List of Book Gems


@King whoah…those are the FIRST and LAST books in the complete reader. What are your thoughts on Feeling is the Secret? That’s the title I’ve heard of the most.

For those curious, here’s the order listed in the complete reader:

At Your Command
Awakened Imagination & The Search
Feeling is the Secret
Freedom For All
Out of This World
Prayer, The Art of Believing
Seedtime and Harvest
The Law and The Promise
The Power of Awareness
Your Faith is Your Fortune


I have forgotten what was written in Feeling is the Secret, but basically the title of that book says it all.

You have to “feel it real” in order for what you want to manifest. The subconscious and conscious mind cannot differentiate between what is “real” and what is “unreal” simply because it can only execute instructions and not make judgements. So, if you imagine something such that you can see, smell, taste, hear and touch perfectly, your thing will manifest.

Of course, with our conscious minds, that is often so difficult as there are so many barriers in our conscious minds that block quick manifestation.

That’s why for me, I just purchased a customized subliminal with Mind’s Eye and other manifestation modules set on Terminus to help me with lucid dreaming, where I can talk to my subconscious directly.


I’m very glad about my custom module choice. I had picked Merger of Worlds and all these other modules which now seem very relevant even though visualization-manifestation was just a curiosity at the time. My recent experiences reoriented me completely in that aspect, yet these modules are more significant than ever before.

Cool to see another talk about lucid dreaming. I want to open up a thread just for lucid dreaming once DREAMS Ultima is released.


That will be a good idea. I look forward to reading about manifestation through lucid dreaming. I’m not interested in flying at all - my aim is to create a laboratory in my nightly lucid dream where I can manifest what I want in my 3-D reality, as well as relive past memories.

Anyway, Neville Goddard talks a lot about “revision” where you revise your past. It shouldn’t be difficult to achieve that through lucid dreaming.


Perhaps you can do that and fly when you’re bored in your dream. Or even fly while doing that, because you will have a lot of time.

What I want to try and do is slow down time itself so that 10 minutes of waking world time = ??? time in dream world, to really have time to do stuff like fly and teleport and at the same time combine with manifestation.

Do you know of anyone who successfully translated stuff in LD to 3D manifestation? Last comment on this topic before derailing the thread too much.


Ok last post here on this subject.

LD is just a more powerful and advanced form of the Neville’s “State akin to Sleep” (SATS) . So whatever people have manifested through SATS, it can be manifested through LD too.


Barry’s voice is great for spiritual books. I love it.
I must’ve listened to the whole of Complete Reader at least 10 times till now. :blush:

If I was motivating someone with success stories, my recommended starting points would be “Freedom For All” and “The Law and The Promise”.

For consciously manifesting your reality, imagination is way less important than FAITH - as in “Your Faith is Your Fortune”
The Assumption that what you’ve asked for (or something better) is on it’s way to you.

My real recommended starting point - for both Nevillizers and Lesterizers - would actually be their predecessor Florence Scovel Shinn’s book “The Game of Life and How To Play It”.

Cool thing is it’s public domain, and you can find it for free both as PDF and in Barry’s voice. :wink:

First, learn to play and win with Florence’s books. All her work combined can be read in under 7 hours - and is free on youtube.
Only later should you complicate it, if you feel like it. :smile:

Neville Goddard, Reality Transurfing, Joseph Murphy
Wealth Ultima - Feels damn good to be rich

Thanks for the reference, although I think I will be going in-depth on Goddard stuff for now. Why so? Well, a particular follower of his has been particularly illuminating on the topic of manifestation-visualization and imaginal acts. I’ve seen a profound shift in my understanding of manifestation itself, way quicker than any other thing I’ve encountered since first discovering LOA back in 2017 and since being subscribed to several channels which have talked about things like LOA in general, Abraham Hicks, Reality Transurfing (I still consider this the top framework I’ve studied so far—all five volumes in one summer + a few months), etc.

It’s actually amazing how I sort of changed up my plans for the rest of COVID-time due to some of the recent developments—but I mention that in Man for Himself :wink:


I’ve never read anything by Neville Goddard. I think @Sirchiropractixalot is a good person to ask. He seems very familiar and experienced with that material.

That is a great goal.

I currently have those same programs/modules running. I’m inspired by the same vision.

One thing I do feel, personally, is that when it comes to manifestation, listening is as important as expressing. Not just to impose one’s will, but also to observe and learn. From Nature.

There’s that old funny Groucho Marx quote: ‘I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.’

But this is sort of a variant of that. I’d rather not live in a world in which all of the elements had been controlled by me.

This is a personal thing. Some people opt for a more vigorous forceful approach, some for a more contemplation-based harmonizing approach. And there are many other ways as well.


How to win Friends and Influence People By Dale Carnegie
What a great book…very basic but often disregarded or forgotten principals


I am familiar only because I read his stuff.

@SubliminalUser I like Feeling Is The Secret (, Prayer The Art of Believing (, and Your Faith Is Your Fortune has been recommended to me multiple times (


@Simon called it,
not finished yet but this book is an absolute gem. Game changer from chapter 1.


My latest best read, truly motivational because the guy is still out there hustling. The book Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter by 50 Cent.

This book is better than the 50th Law he co-wrote with Robert Greene, because he really demystifies some of his successes and the choices that he made. You also understand that he uses a persona to interact with the world and that he adapted himself to the world when he saw that his music was not anymore relevant for the public.

What I liked about this book was that it described a normal guy. Not an overly gifted person like Michael Jordan for example, not an obsessional guy like Bill Gates, and not even a guy with a social advantage such as Mark Zuckerberg . He was just slightly more business smart than others and could build advantages from opportunities. Reading his book doesn’t put you on stress like “Do, do, do, do or die” but more “do, think, dont do like everyone, build on opportunities and work smarter.”. I am definitely a 50 cent fan.


Really recommend the book
Mind over Matter: The Self-Discipline to Execute Without Excuses, Control Your Impulses, and Keep Going When You Want to Give Up by peter hollins

Half way through it has louds of practical exercises on how to install self discipline and good habits, not to much fluff gets straight to the point and short read



I may take a look at control your impulses and mind over matter thanks for the recommendation


Its really good short and sweet and has some has some golden nuggets you can implement in your life immediately


The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure
by Grant Cardone


Insight - Tasha Eurich