Looking for advice what to run


You have to do what’s best for you. If it’s not working as expected, make the switch.


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Primal Seduction would be the best choice then but look through the sales pages if something else intrigues you more. Instead of generating endless attention, these subliminal will change you from the inside out that you become a man who naturally gets the attention and achieves the goals he desires.

Also, look especially into “Khan” if you want more than pure seduction.

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P.s. Damn, I did not think subliminal development is so expensive


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I will look into the titles you just recommended.

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Welcome to this forum! Subliminal club was created in response to what you just outlined. We have subliminals that are effective because they work with you, never applying what they think you should behave. Plus Saint and Fire (founders) are open to honest feedback.

Have a look at the newer Q titles too. But make clear what your own goals are, then select a product that fits. Remember to start a journal here too. Enjoy

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a good book I recommend on taking action is the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins. You can look her up on YouTube she has a ton of vids. Action taking is difficult especially when you have approach anxiety trust me I personally know. When you see a women your interested in talking to or one that’s sending you ioi’s go 54321 in your head and approach. Don’t let that monkey chatter take control of you. By going 54321 in your head your stopping the overthinking in your head and doing.
What you need to see in person is after you approach regardless of the outcome you are going to feel like a boss that you actually approached. That feeling you feel after you did it is truly amazing. What you quickly learn is the fear your mind was making you feel to approach a women is nowhere near the outcome that actually took place. For me personally I get a slight buzz of euphoria when I approach even if I was rejected just because I actually took action.
Start small. Try the 5 second rule and approach a women and just ask her a simple question, your goal is not to get her number, seduce her etc ask for the time, where is a Starbucks etc you need to show your mind approaching women is not as scary as it’s making you feel. Your brain needs reference points. Also it sounds like you may have some self worth issues I’m not sure if you still visit this sub but if you do and haven’t picked up ascension yet I would give it a try for your first subclub subliminal, along with looking up Mel Robbins 5 second rule on YouTube or amazon