio gear (2-way radio sales and repair as well as ham radio).

So yeah. Khan1+Regen (along with the stuff laid in so far by subs that came before)…definitely does SOMETHING.

I may focus more on listening during the day instead of at night. At night, the dreams are so symbolic and vivid as to not make enough sense to me. But this insight hit my like a bag of bricks.


So instead of it being a full rest day yesterday, I went to bed and put on:
Elixir Ultima
Libertiine V1
Iron Throne Ultima
Regeneration (Masked)

I kept waking up and dozing back off again with the masked sounds, but I wouldn’t say it wasn’t restful.

I did sleep longer than I do without listening to stuff, but I’ve posted before about finding that pattern out about myself. I just wanted to see what this would do.

Well, I kept dreaming about sex of course. When I would wake up each time, Little Bill was more like Medium Bill. Not fully erect/hard, but more about 50%-60% capacity. So I’m sure something happened haha. I’ve felt far more horny today than I usually am (and that says a lot).

If I ever go for the custom ultima option, I’d love to try this stack (not sure yet if I’d have a 6th component though)


Do you find this happens a lot with the masked sounds? Where you wake up consistently? Just because I’ve noticed it a few times and I’m unsure whether to try masked with my airpods or through a speaker, or continue with Ultrasonics.

Haha, I love your dream sequences my man.


More so than with ultrasonic for sure. I just went with masked so I wouldn’t scared awake by ultimas once ultras were done. Ultrasonic doesn’t wake me up as much, which I think is normal.


That’s actually partly why I’ve chosen ultrasonics too as I was going to do Ultimas over the speaker but if it runs out loud I’d have a heart attack aha.

Glad to hear the sleep isn’t interupted too much with Ultrasonics.


@realbillperry I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, and I’m still experimenting, but I’ve found alternating a sexual state change subliminal (like diamond or libertine) with a major of an opposite but complimentary type (say alchemist, or QLQ) to produce some very interesting effects. Don’t know how two ultimas would work side by side, but the state change paired with a subsequent subliminal of the opposite type has an evolutionary or optimised flavor I can’t fully put my finger on. Could be because its stimulating different chakra centers. Worth experimenting with.


So I’m reading (again) “The 12-Week Year” by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington.
I decided after reading this, I’ll be doing my subs as a 12-week run each. The 13th week will be washout (or at least minor tests with other subs, but probably washout).
That is 4 major runs per year.

It’s a “happy coincidence” that the new year is upon us this Friday. I’m actually starting my 12 weeks over on Sunday. So this run will take me from Sunday, January 3 to Friday, March 26th.

Since I am feeling like I need more healing in the stack for now (based on how the past 2 weeks have gone), I’ll be removing Stark and doing Regen or Khan 1 for that.

if I go Regen, I’ll do Elixir for the Ultiima Booster. If I do Khan 1 in place of Regen, I’ll do Rebirth Ultiima as the booster.

I know I’m changing up my stack, but this time, I legit feel like this is the best to start with to lay in a better foundation. I’ll post before Sunday what my decision was.


Just as soon as I posted that, I figured “Why not do Khan1 and Regen both? Best healing possible!”

So I’ll do:

Day 1: Thursday
Billionaire (Terminus) (1x) (MAJOR)
Khan ST1/TB (Q) (2X) (Major)
Rebirth (Ultima) (1x) BOOSTER

Day 2: Friday
Billionaire (Terminus) (1x) (MAJOR)
Regeneration (Q) (2X) (Major)
Elixir (Ultima) (1x) BOOSTER

Day 3: Saturday
Billionaire (Terminus) (1x) (MAJOR)
Khan ST1/TB (Q) (2X) (Major)
Rebirth (Ultima) (1x) BOOSTER

Day 4: Sunday
Billionaire (Terminus) (1x) (MAJOR)
Regeneration (Q) (2X) (Major)
Elixir (Ultima) (1x) BOOSTER

Day 5: Monday
Billionaire (Terminus) (1x) (MAJOR)
Khan ST1/TB (Q) (1x) (MAJOR)
Regeneration (Q) (1X) (Major)


The Ultima booster will be Elixir on Regen Days and Rebirth on Khan days.
Dropping to 1x for BILLionaire on all days since it’s Terminus and I’ll be doing 2X of Regen and Khan on their respective days.

BILLionaire is dense enough at Terminus that it’ll be fine stacked against 2X of the day’s healing sub.

On Day 5, though, I’m doing just 1X of each for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s a day off from work (so more time to take action)
  2. Since it’s leading into 2 rest days, 1X of each instead of 2X will be a nice transition. A sort of mini rest day all its own.

If I’m doing some kind of productive work on Saturdays and my main rotation for the day is done, I may still plop Executive on the iMac speaker or my earbuds to get in the zone more.

I’ll start this on Thursday, but the official 12-weeks won’t kick off untll this coming Sunday the 3rd.

I already feel different after just 2 weeks of the previous stack rotation of BILLionaire+Stark+AscMogul…I just felt like I needed to get more direct healing in this to speed that part up concurrent with my action-taking in regards to BILLionaire.


Great minds think alike. I’m doing 12 weeks per stage with the DR in DE.


Well I just did something
I just texted my manager, telling him to expect an email soon outlining my work goals/plans for the first 12 weeks of 2021.
Forced myself to text him so I have to follow through now
Lol. Now I’m scared a bit.

But I’m gonna own the goals and make it happen.
my ultimate goal is to build enough of an empire I can be gone from my job this year.
I wanna be rich as fuck and I ain’t gonna get it working for anyone else.

I can’t wait on anyone else to do shit for me
even those who say they will and then flake out.

I can only control my own actions and behaviours. I can’t even control outcomes beyond the actions I take toward the outcomes.


I saw you in a dream.

I was stranded in the middle of no where, and all of a sudden you appeared with your BMW and rescued me. Since then, I’m a big fan of yours


Awesome :sunglasses:


Can’t say I’ve noticed. Though I usually stack like-minded subs most of the time. Libertine with PSITU for example. Or Executive with AscMogul.


I was looking at the modules in BILLionaire, to reacquaint myself with what I ordered, so I can gauge my results over the next 12 weeks. I realized/forgot I said I’d put Mind’s Eye T2 in there once a week…so I will do that.

I’m thinking that having it as the very last loop of Day 5 should give my subconscious ample stuff to work on and integrate the subs from the week.


Sound like gearing up for the new year all the best


I think if I were to rebuild BILLionaire, I’d use Emperor instead of AscMogul
Especially after reading @Yardbird journal.
He was able to use Emperor in his job. I’ve always been afraid of Emperor since I felt like it would make me want to rage quit my job way before I’m ready to quit.
I mainly went with AscMogul in my custom as the “Safe” alternative.
But that’s more like dressing for the job I have now, instead of dressing for the one I want.

Is this reconciliation talking or is it rational introspection? @DarkPhilosopher @SaintSovereign @Fire

EDIT: I guess I should reiterate I ran BILLionaire (1X) and Khan ST1 (2X) for yesterdays’ stack, followed by Rebirth Ultima. Today is BILLionaire (1X) and Regeneration (2X).

It was right after loop BILLionaire and about 5-10 mins into my first loop of Regeneration today that I had the thoughts captured in this post.