Lee on Primal Seduction Q and Libertine Ultima


Day 50

Thank you for your interest, Azriel.

PS Q has turned me inwards, and is challenging many of my beliefs about the dating scene, sex and women. This is followed by short periods of sadness and frustration.

The last few weeks have been slow.
I live in a student city, which slows down considerably in the summer. August is expected to be even worse.

But I believe things will take of for me starting September.


Day 53

On Saturday night I was out and about and a female friend invited me and my friends to a party she was at with a few of her friends. There was a woman across the table from me checking me out a little bit, even though I had not even spoken to her. It seems like I captivated her interest just by talking to the group. When we left the party she insisted I followed them to a close-by bar. I told her I was done for the night, and then she decided she did not want go to the bar either. She asked me which way I was walking home and walked with me until she got to her car, asking me all kinds of questions. She really wanted to drive me home at 5 a.m. and she insisted until I politely turned her down. I could have easily had sex with her, but too bad she wasn’t hot enough.

Today, I am also adding to the mix Libertine Ultima: Attract Beautiful Sexual Partners With An Aura of Infinite Lust.

1 loop per day.

Let’s have some fun.


Sounds like things are picking up a bit :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the libertine report


Pure gold mate , when you have to power to turn women down and not feel a shred of guilt , your at the top ! Congrats and yes i got Libertine ultima too so excited to see what happens and how it compliments my stack …full speed ahead !


Day 59

Thank you for your comments, guys.

The last 9 months I have been the most attractive I have ever been and many women were into me. However, this barely translated into sex. This keeps me wondering if and where I am going wrong.

August sluggishness is making me bored, sad and turning me inwards, making me want to work on my automatic thoughts about women.

The first day I used Libertine Ultima, I went out and the red head devil I mentioned in previous posts showed up and was trying to get my attention but did not get a single drop of it. She done me wrong and the thrill is gone. The interesting thing is I had not seen her for over a month and she showed up after 1 loop of Libertine Ultima.

On Friday I had one the best nights of the last years. I was running into people I knew left and right. I felt like the mayor.

Yesterday I met some Pick Up Artists. 95% of the PUAs I met the last years are just plain weird and superficial.

I keep wondering when I will be having sex again. I read Sex God Method and will renew my wardrobe soon.

With everything I am seeing lately it will take time for me to trust a woman.


The opportunity for sex sounds like its there around you all the time, and that perhaps
you are consciously or unconsciously choosing not to take it.


Day 69

Thanks for the input, Azriel.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a combination of unfortunate circumstances (e.g. lock-down, 2 flirts being friends with each other, ex-boyfriends and current boyfriends in the picture) and girls not being attractive enough.

A few days ago I increased the daily usage to 2 loops.

When I got on Libertine Ultima I was feeling like a love junkie looking for his next adventure to feel better. Since then I’ve calmed down and decided to use this really slow August to work on myself. “Work on myself” sounds vague. By that I mean work on cognitions that are hindering my love life betterment. I’ve written down some automatic thoughts and I am already dressing better. I also will work on my interesting conversation skills. I read the Sex Revolution Handbook (aka Sex God Method).

My energy has also changed from being on edge to being slower and steadier. I want to touch women’s hair, look deep into their eyes while making deep conversations that turn them on and keep them thinking of me.

I am thinking of sex all day long and my libido is off the charts.


Sounds like not a bad world to live in, the external stuff will likely take care of itself along this trajectory.


Day 74

My libido is off the charts. If it keeps climbing I don’t know how I will control it. It has never been so intense.

Back in my hometown to relax for a few days. No girls here. Missed a few days of subs.

I have a female friend (good looking but chubby) who has wanted to have a threesome with me for over a year now. Now we are making plans, we have a few girls in mind.


Thank you for updating your progress. Congrats on your success!


Day 76

Thank you, whisper.

An interesting thing happened today. In spring I was talking to a girl that’s most probably ideal for me. The most attractive girl l met the last few years. We flirted a bit. Then lock-down came, and I froze everything about 2 months ago waiting 'till we meet and pick it up again. Today I messaged her and she told me she had been thinking about me the last few days.

The hottest smartest girl I know, was thinking about me.

The petite girl a had been sleeping with the last year and I froze out about a month ago, replied to my Instagram story yesterday. She is getting into my orbit.


Day 93

Not much has been going on lately since I have not been going out a lot but things are starting to get back to normal again.

Since starting Libertine I have noticed some extended looks I have gotten.
My erection sometimes does not go away after ejaculation (related to PS).

Yesterday I went to the movies with the petite girl I have been seeing but I was not feeling like sex was going to happen so I did not push it. Instead, I chose to hang out with a new group of people, where a cute girl chatted me up and started quickly displaying signs of attraction (smiling, asking questions about me, feet pointed towards me, continuing the conversation). Needles to say it felt really nice and effortless. She left when I went for a beer but I will look her up on social media.


Day 95

Not much to report here other than the fact that I went out on Saturday and a friend’s friend got attracted to me. Too bad she is not good looking.

Yesterday something got into me and I replied to the Instagram story of a girl I dated a few years back, and after some back and forth I asked her to hang out. Does not matter if we actually go out, but I took action.


Day 102

A few days ago a friend I often hang out with accidentally revealed that she is attracted to me. She sent a video, that was intended for her best friend, to our group chat by mistake. In her video she said “I get turned on every time Lee sends a message to our group”. I got to see it quickly before she deleted it. It took me by surprise. I have 0 interest in having sex with her. There is 0 vibe with her and I would not miss her at all if she stopped going out with us.

It seems like I get attraction going, but I am not meeting attractive girls right now.


U smashing it bro!