Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist


I am just learning about Tantra and cultivating sexual energy. “So below” will help with this, right?

“Tantra teaches how to conjure up orgasmic energy, heighten your senses of its effects, magnify its impact, and circulate it around the body”


Yes. So Below works well with anything sexual, including learning how to cultivate and project your own sexual aura.


Given no issues, Alchemist (all editions), rvX, apX, As Above and So Below arrives THIS Saturday 8.24.19. We’ll send out an email when everything’s up. The rvX challenge will begin the following Monday, 8.26!


rvX guided audio session is complete! Everything is on track for tomorrow’s release. The track is about 33 minutes long. The first 3-4 minutes are prep work, focus and induction. The last 2 minutes contain information on analyzing your session.


Who’s ready to bargain with Dormmamu in the astral plane?!


If i finish Khan stage 4 in a months time. Then i purchase and begin alchemist. Would i need to run Khan as a refresher say once a week ? So not too loose the effects.


I assume you’ll be answering your own question then, blackadder?

You don’t lose programming, you simply shift focus. And you won’t negate the effects of Khan unless you start acting against them. Keep acting like a Khan and you’ll stay a Khan.

So, everybody excited yet? Or should we start a betting pool on when it’ll be released? I’d offer a cash prize for the person whose guess is the closest, but then Saint would win. :wink:


Ahh of course thankyou Darkie :wink:


Traditionally, a product does not release until @Ebru asks “Will he be released today?”




“He’s” coming. We encountered a minor setback, but we’re still on track for release. To those who have PMed me, I’ll get to you ASAP.




OldChap is back :slight_smile:


My credit card is ready.


Saint, please at least let me read the product description and list of modules & features so I can drool in peace while I wait! I’ve never been so eager for a subliminal release before.


Another hour…
Product pages are up, tho. :wink:


Alchemist has arrived:


Explorer Edition:

Alchemist Supreme:

As Above / So Below:

Remote Viewing X & Astral Projection X:


Check out the description for Supreme. I think you might have repeated rvx and apx description in As above, So below section. Or not, as I’m extremely sleepy (if I’m wrong :joy:).


LOL I didn’t even finish reading the module list for Supreme before buying it. I’m super excited for this. I feel that this is going to be a groundbreaking subliminal, another life changer from you guys. Thanks so much for your ambition and originality.

I only see the regular general instructions in my download page. Will a PDF specifically for Alchemist be added later on? And do I just listen to the four stages first and then add As Above/So Below or can I listen to one of them in a stack with Pathfinder, Refinery, etc?


Nah, you were right. I’m exhausted, though – lol. We had a hell of a time getting this out today. Had a ridiculous malfunction pop up at the last minute that required a rebuild of some things. Fixed :wink:


We were reluctant to release a “manual” for Alchemist considering the nature of the product, but we can definitely work on some information to help you get started – beginner / intermediate level theory and the such, if that’s something people really want.

The program itself can be run just like any other – choose the stage that resonates with you the most (although I’d recommend starting from the beginning and just going through the whole program, meditating daily). As for the superchargers – they’re meant to help cultivate energy for alchemical purposes, whether that’s for general healing, creating an aura, etc. Use them whenever you want to work on cultivating energy, or when you need energy for a working.

They work best with headphones and you’ll probably want to be in a quiet, dark space.

The rvX guided session is completely self-explanatory. You just need a target (I’m working on a pack of 20 targets and instructions on how to use), paper, pens and 30 minutes.