Lee on Primal Seduction Q and Libertine Ultima


Day 85

Just had sex with a new, different girl.
It was so easy.

The sex was hot and the chemistry was great.
I did not enjoy it much, though. I was worried about my performance.


Day 110

I had sex again with the first girl I had sex in my last posts. It was great, I really enjoyed it and was one the best sex sessions in my life. She is petite and exactly my style. She was like candy.

I am not seeing the girl I mentioned in my last post anymore. We had sex a few times but she is not my style and I am not feeling it so I stopped it. Our common friends are telling me she is now in love with me.

I met a new very hot woman and things went sexual very quickly. She admitted she liked me and was all over me. Bringing her home was effortless. I had her laying on my bed and kissing her neck when she started playing immature games and teasing me in weird ways. It really turned me off and I told her to go sleep on the couch. She kept coming back for hugs and started touching my dick. I did not react, fell asleep and kicked her out first thing in the morning. She is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, so I will keep myself away from her.

My best female friend keeps asking me: “What do you do to women and they are all over you?”


Im enjoying your journey Lee. Kudos to you man. I honestly think we could learn a thing or two, me included. You have been at it for over 3 months now… while many try others of keep jumping around from sub to sub… again me included…

The highest streak i had with primal was 2 weeks. And my results speak for themselves… meanwhile you have been crushing it.


Impressed with your update and duration of using PS for so long and will take a leaf from your book and stick with it for 3 months! Keep going bro !



Thank you for your kind words guys. Getting busy with life kept me from switching subs all the time.

I have to note I was on Primal since mid-December and switched to Primal Seduction once it came out (late March I think).

I will give PS a few more months, maybe till the end of the year, and then I will switch to what’s best at that time to become a well-rounded successful, alpha male.


totally inspired regarding your “game” with PS. have you noticed anything different with work, money motivation or socializing professionally?


I am glad I have inspired you.

Yes. The drive to pursue my career has increased.
I am taking a very important 3-year course.
I got a job with great benefits paying double the amount of the average salary in my country.
My social life is at its best and I am very charismatic.


Day 1 Year and 1 month of PS Iron Throne + 6 Months of Primal and Primal Seduction prior to that.

More than one and a half year later on these subs. Time flies when you don’t think about it.

I can barely remember how I was when I started. I was broken-hearted, with barely any friends, just out of university with no job. It was the hardest period of my life so far.

I set and forgot, and pushed my self to get where I wanted to be. Now I am enjoying the company of many beautiful women, I have 2 jobs working from the comfort of my home which pay for training to get my license as a psychotherapist. I am also starting an MSc in Clinical Psychology in a few months. The best part is my social status, in most places I go I am the boss. I can’t believe I could possibly be this charismatic, witty, warm and a challenge at the same time. Women and people in general want my attention.

Getting the attention of gorgeous women is not an issue anymore. I am not doing cold approaches since my social circle provides them for me. Playful banter and flirting with them is so fun and easy now. I love it and they love it. My humor has become a bit more sexual and it’s easy to make conversations about sex. I have had sex with a few women since I started most of them were stunning. I prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity. I feel like I have to do some fine-tuning that will get me from flirting to having sex with them or having a relationship and I will focus on that.

I am writing this post to sum up my experience so far and to mark that I have been on Primal Seduction Q since June 4th.
Let’s see where this takes me. :sunglasses:


Awesome Journal, very inspiring to read. What was your experience on primal vs. primal seduction vs. Iron Throne? Would you say its important or of value to run primal before primal seduction.


Thank you, Azriel.

To be honest, it was about a year ago and I don’t think I remember much. I was not even thinking about it back then. I set and forgot. I think more of my focus went into having sex with Iron Throne. I can’t comment on the significance of running Primal before Primal Seduction. If I were you, I would choose Primal Seduction and stick with it.


Day 6

I went to a roof party on Sunday. I knew only a handful of people there, but men and women were introducing themselves to me left and right. Some people knew my name before I even talked to them because they overheard it.

My focus was on this hot red head devil who I spent most of the night with. We were touching, hugging and flirting but she pulled back when I went for the kiss because she thinks I am a Playboy and she does not want to be another one of my girls.


Day 12

Three girls have asked me out the last month.

One is a girl I already have sex with every once in a while.

The second girl is the hot red head devil I mentioned previously.

And the third is a girl I will probably skip out on. She is not up to my standards.

Girls asking me out? Nice change.


As you have used only one subliminal for over a year , why have you not considered creating a stack ?


Err, because he doesn’t need to.

Lee_mdk is apparently very happy with the results he is getting and i find his journal to be inspiring not only because he has got results but also because he has not chopped and changed and took action.


I am not even sure what stacking is. Adding multiple subliminals in a playlist?

I chose one area of my life and set and forgot. I have been using subliminals for many, many years and time and time again I have seen people jumping from one subliminal to another and trying to kill five birds with one stone. It does not work as well.


Which other sub did u use from subclub


Your results make me want to jump to primal lol


One sub definitely has results but has to be long term …like a year , stacks with similar goals might cut that to 6 months which i think is what happened in my case .


Day 23

It’s definitely working on something deep right now.
I get random flashbacks of embarrassing situations. It happens a lot when I move on to a new sub.

I am completely turned off by women’s behavior.
I see my female friends and my flirts treat their boyfriends and crushes like trash, cheat on them, exploit them and lie to them not caring if anyone gets hurt. Some tried to use me while looking out solely for their own interest.

I am freezing out almost every girl for a few days.


Lee, hows everything going?