Mac's StarkQ Journal [Stacked]


Took a break this weekend, but ran 1 loop StarkQ-Terminus on ultrasonic last night right at bedtime while falling asleep.

In general, I’ve been manifesting a good bit of money in one form or another last few weeks. Lots of pennies, dimes, and then found a dollar bill a few days ago. I made sure to thank the universe for the reminder of it’s abundance. In the case of the dollar bill I equated it to finding a hundred pennies in my mind; my gratefulness was proportional.

Oh and by the way, remember earlier how I said last year was my best year financially, and how I had a goal to make more this year? Well, since January my bank balance has doubled. Crazy.

Today, I ran 2 loops EmperorQ (on a whim) during work, with breaks after each loop, and then a loop of Iron Throne in the afternoon.

So I’ve decided on a new subliminal routine: StarkQ-Terminus once a week (probably nevery Sunday night), and EmperorQ and Iron Throne Q Monday thru Thursday, probably 2:1 ratio.

Also been playing around in the Q store. I want to make my custom subliminal Emperor on steroids, perhaps adding Khan Stage 3: Total Action as a second core, along with tyrants and other productivity modules.

I’ve got a lot of changes happening these next few months. To reiterate from an earlier post, I’m leaving my job and current apartment in a month to move to another state with the goal of making hella cash while also finishing up my web developer course.The change in location will be distraction-free aside from my work schedule, so that will help me get this finally completed. After that, I’m likely gonna look to enroll in web dev bootcamps or start freelancing. I’m officially stating these goals so my subliminal will help me accomplish them.


Had extremely deep sleep last night, intense dreams but frequently waking up at night. I ran 1 loop EmperorQ ultrasonic at bedtime last night.

Only ran EmperorQ today as well. 3 loops masked during daytime with breaks.

Decision: I’m going to start incorporating dopamine detox days. Starting with 1 day per week, likely Sunday. No phone checking, no internet browsing.


I’ve discovered darkmode on the forum. This doesn’t bode well for my dopamine detox :joy:


I ended up running Emperor/KhanST3 50/50 for a couple weeks (2-4 loops daily), with StarkQ-Terminus on Sunday nights with rest of Sunday off.

I have just been grinding at work. Feel like I’ve lost focus with subs, a bunch of switching around playing with stacks. I only ran StarkQ Terminus yesterday once and today once.

I’m not sure if I “feel” the effects of the Emperor/KhanST3 stack. Life is just a lot. It’s been about 3 weeks.

I think I’m due for a break/subliminal washout, as I’ve been listening to subliminals for 1.5 years now.

At the end of this month, there’s gonna be a lot of change. My apartment lease finally ends. I may stay in town til mid-August depending on when my seasona job starts. But I have a place to stay in August in town if I have to (with my now girlfriend – oh yeah, that happened), which is a relief.

So my subliminal washout will likely be til August. I’ll see if I observe any bloom, should be interesting. My goals August through October/November is to focus on my seasonal job, finish up my web dev online course, and working out (weights and ultra endurance stuff). Just those 3 things. I will have an apartment by myself with zero distractions, which will be immensely helpful. Then when I’m done with my seasonal job, I should have double the amount in my savings. Then I’ll make the decision to work freelance or enroll in a bootcamp. This year’s been freaking insane though, so anything can happen.


Shocking revelation. My current girlfriend shares the exact same birthday with the girl (longtime friend) I confessed my love for after completing Khan ST2. (I remember posting in the Khan thread and deleting it because it sounded too corny). Yo SubClub be on some next level shit!!!


By the way, I haven’t listened to any subliminals for 6 days. I still see 111 333 synchronicities everywhere. I think I just look for it now. I notice it on my heart rate monitor all the time 111 bpm


I discovered after my work shift Friday that we had to move out of our apartment a week early. So I spent the next 8 hours bringing some stuff to my gfs place and then stuffed my car full of the rest of my belongings and drove it to my hometown where I am now.

I know I said I wouldn’t run subs til August but I ran StarkQ Terminus once several days ago and yesterday ran 2 loops StarkQ and 1 loop Iron Throne yesterday. I was pretty messed up from sleep deprivation.

Beyond Limitless Ulltima is next on my buy-list. Seems just what I need to help me combat my ADHD and get in the zone and study.

I will say during the last 2 weeks without subs, my coin manifestations have noticeably slowed. During subs the last couple weeks I was manifesting coinage like crazy. Guess the mint shortage is real (or a way to transition is to cashless).


Last 2 weeks have been almost a blur, moving into my girlfriend’s and then discovering I had to drive up for my new job earlier than expected because they want me to self-quarantine upon arrival. I did everything super last minute, getting my car packed and taken to the shop for maintenance.

I ran a mix of Emperor, Stark, and Iron Throne last 2 weeks.

I made sure to also run AgeisC19 during my drive up since I was staying at hotels.

Yesterday purchased Beyond Limitless Ultima and halfway thru listening inspired to take photos. Ended up getting a really cool shot and posted to my IG. While editing accidentally clicked the time option and saw it was 4:44. Added timestamp to image an incorporated it stylistically into the photo. Came up pretty nice. Also later in the evening ran into a poster for a business named “Ultima”.

Today decided to get a Covid test in hopes to start work earlier rather than wasting time self quarantining. However got an unwelcome surprise that test results were taking longer than usual, so I may actually have delayed my start date even more. Oh well, more time to be productive in my own.

I don’t have access to a wall outlet for another week as the apartment I’m leasing isn’t ready yet and I’m reluctant to enter a public library. So instead of working on my laptop, I will rewatch all my course lectures on phone and peruse my notes again so I can have it fresh in my mind when I get back to being able to use my laptop to work.

Today ran Beyond Limitless Ultima 1 loop again and an hour later am currently running Emperor while writing this.


Have been using BLU and Emperor exclusively, trying to break thru my procrastination/excuses barrier on my web dev couese. Will keep this stack up for 2 weeks.

I feel the last few months using 3-4 subliminals haphazardly along with letting world events consume me have diluted my results. I kept having this feeling that the subliminals have stopped working. Was I running too many loops, too few loops, not enough rest days? I’m objectively in a much better spot financially and in life than I was about 2 years ago, but I wonder if this even had anything to do with subliminals. I have to remind myself of my experiences with Primal, Emperor, and Khan. Anyways I’m not sure, hence me sticking with BLU and Emperor for now to guage results.

A bit of good news is that my Covid test results came back earlier than expected yesterday and I will be beginning my job on time Monday. This will also mean I need to be more time efficient in putting in my studying and exercise along with work since I will be working 12 hour shifts.

I keep repeating to myself making sure my brain understands how important me getting through my online course is, and that I will NOT be returning to my blue-collar ass-busting job when I go back to my home state.

Once I move into my new apartment this week, I have no more excuses, it will be time to settle in and just grind.


Was supposed to be a rest day today, but instead ran 1 loop BLU again and 3 loops emperor masked.

(FYI been running 2 loops BLU daily with 3-4 loops Emperor)

Did a bunch of review of my course notes that I’d already completed as a refresher. Then I moved onto newer course material. I decided to listen to lectures as I walked (since I’m having a hard time finding a place to plug in my laptop at the moment as all public libraries closed).

BLU effects:

Visualizations for the lecture were really good, and I incorporated “typing” invisibly with my fingers to drill in new definitions (this way I’m not just memorizing out loud with my voice, but the concept is anchored in my fingers/muscle memory too).

I’ve also noticed random surges of confidence over the past 2 days which I think is BLU at work – instant swagger.

That being said I also had short periods of depressed feelings – though this has to do with some relationship issues with my girl back home.

Tomorrow is the first day at work, so Im gonna wake up super early to go run, lift at the gym (gotta get there right as it opens at 5 so fewer people), and prep food for the day.

Will start running subs again Wednesday. Hope to notice soy after-effects/bloom tomorrow and Tuesday.


Purchased Libertine several days ago. I’ve now run it 7 times (including twice today). As far as subliminals I’ve been running mostly Emperor with dashes of Iron Throne and Aegis.

I moved onto my new apartment last Friday, had a bunch of hiccups along the way but I’m pretty settled in for now. Started work on my course now that I have somewhere to plug in my laptop. That’s a relief.

As far as Libertine goes, although I haven’t been going out much I have noticed more female attention at grocery stores. Have not had opportunity to test at work yet, as I felt sick Sunday night and work made me stay home until I get results from another Covid test.

Few “coincidences” since running Libertine. My girlfriend back home started talking to me again (we had a fight), the girl who gets me bud finally hit me back up, and my ex girlfriend hit me up after months. She actually replied to a Snap message I sent her months ago. We talked on the phone a bit and she revealed that she got caught up in a relationship with a sociopath and had recently broken up with him.

Real interesting… admittedly I think I’ve been playing it more often than I should. I’ve taken one full res lt day from all subs on Sunday.


Been running mostly Emperor and Libertine last 2 weeks. I got a small promotion at my job, and my boss has been pulling me aside constantly to do side-projects and favors, very right-hand-man vibe.

I’ve been trudging along my web dev course slowly but surely. Most of the work is done on the weekend as I’m working very long shifts and I prioritize working out before studying. I’ve been a little paranoid though, and constantly questioning if this is the right path for me.

A funny thing happened though. Considering I’ve purposely put myself between a rock and a hard place (I permanently quit my job back home and made web-dev my ultimate door out for a job), I thought “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could get another job up here after my seasonal work is done, so I could continue living up here and work and study on the side?” Well… The very next day, one of the higher-ups of the company suggested that I continue working full-time at the company after the season was over.

So now I have another option to make money after the season is over. My apartment lease is over about a month after season ends. I originally planned to use this month to finish up my course and maybe enroll in a boot camp or freelance afterwards, but now it looks I could also be making some serious cash instead. It will slow down my progress in my course is the only concern and will push the finish date in the future. Short-term cash versus long-term career with even more income. Maybe it doesn’t have to be one versus the other. What if I can pull off doing both at the same time?

By the way this weekend I’m taking a break from Emperor and running KhanQ Stage 3 ultrasonic all day on my laptop. I need that kick in the ass and it’s working.


Why have you switched from Stark? I guess it wasn’t making you as productive compared to Emperor or Stark, at least for career related efforts.

Or was it? I’m interested as to why you changed Stark for Emperor & later on Khan, and a testimonial between these three programs comparing there productivity, ambition and dedication.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Well I started mixing things up and running a stack with Stark after having heavy reconciliation with Stark-Terminus. Was running a jumble of Stark, Iron Throne, and Emperor after my nearly 2 week subliminal break. Felt it was probably diluting results, and prior to that I was feeling I had plateaued on results with Stark.

I also felt Stark was missing the “hard-edge” which Emperor has. My current goals are sort of do-or-die and I need to get shit done. So I’ve returned to Emperor and Khan ST3 which are tried and tested for me. Also Khan ST3 complements Libertine which is an added bonus.


How much of your action taking would you contribute to Khan Stage 3? Emperor made me take a whole lot of action, nevertheless I didn’t enjoy it because it made me too stoic. In general Emperor just didn’t flow with my personality. However I loved the masculine mindset in regards to the discipline, drive & dedication it gave me.

My results on Stark are so promising because it naturally aligns with my underlying energetic mechanism, it totally aligns with my personal Spirit. To create balance within my unconscious, I’ll have to restructure my weaknesses in a way that is beneficial.

A blend of Stark + Ascension/Ascended Mogul or an altered version of Stark with the added qualities of Discipline, Drive, Dedication to enhance upon the masculine aspect of creation is possibly what I’m looking for. Who knows maybe a totally new program embodying that specific Archetype.

“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward." – Sylvester Stallone

Like the Atlas Shrugged, who kept going no matter the storm, kept moving pushing until he finally reached the mountain top for a breath;

A true Atlas mindset, in combination with feminine purity, magnetism and receptiveness will turn you into a true God. Someone with completely and utter controle over his reality, to reach whatever dream standing in front of him.

Something that not only rewires your unconscious framework but also unlocks it to it’s fullest.

Main Hype Thread - Atlas Phoenix [Request]

@Hermit You should be writing the descriptions for the q-modules!


What do you think of a custom with Stark/Ascended Mogul (or Ascension), Stronger, and Godlike Masculinity?

It sounds like you may be hesitant to do more than one core but you may be surprised by the synergy, even for a hyper specific goal


Would have to agree with @Azriel on this one. I understand the general sentiment of avoiding designing a custom that is too scattered, but certain cores can lead to great synergies. For example, Khan Q + Inner Circle Q + Power Can Corrupt Q cores would be an excellent combo (thanks again @Azriel for that idea :slight_smile: )


lol, was that my idea? You own it well. Looking forward to hearing about when you run it. :slight_smile:


A Custom with Ascended Mogul + Stark in tandem with Godlike Masculinity, Stronger, Lion IV is what I’m looking at. That said, I might as well move forward with Khan, who knows where the future will take me.

In all honesty, I’m kind of waiting for an ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Title to be released, someone who has total and utter confidence to reach his goals, by keeping him in touch with his masculine drive, someone who’s able to keep pushing no matter the weight. Ascended Mogul comes close to it, but I’d love to have a little more of the intelligence, inventor, problem solving qualities of Stark in there.

Or Khan…

So yeah, I have taken Ascended Mogul & Stark into consideration, I’d probably make a profound Custom. Although, from what I’ve read, Khan does take ambition, dedicated and drive to another level.

For now I’ll be patience, I have this feeling there’s a lot to come before we move into 2021.