Mac's StarkQ Journal [Stacked]


Took a break this weekend, but ran 1 loop StarkQ-Terminus on ultrasonic last night right at bedtime while falling asleep.

In general, I’ve been manifesting a good bit of money in one form or another last few weeks. Lots of pennies, dimes, and then found a dollar bill a few days ago. I made sure to thank the universe for the reminder of it’s abundance. In the case of the dollar bill I equated it to finding a hundred pennies in my mind; my gratefulness was proportional.

Oh and by the way, remember earlier how I said last year was my best year financially, and how I had a goal to make more this year? Well, since January my bank balance has doubled. Crazy.

Today, I ran 2 loops EmperorQ (on a whim) during work, with breaks after each loop, and then a loop of Iron Throne in the afternoon.

So I’ve decided on a new subliminal routine: StarkQ-Terminus once a week (probably nevery Sunday night), and EmperorQ and Iron Throne Q Monday thru Thursday, probably 2:1 ratio.

Also been playing around in the Q store. I want to make my custom subliminal Emperor on steroids, perhaps adding Khan Stage 3: Total Action as a second core, along with tyrants and other productivity modules.

I’ve got a lot of changes happening these next few months. To reiterate from an earlier post, I’m leaving my job and current apartment in a month to move to another state with the goal of making hella cash while also finishing up my web developer course.The change in location will be distraction-free aside from my work schedule, so that will help me get this finally completed. After that, I’m likely gonna look to enroll in web dev bootcamps or start freelancing. I’m officially stating these goals so my subliminal will help me accomplish them.


Had extremely deep sleep last night, intense dreams but frequently waking up at night. I ran 1 loop EmperorQ ultrasonic at bedtime last night.

Only ran EmperorQ today as well. 3 loops masked during daytime with breaks.

Decision: I’m going to start incorporating dopamine detox days. Starting with 1 day per week, likely Sunday. No phone checking, no internet browsing.


I’ve discovered darkmode on the forum. This doesn’t bode well for my dopamine detox :joy: