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Yesterday I had a huge breakthrough. For the last month I used Khan ST4 + EMDR + EFT tapping (you can find videos on Youtube). It was extremely effective combination for me. With EMDR and EFT I healed traumas, deleted bad emotions from some situations in less than half an hour + reprogrammed my subconscious by Khan. After those sessions my image, voice stayed the same but bad emotions or let’s say energy disappeared or changed to something else positive. So I realized that the image and the voice doesn’t matter as much as the energy that is attached to them. If to have skills to change the energy directly, we can change our lives. So I got Alchemist today and will see how it will work.
From my childhood, I had limited beliefs about energy practices, shamanic things, chakras and people that do those things. Now I understand why they do that. Strange, how my view changed during those few days.


Brilliant results are you using emdr videos on youtube if so could you send me the link please


I use Russian version. You better find sessions on your language. There are a lot more videos in English.


Has anyone ever tried to remote view past events like stuff that happen hundreds or thousands of years ago? Is that even a possibility to make happen?


Would alchemist help with LOA manifestation


I think it was described in The Alchemist Stage 3 that it helps a lot with manifestation. Not sure if LOA related though.


What’s the difference?


He asked “LOA manifestation”. I don’t know if he has a specific definition of that.

I’m not too familiar with occult stuff.


Well, when I hear the term “manifestation”, I can only imagine bringing things into one’s life. And that would use the LoA. The LoA would be the umbrella that manifestation sits under. So to me, they are one and the same.

Alchemist is likely to reinforce the subconscious programming that manifestation is a very real thing, while removing the internal blockages (emotional, spiritual and mental). Combined with meditation and visualization, I’d say it would improve the channels that connect us to whatever is out there, much like daily energy work tends to allow increasingly more energy to flow through.

I see it a bit like someone cleansing energy channels. Most people have no idea they have blockages in the channels at all, yet they can clearly feel the difference afterwards (if done right).

Or in a physical sense, the way that fasting can clear up the arteries and the blood to make it more efficient at its job.

When it comes to manifestation, there is so much societal programming in place that we may not even be aware of. And that is probably where Alchemist shines. It puts helpful programming in place, creating a more holistic view. Which in turn makes manifestation easier.

This is also why the manifestation suggestions in other programs would work better afterwards.


Do you know any good sites or places to learn more about chakra and how to control it or manipulate it?


How is everyone doing with Alchemist? And what stage is everyone starting at?

Would khan st 3, alchemist st 1, and UA be too much on the mind and body?


I think the answer might be a bit irrelevant but i tried to combine khan when running st2(12 loops)+muay thai x(2 hours)+spartan x(4 hours) and i was running 5 loops of sex mastery x2 before dates and kinda felt that i wasnt getting much benefit from the programs i listened the least except sex mastery which i can vouch that it works

Spartan and Muay Thai are much less difficult that alchemist so i think it would be too much but then again there are people running Khan+Eog which are heavy and they feel fine


It’s way too early to tell. I’m on stage 1 of Alchemist and will be for at least a full month unless I suddenly feel compelled to move on to stage 2.


Are you still using emperor @Yardbird ?


Overload … plain and simple …running too many subs at the same time !


No, just Alchemist stage 1 and Limitless V2. If I feel like I need an Emperor boost I’ll play it for a few hours, but that hasn’t happened yet.


Can women use alchemist?


Yep, sure can!


You can definitely remote view a place as it was in the past. Sometimes it happens by accident, where you describe a target as it was in a different time period. You can, for example, clearly describe a factory, even though that factory was bulldozed and replaced with an apartment building 20 years ago. This might happen if that factory was very important to the people that lived there, as emotional energy leaves very strong impressions.

It would be a snapshot, a moment in time, so my example was an exaggeration, meant to ask Ninja why he was asking about that in the Power thread. But I do believe more people have seen past situations with remote viewing than those that have been to the past with astral projection.

Fortunately they didn’t have books in ancient Greece, turning pages would be an added challenge. Now if only they unrolled those parchments…

#383 Someone posted a testimonial of Alchemist on here.