Libertine + StarkQ - A Change


Yes absolutely! Just found this out a few hours ago, laser focus on my grind. The motivation bit hadn’t happened yet.


No, I wouldn’t. I think I’m the perfect prototype of an average man. :slight_smile:


It’ll happend soon! You will become productive af and wanna throw everything that keeps you away from it out of your life - even humans!


Hows your sleep on Stark? My sleep is really bad, feels like I’m constantly calculating things non-stop, predicting situations, my mind is going full-throttle continuously. Have you experienced anything similar? Now I do have 3-4 months of solo experience on Stark and I re-started it just a few days ago, so it might be that I’ve unlocked more of the Stark Archetype in my unconscious already, nonetheless you should experience this to some extend.

Adding to that, I love Stark in terms of productivity, speed of thought, implementing creative/innovative ideas and problem solving. Compared to Ascended Mogul, pushing you endlessly to work towards your goals Stark is more like finishing your work swiftly and easily. Combining both into a Custom with all of the productivity modules is likely to turn your work related performance into something which is unlike what we’ve seen before. Not to mention Executive…

You’re running Ascension alongside it, correct? Depending on the motivation you’re looking for, you might wanna exchange Ascension (personal goals) for Ascended Mogul (business & personal related goals).


First, I couldn’t really sleep at night due the reactions of my brain you’ve mentioned. But it didn’t really matter, because tho I was tired the next day, my brain was already in productivity-mode and I noticed how my brain’s doing all the writing, eloquent talking, thinking etc. which I’ve never experienced before.

Adding one loop of “Beyond Limitless” to it would make you a total genius. Adding EmporerQ to it, would probably make you a non-stop working genius. I love just being focused on myself and those I love.

Further, I became more social, a friend of mine told me, that he believes that I’m quite good at beginning conversations with others. Oh, and when it comes to work, then StarkQ is quite amazing too because it makes you motivated af!


Day 8: I listened to StarkQ and EmporerQ last night, added one loop of Beyond Limitless this morning and damn, my love to reading books increased rapidly. Further, I felt way more confidence and just want to gain knowledge about… everything?


Did those Sleep issues fade after a certain period of time for you? If I recall correctly, the whole 3 month period I’ve listened to Stark, I had sleep deprivation.

Currently, I’m experimenting combining Stark with my Custom named Da Vinci because it contains Deep Sleep, figuring out whether it has any effect on my sleep patterns.


As far as I remember, they went away after a couple of days. Tbh, I even believe that my sleep got deeper since I’ve been listening to StarkQ.


Day 9: Damn, it’s scary how ppl look at me while I’m just normally driving my car. I almost feel like a cult of personality lmao, this is amazing, innit? And the best thing about it is that tho I gained a lot of attention, I didn’t give a damn about it and just walked the way, thinking about myself.


Probably gonna have to purchase some sort of measuring device, because clearly my sleep is worsening when I run Stark.

Doing some experimenting, eventually all will reveal itself. Your insights and help do provide a more fluent path of experimentation, which is highly appreciated on my part.


@Ibnabihatim Well, I feel sorry for your sleep… but I know what you mean and I’m now reassured that it wasn’t just me. I read in other journal others having sleep problems with Stark.
It was the same for me.
I did put it on the side since last week and my sleep is back to normal and feel much better when I get up.


really? my sleep’s actually better since listening to starkq. you listen to Q, right?


@Ibnabihatim I realize that it was @Hermit having issues with sleeping.
You had it just at the beginning and then it seems you were fine.
Anyway… Yes, I had problem sleeping for almost 2 weeks


@Ibnabihatim, either way it might be that you’re noticing your sleep becoming worsened. Like @Dom says, there’s definitely something going on with Stark in relation with my sleep patterns and dreams. I’m doing a whole lot of testing right now to get to the root of things and find out why this is actually happening.

Perhaps a Custom with Stark & Deep Sleep will solve this problem, on the other hand you’ve mentioned Terminus to work differently where sleep becomes unaffected so that may also be an option, experimenting will tell.


Day 10: I enjoy being intelligent. I looked in the mirror and felt like looking at a hollywood superstar lmao.


Day 11: I’m absolutely surprised by the amount of the respect that has been shown to me recently. People - known or unknown - started viewing me as some sort of authority and genius. My boss and co-workers praised me for my amazing performance. Further, as I’ve been talking about it before, people starring at me became usual. And hence I’ve become more intelligent, I began reading books of wellknown philosophers, such as Immanuel Kant, John Locke or Aristotel. When a woman saw this book on my desk, she was amazed by the fact, that I’ve been reading books of Kant - and kinda went softly over my shoulders and arms with her hand while praising me. :wink: Give it a try folks.


Hmm, a intellectual genius who gets ladies hot with reads of Kant? :wink:


It’s cool, innit!?


Do you think that Libertine is enhancing the Stark power? How do you feel about this?


Do you think that the “superstar” effect whereby people are staring at you mainly comes from Libertine or Stark?

I’m considering adding Libertine and Commander to my Khan main sub to get similar results, but it would be great if Libertine would be enough.