Main Dev / Hype Thread - Qx


??? what are these guys up to ???


Main Discussion Thread - Q

Order your custom superchargers like Tom Cruise in Minority Report… :sunglasses:

Either that or Q is launching on Hololens


A supercharger in virtual reality. No need to visualize anymore xd


Is this the game where we have to guess it and if we’re right we get it for free?

A VR-Experience-Platform would be too obvious


A ghost and VR glasses? Pacman VR! :wink:


It could possibly be subliminal imput and processing in 4D, making subconscious processing much faster. Are those wrist sensors? EMDR uses something similar to help integrate the sight and sound pulsing.


So guess it is too obvious to be true but maybe it is about a new product line (probably for superchargers) which uses guided imagery? (Guess it is not)


Ha, games are pretty nice on it!

I have a feeling that it might be useful for meditation/visualisation and changing the subconsious mind.

I immagine the commander’s supercharger projected in VR. Would be crazy :drooling_face:


The X stands for experimental. Taking the VR headset into account I would say it has something to do with AI, Data Science and neuronal networks…

Maybe a virtual Fire who develops new Q modules. Using AI to create title names etc.

OR better idea! Through using AI Qx allows the user to tailor the sub even more. It goes beyond just name embedding the sub but you can now tailor it to your needs! You run a business called Stark Industries? Type this in and you will receive an Emperor-like subliminal which is name embedded and has direct scripting to grow your business Stark Industries…


OR wait the X stands for Weapon X or now Qx.
So it is something to make us better at a specific field… This could mean with Qx the user can now create a personalized “Weapon X” sub, e.g. Boxing Mastery, Stock Mastery…

But my guess is more that this is about something like “Beyond Quantum Limitless” as QL is the closet thing to advancing human potential right now. Also here comes AI, data science etc in place. I imagine something that works more with the conscious mind.


A supercharger for QL like a beyond limitless super charger would be pretty sweet.
But it could also be another Gaming mastery type sub using the probably new and improved updated weapon x system.


Thats it. Ninja’s got it.

Gaming Mastery X2

Now supporting Full Body VR Games,
built with Q.

With body tech & skills Mastery from Emperor Fitness,
and brain tech & Focus from Quantum Limitless.

You’re in for a joyride.
This time, literally so.



Minds Eye will be the first Project Q release i.e. with embedded name.


I have never delved into VR, but I figure it could be a compelling platform for programming and metaprogramming in the human biocomputer.

John Lilly reference.


Hopefully we get minds eye release in the next month lol been waiting months for it.


So many possible subliminal, subconscious, meditation, and magick applications for VR


Why yes. Yes there is. :slight_smile:


Well, there is light therapy and using light similar to sound to elicit trance states or suggestive states. I also know of several companies that have used VR in guided meditations. And Saint did say he was starting a new company this year…


using VR to make a visual representation for the superchargers :wink:


Ive been having soo much progress with visualizing now (partially due to these subs) im not sure if ill really need minds eye although I would have last year.
Also, once you visualize substantially enough to manifest the carreer and wealth that you want, I don’t see the purpose of still visualizing because once you have all the income you want you can just think about anything you want to do and buy what you need. unless your a physical inventor maybe like Nicola tesla.
Im definitlely open for someone to make a case for the other side of my opinion.