Libertine + StarkQ - A Change


Tbh, yes, it is, which is why I stepped away from listening to Libertine. It works, girls were noticing me, looking me deep into my eyes, and I had the confidence to talk to them, but tbh. I don’t really wanna develop to that extreme level when it comes to women.


It comes from StarkQ, I’m sure about that because I haven’t been listening to Libertine for almost a month. But adding Libertine would make more girls noticing you, as far as I can tell, hence you would develop an attractive aura.


I like the sound of this. That winner mindset, I wish to have it back.

I was so sure to go with Emperor but I am very intrigued with Stark.


I gather there is still attraction with Stark? What would be the biggest addition of Libertine in your experience?


You should give it a try. I had more success with StarkQ when it comes to my productivity and winner mindset, though listening to Emporer wouldn’t be bad either, because it pushes you. But based on my experience, I’d definitely choose StarkQ.


The biggest addition of Libertine is your confidence towards woman, to a very high extend. StarkQ doesn’t only make you famous, but also a genius, productive and good in everything you do, i.e. if it’s important to you. Based on my experience, Libertine makes you absolutely confident towards women, and mixed with the StarkQ Aura, women will be interested in you.


I’m so torn between these two. On one hand I’m not a Stark kind of guy, I mean jovial, extroverted and adventurous and whatnot (correct me if I’m wrong with my assumption about Stark). However on the other hand, I don’t wish to be too serious, would still like to be charming, extroverted when needed, enjoy meeting new people, not being shy at all, and yet have the calm, no more inner chatter and inner peace an alpha like the Emperor seems to offer based on what I have been reading here.

If they didn’t seem to clash for someone new, I’d get them both as a treat for myself.

  1. I wasn’t like that either, but this is what I became after listening to StarkQ. For some strange reason, I stopped eating fast food for a couple of weeks during my StarkQ joruney and the only thing I drank was water and orange juice. I also began hitting the gym every second day till then.

  2. “Not being shy at all”, well, this will be a result of StarkQ. It won’t make you too “serious”, no worries. Give it a try.


Thanks friend, I appreciate the push. I am sure I will also add Stark in my cart. The intelligence and confidence is very tempting. Hopefully Stark can also address insecurities, mind chatter and deep rooted self-esteem issues.

I used to love reading books, but now not so much, it’s like I have a mental fog and my attention span is very short. I have ADD, so that’s really not helping.

I’m still not sure about Libertine, perhaps Stark’s attraction might be enough for me and healing sub would be better in my case.

Btw I’m really enjoying your journal, congratulations


Day 11:

So I decided to quit listening to both subliminals for a while, to see, in if I’d degenerate.
And I did. I lost the confidence and motivation I had gained through listening to the upper subliminals. However, I began listening to StarkQ again and see, I kinda feel motivated again and am about to continue my studies.


How long did you stop for?

Did it seem like no result, or attributes stuck with you?


For three to four days as far as I remember. Well, there were still some of the promised attributes stuck with me, but not all of them.


Day 12: A woman on my University has texted me randomly. >.<


Day 13: For some strange reason, I began to hate spending my time on my journeys. xD


Three weeks later:

Sorry for not updating for almost a month, I`ve been trying out another journey, mostly based on gaining the best exam grades. Since another version of Libertine v2 has been released, I will give it a try, mixed with StarkQ of course.

My recent experience had shown that StarkQ gives you some sort of “famous” Aura, which is why ppl will be noticing you more. Libertine will probably cause more girls to be noticing you.


Day 14: So, I have listened to Libertine V2 Ultima this morning, and notice some big changes. I feel very confident and dominant.


Excellent. Big changes in what way aside from confidence and dominance?


When you get really good results from subs, it takes a lot to keep a journal up. Sometimes I go for 2 weeks without journaling, I have to force myself to record my past experience to see how far I’ve come.


youre right, I forgot to mention that there was this woman at work who would look me straight in the eyes everytime Id see her for example. this is very important.


Nice, next time say it looks like you undressing me with your eyes… see how things go from there