Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist


Thanks, I’m playing all 3 stages and and one of the energy cultivation ones. I take it As Above would be best for something like healing and So Below for something like sex magic?


Well, it’s hard to say what would be “best,” but those categorizations seem to fit. As with everything we make, experimentation will yield the best results. I’d start with that protocol, however. I intend on testing As Above with sex magick soon tho :wink:


2 Questions:

  1. What are the best ways to take action while listening to Alchemist? To a certain extent, that depends on what our end goal is, but would applying the teachings of Neville Goddard work well this program?

  2. In the description of the third stage, it mentions about Kundalini. Is there any chance of experiences an unwanted Kindalini awakening?


By practicing your chosen esoteric, spiritual or alchemical discipline diligently. Can be as simple as meditating and practicing daily mindfulness, to a magickal discipline, to even religion. It enhances your inner spiritual life in every way, regardless of the method you use.

Doubtful – the script protects against unwanted things.


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No I can’t! Oh wait, I’d need to actually buy it first, don’t I? :wink:

What do you mean by 16 targets? 16 images selected for their defining features?


Fire, Sovereign there are two super chargers for energy cultivation below and above. Please can you elaborate on how to use each one and under what circumstances ?.


Is Saint’s reply to Yardbird 5 posts above yours not enough? That and the fact that Saint has mentioned several times they are meant to be used as a daily meditation practice. If you mean something else, please do elaborate.


Do Alchemist help to cultivate the power of intention and concentration?


Hi Darki :slight_smile: i am not clear which one should be used to cultivate a more powerful aura ? Above or below ?


I interpreted Saint’s response as leaving it to the individual, but I would say that it sounds like As Above may be more adequate to many users for using energy for more spiritual matters and So Below is for more earthly needs, so I would go with As Above for cultivating a more powerful aura.


Here is the answer.


The problem i find its really hard to visualize what the actress is saying even though i consider myself a visual person. Same with Libertine even though i tried it a few times its again difficult to visualise what she is saying 100 %.

True Social seems to work without me trying to visualize.


Same even I face this problem, I just keep trying and maybe one day it will happen


@myspace123 are you currently using libertine too ?.


Guys, don’t overthink the imagery – this is the main reason of why people find it “hard” to follow. It’s a fear of failure. You don’t have to do it exactly as she says, as long as you’re capturing the essence of it in your on imagination. Just relax and let the images flow.


@Saint even when rhe voice says “imagine the energy rising up the spine into your aura” i just cant seem to picture this. I begin to picture it then get distracted and the image fades.


@SaintSovereign, do we have to listen to alchemist many times a day or just once a day. I listened to it once and I really felt sleepy. So I could not do anything else. If I have to listen to it many times a day I will spend my day sleepy !


Alchemist generates a lot of energy and internal change. If you can’t run it during the day, you’ll have to run it overnight – the same as any other sub.

As for loops, we recommend 4-6 hours, as usual, but you may find that you get good results with less or more.


If you are unable to do the visualization, replace it with attention going up and down through the center of your spine that follows your breathing. In essence, inhale - trace up. Exhale - trace down. If you can imagine how it would feel, even better.

Then when you feel ready you can focus your attention on your desire and continue your alchemical working.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel it physically right away. You are working on subtle things here. It takes time and practice, so relax into the working and do it with peace of mind - you are progressing every time you do it.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment - each person has a way that naturally goes smoother for them. If you can’t find your way right now, that is okay. Simply choose one and stick to it. Everything will click with practice and action.

If you feel sleepy, take a nap. Alchemist ST1 has powerful spiritual purification and is creating a lot of changes. in the beginning it can make you sleepy. Good things are happening there, so listen to what your subconscious and your body are telling you they need. Simply relax, take action and follow the flow.

If it’s too distracting, shift your listening time.