Mac's StarkQ Journal [Stacked]


Mild feelings on impending doom. Just got done with a short workout. Maybe those loops last night weren’t the best idea. As always, could be the lack of sleep. That plus absorbing all that trauma my friend layed on me last night. She’s the bipolar type and I’m feeling the stress of being her only real friend. Part of me just wants to cut her off. I’m already the empath type whos a good listener and absorbs people’s energy. Feelings of being trapped because of what might happen if I stop talking to her in her time of need.

All reconciliation though. I am strong. This too shall pass.


Reconciliation. Been there, felt the same. You’re growing my friend. Keep pushing.


Yeah man it always is, isn’t it haha. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words :slight_smile:

I’m gonna try to take a nap for a bit, and a couple of rest days are definitely in order.

It’s like I’m a commuter-sedan driver, all the Q Titles are high end race-cars, and then running Terminus is like driving the damn Space Shuttle lol.


Terminus experiment over (or dare I say…terminated??? :sunglasses:).

Since my last post, I took (almost) 2 rest days and officially began running StarkQ again last night before bed.

Today I ran 4 loops StarkQ masked during work. Felt really good (read: stable) throughout.

Had some shit go down last night with the girl I’m seeing, but it’s for the best. It was cathartic and I feel really free. We will be just friends when the dust settles in a couple days/weeks.

Looking forward to consistent results and high productivity returning to StarkQ. I don’t know when/if I will run Terminus again; if I do it’ll probably be a twice/thrice a month thing. Glad I got the opportunity to test it though.

From someone who’s used to hammering subs for hours, it felt almost unnatural to run a singular loop. More is better, right? Well, now I can tell you, less is more with Terminus.

Current breakdown of hours:

  • StarkQ Masked: 91

  • StarkQ Ultrasonic: 17

  • StarkQ-Terminus Masked: 40

  • StarkQ-Terminus Ultrasonic: 4


Finally I downloaded Emperor Q today. Ran 1 loop EmperorQ this morning during my gym workout. Will take rest of day off subs and maybe entirely off tomorrow. I wanna transition to a ~ 50/50 ratio of StarkQ to EmperorQ, hopefully yielding enhanced productivity I need during this month.

My friend called during my workout and asked me to do some landscaping work; actually he had messaged me yesterday but I was at work and I forgot to reply (in all honesty I didn’t want to). At first I told him I would be there in 2 hours. Then I decided to say fuck it, and texted him back that I couldn’t do any work for him this week. This is gonna be a me-week where I get shit done. I had already made a goal list this morning on my whiteboard, so gonna stick to that. Slight guilt for turning down money, but that just means I gotta make today worth it.


I actually have very good result running one StarkQ and one Terminus right after that, did that every second day…its like being on NZT. That my new secret weapon for being very productive:)


Wow are those 2 the only subs you’re running? Really I shouldn’t be surprised bc the Q titles are very powerful. How long have u been running the stack?

I started off running StarkQ for weeks and had massive productivity spike from EmperorV4. Then StarkQ-T i way overlistened. I may give your stack a shot in a few weeks. Thanks.


Since their release… doing more experiments to see what re more effective…


Woke up late today because I was interrupted last night by a friend’s emergency.

Did mostly minor tidying around the house, but not major action towards my goals.

I did finally go workout in the afternoon and ran 1 loop of EmperorQ, followed by 1 loop StarkQ back-to-back. That’ll be it for today. It’s difficult for me to take full rest-days for subs. Addictive personality at play.

Resisted the urge to impulse-buy Iron Throne. Just a couple more weeks…


Today ran 1 loop StarkQ followed by 1 loop EmperorQ masked in the morning at the gym.

Noticeable amount of stares and deference, people getting out of my way, in both gym and later at the grocery store.

Also hit a “major” milestone and finished up the first project I was stuck at in my web dev course. 7 months of painful procrastination and stupid excuses. Some due to my ADHD and not being able to concentrate because my room wasn’tclean, or whatever myriad of excuses I came up with.

Anyways, got through that project and locked myself in my room for an hour to grind through the next lesson. Gonna at least try to set aside an hour again tomorrow. Another reminder of the importance of scheduling.

Ran 1 loop of StarkQ and then 1 loop EmperorQ ultrasonics today while studying as well.