Long term strategy with Customs


I dont see it that way. I think the aura intensifier will amplify the effects of the approachability aura.


They would probably balance each other out.


My hypothesis is that each of the aura generators are polymorphic. They adapt themselves to a given situation. So if you are in a situation where one has to be approachable and open then the approachable aura will kick in. Likewise for the intense aura it might generate fear and respect in a specific situation perhaps a board meeting or if you are a military leader.


Your custom should be designed to be used for 6 months to a year. So keep that in mind with your long term strategy.

My upcoming first custom is something I can imagine using throughout my entire life (in theory). Fitness, brain power and visualization are going to be needed throughout life.


@SubliminalUser I just ordered my second custom and plan to stack it with my first custom.


@JCast how dense is your second custom ?


@blackadder Not too bad. Twelve modules


I intentionally made sure Lion IV , Total Nonchalance, and Joie De Vivre were in the second custom to complement my first custom as well as learn and instill that I am far better off not being attached to any sort of outcome and just doing what feels right. It has always been at least for me that the harder I try to force something to happen the further away it gets. Like I said in other posts I have always done certain things to avoid conflict or confrontation , guilt , or some weird feeling of obligation. That’s where I Am and Attachment Destroyer in my first custom come in to play. I won’t say I want to feel apathetic but I don’t want to feel or believe that my life has to go down some predetermined path because I have let others impose or project their beliefs on me.


I think that requires some module that ensures you are in control of your own reality?


@King I agree but I think a big part of that is being willing to walk away or say no when you need to.


@King Something I still struggle with is why it is people feel it necessary to become physically threatening when they don’t agree with another person on something instead of talking it out or being ok with one person admitting they’re wrong , don’t know, or just don’t agree?


Humans don’t like to admit they are wrong because being told that they are wrong hurts their ego. We as humans have been conditioned to believe that people will only accept us when we are right and rejected when we are wrong. We fear others pointing out our flaws and making us feel like less than perfect humans when we admit that we are wrong.

Also, for some people, life is a game of winning or losing and this has applied to their beliefs.Some people may not disagree with you, but they just want to win the argument. This applies to a lot of people online - they cannot take the heat if they appear to be losing the argument.

Finally, our beliefs systems are complex enough and take efforts to form. Many people have fragile beliefs systems and cannot bear the physical/emotional impact of their beliefs collapsing when they find out they are wrong. Their subconscious therefore reacts to protect them by telling them to react physically/emotionally.