Main Dev / Hype Thread - Qx


Perhaps it would be good for the Q-Store to have a module that is targetted at generating 1500 bucks (that specific amount) to buy a VR set.


…with a price tag of 1500 bucks. Once you can afford to buy the sub, it worked! :slight_smile:


I’ve never gotten into VR, but it seems to me that it would be a great aid for meditation.


Yes, and VR is a great aid not just to meditation but to the goals that lie beyond meditation.

  • Deconstructing how sensations and perceptions get assembled.

  • Helping people to gain objective distance from subjective experience.


Well, VR can definitely create beautiful vista’s and I have meditation software with biofeedback tools that do just that. On the other hand, if you meditate sitting down with your eyes closed, it is a bit of a waste.

Now if they added scents and wind…

Mind’s Eye VR. Hmmm…


VR can be used as training wheels and scaffolding for developing our own visualization, imagination, and attentional abilities.

Imagine using Qx and Minds Eye Q in partnership. Practicing recreating imaginally, the experiences that you had virtually.