Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist


I use superchargers only when needed no specific listening schedule, but I sometimes try to get the job done without them so as to not getting addicted to them, like I can’t workout without legacy for example


Can you listen to Remote Viewing X or Astral Projection X in combination with st4 Khan? (I listen to Khan for over 2 months now)


Shortly after release, you’ll also be provided with rvX: The Gateway Experience , a comprehensive manual covering all things remote viewing guaranteed to take your abilities to the maximum.

@SaintSovereign is this still planned? Also what about the private alchemy forum?


Are the core subliminals in Ultrasonic, or both US & Masked?


Both US and masked.


Yes – it’s actively being rewritten. The private alchemist forum goes live early next week.


The Alchemist seems so awesome!

It makes me think and hope you will consider making Quantum Limitless after. Something that turbocharges creativity, learning, artistry, brainpower, etc etc.

A Sex Mastery Multi-Stage wouldn’t hurt either :wink:


Oh yes, I also remember @Fire said it’s possible to improve looks using subliminals, even slight face improvements.

A multi-stage for extra handsomeness, weight loss, better body proportions, more masculine features, better hair, etc would be something great to add.


People need to understand all subliminals are long term processes … you should give any sublimal at least 60 days minnimum to see results and your persona adapating to the scripts! This aint no quick pill fix !!


Saint’s stack is going to get complex now. The Ecstaxy of the Quantum Transmuting Khan.

I can already see it. Sex Mastery XXX Multi-Stage. And the idea for the You 2.0 subliminal sounds really great actually. I would love a big sub dedicated to body-image and composition, including the beliefs that go with it. I can think of multiple stages for both of these. Then again, you could make a game out of it by throwing out the nuttiest idea for a sub and I would find 4 stages for it…

ST2, remember? My sense of integrity dictates that I must always keep my word, and I have committed to running through those two completely. And so I shall. Even though I noticed even you are now recommending people to hop-skip-jump from ST1 to ST4 because you’re in love with that stage. :wink:

I did, however, spend quite some time reading and re-reading the description page for Alchemist, trying to figure out if there are certain conflicts when cross-mixing stages of EoG & Alchemist. Somehow I get the impression not all of them work as well when mixing.

The advantage of running similar stages is that they tend to do the same thing. ST1 clears and heals, ST2 programs, ST3 moves to action and ST4 throws them in the blender to become more than the sum of their parts.

From my studying of the product page, Alchemist is slightly different:

  • ST1 is still clearing, healing and releasing,
  • ST2 appears to be more about taking action, starting a consistent practice in order to build your energetic muscles.
  • Which opens the door for ST3, which is more about programming. Now that your energetic system has been built using ST2, ST3 will be able to open a few more doors and beliefs that were closed earlier for being more than you could handle at the time.
  • And ST4 blends it all together again to be your continuous improvement and maintenance track. ST4 also includes ST1.

There are some differences with Khan & EoG when it comes to the intent of the stage. Even though they are vastly different subjects, I’m left wondering where and how they can hook into each other.

I’m probably just overthinking things, and I’m sure the boys will tell me if I am. But running THREE multi-stage programs next to one another might just get my subconscious to pack his bags and go on an extended holiday.

PS I do think that when it comes to Alchemist, people should really run all the stages patiently. Our energetic system and abilities are usually nowhere close to where we think they are, and can always use improvement.


I agree!

@SaintSovereign, I remember you were running 3 major programs in your playlist before Khan. How many are you playing now that Khan and The Alchemist are released?

I think we can all get ideas from your current stack.


You’re very perceptive :slight_smile:

I do things in order, proper stages, sticking with Khan ST4 for at least 2 months, maybe 3.

But I have only recommended skipping from ST1 to ST4 once, it was for @blackadder who has used Emperor for about 8 months and felt nothing on ST1. So, someone with such a solid foundation could. But 99% of people, I would never recommend it.


Well I do keep an eye on you and blackadder. Blackadder is easy to identify with and you are what we all want to be when we grow up. :wink:

My idea is that you never really know just how solid your foundation is, which is why I always start with it, even if I consciously believe I already have it.

Saint does like Chuck Norris, killing two stones with one bird. He throws all the major programs in the blender, adds some alphabet breakfast cereal that spells his own name into said blender, mixes it for about 90 seconds on the smoothie position and out comes only 1 major program. The hard part is coming up with the title.

Can you imagine the future where we could do the same? Just type in our name and place checkboxes next to the programs we want to mix, and Fire’s algorithm will hook the programs together at the right places while embedding your name. 24 hours later you can download it. Those would be the days.

It’s a good question though. Saint, are you running a version of Alchemist ST4 daily now?


I posted a massive (as usual) review about my experience with As Above & So Below here.

I think it would be cool if everybody else posts their review in the same thread, collecting all the different experiences together.

If you have them but haven’t listened yet, do that first. No need to let me guide your mind.


I’ve been running Regeneration by itself for the last three months. I am thinking about stacking it with the First stage of Alchemist and working with that combo until at least Jan. 2020.

I am figuring Regeneration and Alchemist Stage 1 should be compatible. Any thoughts from those most familiar with Alchemist Stage 1?


You’re asking within 48 hours of release who is most familiar? :wink:

That can only be 2 people, and they are likely both sleeping in after spending the weekend releasing Alchemist into the wild.

I commend your goal to take your time on it. I want to put that out there.

Regeneration hooks into the healing aspects of the core scripts present in pretty much all products. Going on the product description, I’d say Regeneration will open some doors that Alchemist ST1 can then use to build its positive foundation.

You should set aside some time every day to figure out in which direction you want to take your Alchemist journey. For example, meditation, prayer, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Reiki and/or any of the ethereal/occult practices. At least you will be working on your energy flow, so you’ll need a practice to support it. Which one you choose is entirely up to you.


Yes. I only want comments from those who built it or were in the test group for this sub. I understood what I was asking when I wrote it.

I already set aside an hour a day for spiritual practice so that is taken care of. I’ve been doing that for years.

I’ve been using Regeneration by itself for the last three months. I figure it should work well in combination with ST1. I am thinking of starting ST1 at the beginning of Sept.


@dorfmeister, I think you maybe be the only active person on this forum who has used Regeneration for 3 months.

Would you please care to share your experience? I’m sure many of us would benefit from you sharing it.


Can you listen to Remote Viewing X or Astral Projection X in combination with st4 Khan?


Very excited to hear back from those using the astral travel.