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I agree with you, I actually figured it seems like it isn’t that important to visualize in high-end detail, it is more important to feel the associated feeling that is linked to the desired manifestation.
For me visualisation is mostly for fun, it is a hobby I want to become in as good as Nikola Tesla and then use it to boost learning skills etc. I think the least you can get out of it is a ton of fun


That’s awesome @Rhinesuchus.

It’s always thrilling to read of someone making progress. Mental imagery has always been and continues to be tenuous for me. I’ve learned to live with that; but I’ll still try Mind’s Eye once it’s out.

I think that once you’ve successfully manifested your material foundation, visualization could then be turned towards deepening your understanding of and connection with nature, other beings (animals, people, and beyond), and just general exploration of the inner and outer landscapes.

Our remote viewing astronauts probably have some insights on that.


What are you using to visualize?


Maybe if we all visualized Mind’s Eye’s product and Buy Now button… :wink:

@Rhinesuchus I often compare achieving your goals to climbing a mountain. Until you reach the top of the mountain, you are not able to see what lies beyond. Often it isn’t until we reach our goals that we realize there is so much more to strive for. Our goals evolve and change.

I actually did a hypnosis session that attempted to reach the same effect by making you visualize your goal, then once you were fully able to feel as if you had it, asking you to look around and see if maybe there was something more you wanted. And so it hopped further and further to find other goals.

You think AMASH uses any of my Taoist wisdom on his clients? Where in the Tao is the chapter for trademarking and copyrights? :slight_smile:


I have experienced this effect and it’s very helpful. As the supercharger points out, imagination does not have to be visual to be effective. (Although the two main terms we use—visualization and imagination are both specifically referring to a vision-based experience. I always want to use another term, just for the sake of accuracy.)

Anyway, I was able to experience that when I achieved my desired financial goal, I’d feel temporarily giddy, but overall still like ‘me’. In fact, especially if the money were to come quickly, I’d need to guard against making dramatic gestures or decisions in a vain attempt to feel less normal about it.


Its really amazing stuff. ive been starting to discover the connection between feeling what you want to feel while visualizing something, and manifestations in real like because of it.
I interviewed with a broker a couple days ago and I was in disbelief at how confident and relaxed my voice was, when a few weeks back I interviewed with another broker and he said I was too timid. having more faith in the quantum reality or unmanifested, or whatever you want to call it every day.


@DarkPhilosopher has a beautiful process to do this by charging the visualized goal with a special manifestation energy. I think he can explain it to all of us in more details, so we can all try it out :slight_smile:


Do you guys want to reveal what this is about? :blush:


Not yet. :slight_smile:
First hint: The “Qx” is not a code word. It’ll be the actual name of the product.


Why does this remind me of rVx? When rVx was Remote Viewing X, this is probably going to be something like Quantum X or Quintessence X.
Since both are related to the sense of seeing, I guess this is also about seeing something, maybe one’s ideal self regarding a specific area of life one wants to embody his ideal, an archetype.
If this is true I guess it is related to Deep Trance Identification, which would be utilized in form of a program.


Technically Q is just as capable to generate Weapon X titles. But if I’m not mistaken Alchemist’s add-ons are called rvX and apX (capital X).

What if the X is like eXperience? I mean, VR is quite the experience. The Quantum Experience.


Exactly my thoughts. I checked because I thought the X in rv and ap means Experience, which would make sense, but I forgot about the weapon X stuff.


Actually, you are correct to a degree. the full name is “rvX: The Gateway Experience”


Wondering what’s the status of this now.


This was always a “late this year, early next year” kind of project. Rest assured, it’s in development. Unfortunately, one of the items I need to really continue development – a special USB cord that enables the “Oculus Link” option is unavailable due to COVID-19. I have an alternative, but it’s quite glitchy.

More news to come.


Are you willing to roughly share the big vision behind that project?


Will it be anything like this?

Lawnmower Man


Just researched more about this topic of virtual reality and how it can be used for learning. I really did underestimate this.

Pinging this again

This would be super awesome but also a very very ambitious project even for you guys


Will Qx work with the upcoming Apple’s AR Glasses? :wink:



Would be fun if Saint was messing with our heads.

Oh… wait… that’s SubClub’s core business. :slight_smile:

How many people actually have a VR set here? I’m longing to get myself an Index, but I would need a new graphics card as well. To get VR, I’d be spending about 1400 bucks…