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Most likely, yes.

The core of the subliminal will be the 4 stages. However, with the Supreme version, we will potentially be adding two subliminals that are extremely specialized and are not considered stages 5 and 6. They will be for those that want to explore their minds and its capabilities with two highly focused skills. More information on this later.

Main Discussion Thread - True Social (Supercharger)

That depends entirely on your existing programming.

If that previously mentioned martial artist weighed 400 pounds (approximately 180 kilos) and never worked out a day in his life before becoming a martial artist, it would have taken a lot more work to get to those 1000 repetitions. The first time, he would have gotten tired after 10 reps, the next time maybe after 20 and so on. Next, he would have to deal with the muscle aches because his body wasn’t ready to move like that any more than his nervous system was.

When he finally got to a 1000, he would have mastered a single move. Then it was time for the next move. Punch after punch, kick after kick, grapple after grapple. On and on, until he reached a new level on his road to complete mastery of the art.

At any time he could stop if he was content to be at the level he had achieved. Or he could keep going, continuing to mold his body and mind, becoming better and better every day through sheer determination and willpower.

As a mental artist, you have the same challenge. The martial artist’s nervous system is your subconscious. It is the part that will eventually remember the training and make it a part of your identity. The martial artist’s muscles and body are your conscious mind. It needs to learn how to deal with the new reality of what you are becoming.

The further removed your current state is from what you need the subliminals to turn you into, the more work is ahead of you. We don’t know where you are, or how often you force your conscious mind to step outside its comfort zone into the new reality you are building by taking action. So we can’t tell you how long it will take, only that it will likely be longer than one or even three months.

Answer this question for yourself:
Are you happy being a green belt, or do you want to keep going for the black belt and beyond?

Wow, this analogy really turned out better than I thought it would.


All this sounds good, however do you plan also a short/lite (single stage) version for Alchemist?
The same way we have a choice between single stager Empereur and 4 stagers Khan or between EOG and Ascended Mogul?


Damn, I was hoping to jump right in EoG right after Khan, but this just jumped to the top of my list. Without giving too much away, could @SaintSovereign go into more detail about the magickal aspect of this new sub? I’m sure we’re all curious about the mystical themes we can already see with the Kabbalistic design.


Perfect. What I have been saying all those times. As long as the sub focuses on improving standard raw manifestation / psychic / magikcal abilities, this is something I will definitely buy.


well…will it involve with kundalini or sexual energy those stuffs ?is it a program that have something to do with psychic ability…like remote influence…mind reading …all those aspects ?


It is designed to enhance your own mental / psi / manifestation abilities and allow you to shape your results in any direction you like.


So it would help with self hypnosis skills and effectiveness too?


The first bonus subliminal for Alchemist Supreme is revealed: Remote Viewing X (rvX). There will be many who will balk or laugh at the idea. Despite the fact that I’m pretty open minded and knowledgeable about such things, I’ve always been skeptical of the concept.

About three months ago, one of our customers – who has studied remote viewing for over 20 years – contacted us, asking if we’d like to see a demonstration and we agreed. The results were mindblowing.
Both tests were conducted blind, with myself and @Fire deciding on a remote viewing target, following the experiment protocol, and resulted with the individual accurately identifying and drawing the target. No details of the target were given at all.

We already had an early version of rvX floating around from the early days of SubClub, but we’re rebuilding it from the ground up using the information and suggestions the consultant supplied us with.

This consultant also contributed greatly to rvX’s manual, writing 95% of it. The manual includes a proprietary system – more accessible and easier to use than the system you’d learn from the remote viewing training programs – that should yield much quicker results. As with any mental ability, however, practice is key.

The manual is a “living document,” so to speak, as the proprietary system isn’t quite complete. We’ll be releasing revisions of it as time goes on. Your feedback on rvX will GREATLY contribute to its growth. We’re going to create a private Alchemist Supreme forum, where you can chat with others about your results and experiences, as well as provide us with direct feedback on how to improve.

I’ll post the test results later today. Right now, we’re busy working on getting True Social finished.


That’s interesting. For your amusement, you should know that the Remote Viewing protocols known today were developed by the CIA as part of the Stargate Project. Was it successful? Who knows. The Men Who Stare at Goats is a comedy based on real people from that project. Search the tubes for Ingo Swann, one of the key people, for more info. Entertaining stuff, at the very least.


Yes it will.


Yes, we’re aware of this. The consultant was quite through in supplying us with research information. Not sure what happened with Stargate, but what I do know was that the “SubGate Trials” were quite successful.

We may actually choose one person from the private testing group to give the system a whirl before release.


I recently saw a documentary where they interviewed some of the people heading up those projects during the Cold War. Very interesting.

I look forward to the module. It’s exactly the kind of experience I would love to dedicate time to. I’ve been able to give people tactile sensations across a distance, but to make that a two-way street would be amazing. Something to explore what the human mind is capable of.


So will the first sub be a version of Total Breakdown focused on removing limiting beliefs related to personal alchemy/manifestation/magick?


I have a friend who has been practicing Remote Viewing for some years. She’s nowhere near the level of your consultant, be she picks up things randomly or when she’s relaxed. That’s definitely fascinating. I wonder if RV can be applied in practical situation to improve one’s life.

Overall alchemist will be a great tool for mind-magick practitioners. This is definitely a sub to pair with a daily practice habit. Looking forward to that.


Shoot ima ask; we gotta estimated time of release for this? I’m sticking with EOG for a good while, but still curious


I see , I assume like many other subliminal programs that you guys produced … to reap the full benefit of it ,active participation is required… i have to take action on it . but the problem is what kind of action i should take when i use this program …is there a newbie guideline for the type of things that we could do to make the best out of it ? pardon me …i am pretty new to the magick realm …will meditation be considered as a good way to use in conjunction with this program? or do I need to practice some kind of ritual or so to fully gain the results that i intended to…


Firstly this sub is likely aimed at people closely practicing LOA, energy working, occult (understand by that hidden) sciences, and anything in between that relate to the power of the mind and your extended senses. In my opinion you’re pretty much expected to put the effort alongside using the sub. I do not remotely believe anyone can sit on his ass for 90 days listening to this and expect to drastically improve their skills in the fields I listed above.
If that was true, all these aura-based seduction subliminal would be blatantly working for most of the users by now. You still have to manually work with energy, explore what it feels like and try to control it. To be good at these things, you either get born naturally talented, or work really hard.

To answer your question, what are things you can practically do alongside using the sub…it depends on your goals. What do you expect Alchemist to do for you? What are you goal for exploring the “magick realm” as you said? Some people are just after sheer wonder and fascination, while others strongly believe these stuff can be used as any other tool to improve their life (seduction, money, etc).
So it’ll all depends on that. I recommend you to document yourself.
If you want a general idea of what magick is, what it can and cannot do, there are books about it you can find on Amazon. Like this one, or this other one…and here’s another book, which takes a less traditional approach.
If you have a specific goal like sharpening your extended senses, learning Astral Projection, etc, then gather some solid resources and guidelines you can about that.
Then setup a daily or weekly practice schedule while using the subliminal alongside.
And yes I believe meditation is mandatory. If there’s something loa gurus / yogi / magicians all agree with, it is meditation.

That must be the proper way to use Alchemist.


I would like to be able to communicate/ recieve guidance from my higher self, as part of being an alchemist, I hope you guys are considering something along those lines.


I wonder if Alchemist will help to achieve stable at least 400 and more points of David Hawkins scale.