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Don’t forget about me


Where is this test group you speak of, mein Herr?

It’s a Weapon X module. Weapon X modules don’t require you to run them all day as part of a stack. Instead you run them before and/or during and after the activity they support.

So yes, you can. Results should come rapidly enough. But I myself would recommend devoting one or two loops per day exclusively to these modules, instead of putting them alongside your Khan stack.

I think people will devote most of their time competing in the rvX challenge first. Once it is over, they may start doing apX more. So you may have to be patient.


I figured that everything gets a test on at least a small group of listeners before it gets released.


Alchemist went through off forum private testing, yes. I like y’all, but this project was too important to get leaked early. rvX and apX is going through on on forum private testing for controlled experiments and improvements.

To answer your question, Regeneration would go well with any stage of Alchemist except the last stage — since the script for ST4 is massive and all-inclusive.


This is one of those times that I’m envious of my customers. I gotta stay on the Ecstasy of Khan stack. You’ll all see why soon, but I have to stay hyper focused on the business and innovating. I am, however, running the rvX guided session daily to organically enhance those skills.


Can i use this with UA and beyond limitless to enhance my creativeness and writing?
Would as above or so below be able to help with those?


You can, but it’s probably not optimal. I’d stick with UA, Limitless and Beyond Limitless. Then, write a page everyday.


Everyone leaves their body every night during sleep, so the fact of travelling outside of our body is already a natural function of the subconscious.
It should be quite possible, under hypnosis, to instruct a person to perfectly remember every journey they make outside of the body, i.e. lucid dreaming.
If the Alchemist can speed up and facilitate this process then so much the better.


There is too little information to make a decision about buying Alchemist.
I would like to know how Alchemist works compare to Khan, according to relationship, social life and money (EOG).
What elements of Khan and EOG is in Alchemist?
Is there Sex mastery X2 script inside Alchemist?
Is it ok to stack Khan, EOG with Alchemist?


Alchemist, Khan and EoG are three completely different products with completely different goals. Why are you comparing them?

Khan makes you a sexual, social creature, EoG makes you a successful entrepreneur, Alchemist helps you to achieve a level of spiritual maturity that is rare among most people under 50.

It is likely that Alchemist, should you direct it that way, allows you to have deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people in your life, and can enhance your mind-body connection more profoundly compared to other SubClub products, which in turn will make you more intuitive and empathic. Which benefits your social and professional life.

It is however meant to assist you in developing a mindfulness and meditative practice, or any of the more esoteric practices. Any of which may or may not have anything to do with relationships, sexual endeavors and career prospects.

So I come full circle: they are three completely different programs. Even with the information you have available to you, that much should be evident. So why are you comparing them?

Possibly the healing and core scripting to a degree. There could be some overlap in the first stage. After that, it seems to me they go in entirely different directions. Alchemist can enhance your manifesting ability, which would help with the final stages of Khan & EoG.

Saint can best answer this one.

Why? Is it in Khan? EoG? Why would it be in Alchemist? Whatever made you think so?

Feel free to use it alongside Alchemist to develop your Tantric practice though, and journal your findings (without going into too much detail please).

Sure. By doing so, you implicitly agree that SubClub cannot be held responsible if your head explodes from stacking the three largest programs in the SubClub arsenal.

Although that is extremely unlikely (I never completely rule anything out), unless you are a very experienced subliminal user, expect pronounced side effects in your sleeping patterns, mood swings and the way you interact with the world and vice versa. I would not be surprised if your body won’t know if it’s going up or down anymore and the total benefit you receive from the stack slows down to a crawl.

But like always, SubClub encourages you to experiment and kindly asks that you share at least some of your experiences with us to help improve present and future products.

I have answered your query to the best of my ability. I would suggest you create a post in the comments and questions section stating the goals you have for a subliminal, so our experienced users and staff can help you select the product that best aligns with those goals. It will be easier than starting with everything and then narrowing it down.


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I coudnt find the answer.
If I buy Alchemist Core, can I later upgrade it to the Supreme version? Or the only way to get all the extra goodies is to buy Supreme?


For now, there’s no official “upgrade” package, but you can purchase rvX + apX and As Above / So Below ala carte.


Thanks for the answer. Im buying Alchemist today :wink:


Thanks for your reply, @DarkPhilosopher.

Khan makes you more than just a sexual, social creature. With decreased anxiety, changed wrong beliefs you have a new view of the world and yourself and become better in all areas of your life, including spiritual part to some degree, I think.

Sex mastery X2 is in Khan. Fire confirmed this in Khan thread.

That’s why I asked if it is in Alchemist


As much as I wish to take cover behind the fact that Khan like the other modern programs no longer contains any modules, it appears you are correct.

SMX does fit with Khan’s purpose. I still don’t quite see how it would fit with Alchemist’s main purpose even when reading purely its description, but I suppose it you don’t either which is why you asked…


I am interested in inner happiness as well as relationship and wealth. I’d like to know more about this subliminal because Alchemist is not so obvious to me as Khan or EOG.
I am using Khan and like the changes, that Khan does to me. I feel myself more masculine, have more energy, including sexual one, and became non-reactive.
I prefer to keep it simple and use only one subliminal. However, I don’t want to lose this Khan effect if I stop using it and switch completely to Alchemist. As I know, Alchemist has manifestation of relationship and wealth according to previous mails that I got before. However, I am curious if I will become a person that have skills for keeping them in a long-term with only using Alchemist. If the answer is no, then I need to stack it with another product.


I think that manifestation and relationship attraction is about you becoming a better person, so people want to be with you, and because of cleaning up of blockages, you will see more opportunities and take more opportunities.

I see this in the sales letter

opening your mind to the vast possibilities of the universe and unleashing your creativity and that child-like love of life.

It will remove all negative spiritual energy and instead surround you with energy that attracts positives in all areas of your life.

since cleaning your energetic channels will also purify your negative thoughts and beliefs.

if you suffer from overworking, the balancing aspect of Refinery will help you relax. If you are constantly sleepy, Refinery will generate more energy for you to use. If you are too sexual and forward with women, Refinery will pull you back and let women chase after you, and vice versa.

Any spiritual practice, religious or magickal work undertaken will be greatly empowered (this includes subliminal manifestations), and you will be protected from anything negative.


Could this sub help with lucid dreaming and various chakra problems, i.e. increasing voltage in the body?
Or could simply As Above help with this?


Is there a private page for Alchemist yet?


Yes – access details will be sent out tonight or tomorrow.