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Stage 1 of the rvX test is nearing completion. Results are promising, and we’ve received enough feedback from watching the discussion to greatly enhance the product. I have to wait for @RVconsultant’s analysis, but I believe one of our testers is going to be exceptionally pleased with what he submitted and our very own @DarkPhilosopher would’ve hit it on the nail if he had’ve submitted a formal report :stuck_out_tongue:

Very exciting.


Yeah, yeah, rub it in. I can take it. :wink:

Funny thing is I spent three days trying to push an unsolicited image out of my head because it was too clear, all in order to create the perfect conditions for remote viewing, only to draw a complete blank when I finally did ask for an image.

My subconscious must have gone: “Will you make up your mind already?!” and proceeded to passive-aggressively show me absolutely nothing just to spite me. Conclusion: my subconscious may be female.

It would explain a lot… :slight_smile:


Defo seriously looking into getting this program but not until next year after i go through the entire KHAN program as currently running PS:IT & SM . Its looking like a niche program which will give users a unique experience different from any other program you currently have !


The twin superchargers – As Above and So Below are complete. Each track runs around 12 minutes. They both use very creative imagery, mixed with meditation and controlled breathing to generate / develop / cultivate energy.

There’s also a section in both that helps you transmute the energy into a form that’s usable for your needs. As with any esoteric discipline, practice is necessary, but I believe you’ll start feeling results within a week or two of using them.

So Below will be exceptionally helpful for cultivating a strong sexual aura (or sex magick) as the energy generated by this track is best suited for that purpose. You’ll also want to use this track for any kind of energy work, magick, or another alchemical practice that deals with wealth, social popularity, etc.

As Above is good for healing, charging positive sigils, etc. As you experiment, you’ll quickly learn which title is best for your needs. Both titles will work well with all the other titles in Alchemist (Alchemist Core, apX, rvX).

Personally, I haven’t been this excited about a title. I am planning on using it daily myself.


So when are we expecting it to officially drop?


Tuesday most likely.




Whoa! Alchemist is getting released Tuesday? Heck, yes!


I’m like 15 - 30 days late to this comment but I read most of this thread and just wanted to add some thoughts. Not hyper relevant now since the sub is dropping soon though, but I’ll try to add some things that make it useful.

So I’ll start off with a question I read about demonic possession while astral traveling. No clue if alchemist contains scripting to prevent the nasties getting you in the astral, or if scripting can even do that, I’m just going by the actual practice of AP.

The astral has a law of attraction dynamic. If you project in a shitty state, shit is what you’ll get. If you project in a neutral or elevated state, you’ll get neutral or elevated experiences. This includes the entities you’ll come across. If you’re in a negative state, don’t expect to enjoy yourself too much. There are plenty of articles online about “astral self defense”. Sorry to say not everything there has your best interest in mind. Some entities are adept enough to disguise as benevolent beings and you- as an inexperienced initiate, won’t detect the subtle enough layers of this entity to see it’s actually quite dark.

You need to do your research before going to the astrals. If you follow the right principles, you’re in a good state, and you know beforehand how to deal with any nasties that may come up, you’re well equipped. Of course you also don’t want the expectation you’ll find bad things because the law of attraction is instantaneous in the astrals.

You can’t be demonically possessed as the movies suggest, but you can have “etheric or astral parasites” latch onto your energy body. You can also become the target of nasty beings. Not the kind of haunting movies like to show, but something similar. Assuming you attract nasties. Again, do your research prior so you don’t have to deal with BS experienced people are more likely to experience.

Removing these influences are difficult, but can be banished. It’s highly unlikely you’ll attract something that is resistant to most banishings. If you did- you either really have bad luck or you pissed off the wrong guy while in the astrals lol. Pro tip: don’t be a stereotypical alpha male in the astrals lol. I don’t think many beings there take kindly to ego.

As for whether or not astral projection is delusional or not that’s a fairly good question. I don’t think it’s wise to hear something like “astral travel” and just assume it’s real and nice as commonly presented. I mean seriously, youtube “astral travel” and most of it is misrepresented garbage.

Ryan Cropper is a good source though.
Check him out.

Astral travel does not take years of dedicated practice. People have done it within a month. As I believe saint said, don’t complicate things before even starting. This is mental work. The better you let things flow, the more they’ll flow.

Astral travel can also be assisted by various meditation techniques, frequencies, binural beats, gemstones, etc.

In fact the best way to learn astral travel is by learning lucid dreaming. Practically the same method. What separates them? Well if you practice AP traditionally, you’re most likely gonna get lucid dreams first. Once you hit the astrals, you’ll know there’s quite a difference between a dream and the astrals.

Dreams build on imagination- if you follow the typical paradigm. When you start seeing things you’ve never seen before, you’ll feel awe. When you come across information you’ve never heard of before, that’s quite life changing, you’ll feel awe. So once you’re seeing/experiencing things outside of your memory bank, you’ll have a more tangible basis for the possibility of astral travel being “legit”.

Interestingly enough astral travel, like lucid dreaming, becomes rather boring after awhile so many people claim. In a lucid dream, once you’ve flown around, seen galaxies (it’s all imaginary but still), fulfilled basically all of your desires, there becomes hardly any purpose to lucid dream. You’d do it quite infrequently- unless you were using it as a spiritual tool (Dream Yoga - a tibet buddhist practice). Astral travel is similar, but not quite.

You couldn’t experience everything in the astral even if you wanted to, so there’s more reasons to go back. But if we’re to follow the progression of 7 basic dimensions, the astral is only the 4th. If you were to reach say- the 5th, your interest in the 4th would be practically non-existent most likely.

I’ve read stories from yogi’s who very much praise the astrals, I believe “Autobiography of a Yogi” is one of these cases if my memory serves me right. On the other hand I’ve read stories that some yogi’s warn against traveling to the astrals altogether. First off it’s fairly dangerous. The yogi’s go with the practicioners to the astrals to ensure their safety. Going to the astral and assuming it’s your playground… not the best idea. Second it feeds the desires of the imagination. It’s seen as lower than the 5D mental plane, because it is. Many yogi’s don’t want the astrals, they want to go higher. Also the more you go to the astrals, the stronger your tether to it becomes.

If you believe in a concept of an afterlife- or are open to at least considering one- the stronger your tether to the astrals is the more likely you’ll go there upon death. Yes yes I know many yogi’s say EVERYONE goes to the astrals upon death, but there are many who also say that’s not true. The development of the person’s consciousness determines where they go. If they have transcended the astrals (you don’t have to go to the astral to transcend it) then they won’t go to the astrals. They may briefly, upon immediate death, but then they’ll likely go to the dimension they’re supposed to go to.


Like anything take it all with a grain of salt, this is just stuff I’ve come across.

I have done lucid dreaming myself, and I have been to the astrals a couple of times and I don’t feel the need to partake in either practice anymore. That’s the experience I got under my belt.

As for what yogi’s say, could all be bullshit and we’re all living in the simulation of an otaku weeb alien named Bartholomew who made said simulation to see if humans would come to an evolutionary point where we love anime cat girls as much as he does.

And since Elon Musk loves anime catgirls, that means all of humanity does too.

As for doing your research and preparing for your astral travels, THIS IS WHAT I STAND BEHIND. From experience I KNOW the vibration you’re in before projecting affects your experiences and what entities you meet. I KNOW you’ll have to escape certain scenarios with unwanted entities in a way that does not provoke them to come back for you. I KNOW you have to protect your energy body or things can linger.

I KNOW because I’ve experienced it. And that does NOT happen in a lucid dream. A lucid dream is 100% in your control. An astral travel is not. You can control of a lot of elements, in fact you could even banish entities and locations altogether and make others appear out of no where. But you can’t alter certain structures and entities- and if you try- you’re not going to have a good time.

Do your research.
Do you see how many words I typed for this?
I’m a lucky cunt for knowing this before starting because it saved my ass.

I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why yogi’s take novices to the astrals themselves. Novices shouldn’t be in the astrals IMO, unless they’re at least properly prepared. Thus not making you a total novice (;

Essay complete. Take care guys.


alchemist is great and all but what about that roadmap?
what cool shit is subclub gonna do next?


I’m not getting into this whole discussion, nor would I presume to tell people what they should or shouldn’t do. I just wanted to say I’ve had personal experience of what’s described in the quote above. So it’s worth doing your own reading before getting into astral projection just to better understand what’s going on and what you can expect.

Other than that though, enjoy the journey. :slight_smile:


The roadmap has not been decided yet because all resources are going into Alchemist at the moment, which is by far, the most ambitious (and expensive) project we’ve created.


I sense a bit of confusion here. Which is understandable, since I’ve had the exact same issue:

The astral projection that is done here is primarily intended to project one’s presence within the physical plane, not the astral plane.

I agree the astral plane can be quite trippy and not for the unprepared (even though some believe it’s where we go when we dream). A healthy dose of confidence goes a long way there. Mixed with a healthy dose of respect for anything you come across.

I’m very curious where you got that? I know of several different theories, but the astral is nearly always the 2nd plane, sometimes the third.

Since you mentioned Buddhist practices, let’s go with the Buddhist planes: Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Causal.

The Emotional plane is the more properly named Astral plane and is part of the Desire Realm, where our earthly existence takes place. In it exist the subplanes: Caturmaharajayika, Trayastrimsa, Yama, Tusita, Nirmanarati & Paranirmitavasavatin (which are Focus 24-29 for those following the Monroe methodology).

But even here, the Astral/Emotional plane is the third one (2nd if you consider that the Physical and Etheric are considered a combined plane). So what are your 7 planes?

Now where is my Sanskrit spellcheck when I need it? :slight_smile:
Can you believe there are people meditating all day long to figure out this stuff? Wow.


Then, that is just Remote Viewing? Aren’t there one AP sub and another RV one?


Did you know there’s actually some argument whether Remote Viewing is considered one of the “psi”-abilities? Some have come to believe that it is not an ability, but rather a skill. And that it is very similar to intuition and trusting one’s “gut”. Everybody has it to some degree. And the more you do it (and get it right), the better it becomes.

Anyways, with RV, you don’t go anywhere. You use your connection to whatever higher stuff there is to get an impression of something, like a sixth sense.

With the form of Astral Projecting that is practiced here, it is like an astronaut that goes outside his ship. Your consciousness travels someplace else completely, while remaining tethered to its “ship” (your body).

With RV, you project only your senses. With AP, you project your entire consciousness. With RV, if your cat walks over and comes begging for food, you won’t be able to focus and address it right away. With AP, that cat has to do the usual work of having to wake you up, since he has to make you focus on your body again. You’re not really asleep, but your body sort of is.

And just to make things nice and confusing, with RV your subconsciousness supposedly consults the Akashic Archive, which exists on the Astral Plane. :wink:


I was trying to say that if the “AP” in question here is really not about the Astral plane but the physical one, its goal is kinda redundant to RV. So we’re going to have two subs that basically achieve the same end result…


But an entirely different method and an entirely different experience. Plus, AP is the first step into more advanced skills.

As Saint’s quote above seems to indicate, the skillset is the same if you want to go to the Astral Plane. But in my opinion you probably shouldn’t start there.

I get your point though. I wonder if you do a remote viewing session of an object and a projection there, which would be the clearer image. RV is likely easier but fuzzy, AP is harder but might be clearer.

I don’t know. I’ll keep an “open” mind. We’ll see soon enough.


Guys, don’t read too far into things. Astral Projection will help with astral projection. Remote Viewing will help with remote viewing. The only thing I said was that I personally haven’t been brave enough to delve into complete astral, not that the subliminal won’t help or they achieve the same purpose.


Yeah we’ll see.


We don’t need to wait and see – we’re already getting good results from the private test. We just haven’t released them yet. Those in the private test however can confirm, just don’t send anything out yet.