Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist


Anyone has a review on Alchemist? Interested to know the results those who have tried this out have.


If I were to buy a mult-stage set, this is probably the one that would be most intriguing to me.


Alchemist is one of the most powerful subliminal products on the market. Users have enhanced their manifestation experiences and reached spirituality through the use of this product.



Are there any plans to upgrade Alchemist with Quantum Tech?


Probably once they release Q at some point this year they will end up updating Khan, EOG, and Alchemist.


I would like to hear people’s experience as well. Been out for a while, but this is one that I won’t have room for at least this year.


I am curious why there is no public documentation about this product


I feel like a lot of the documentation for this product is in the private forum which u get once u buy this programme


Hey, no conspiracy theories here! The private forum is for people with an exceptionally open mind to post questions or theories without getting the close-minded people telling them they’ll burn in a bad place.

And it is quite empty, I even saw some tumbleweed rolling by the other day. There’s some book recommendations and a few journals (for which I am very grateful). No huge epiphanies, those journals are no different than the ones you’ll find in the public space.

Other than that, the documentation is the product page and for some spice the now dormant rvX challenge thread. I tried creating a thread about the As/So superchargers, but that one went dormant also.

Since Alchemist is one of the more recent products and is considered a “platform” itself, much like QuantumTech, other stuff will probably be updated first.

As for my experience, I find I’m starting to return to that mental state where I believe anything is possible, it’s removing my mental roadblocks. Of course, that also results in me investigating things like biofields, crystals, tensor fields and religion. Trying to absorb all these methods and ways to interpret our universe and our creation, coming to grips with the idea that time isn’t linear and that we may yet achieve some kind of spiritual or energetic awakening in our lifetime.

Essentially, I’m turning into Hermit. :wink:

I think that is what Alchemist does when you set no specific goals for it. Alchemist in its purest form opens you up to possibilities, removes your perceived limitations and returns to you that childlike curiosity of always asking “Why?”

If you do set goals, I think it functions more like a steamroller, clearing a path for you towards your goals. It’ll be up to you to walk on it. Which is why people have experienced emotional and sexual growth using it.


This was the program that attracted me to Subliminal Club.


I’m loving this. :rofl:

Alchemist is focused on the most powerful life skill in existence. An ascended master such as Jesus, can be a success, a winner, charismatic person who shines light to everyone around him. Making all the negative forces crawl away in a similar fashion to rats running back in the dark when the lights go on from a stuffed of smelly attic.

No but for real. Why keep looking at the physical for solutions? Solving problems at the highest possible level is the best way to go about things. To make this more understandable simply look at a CEO working at the top floor compared to the cleaning lady working at the lowest floor of the same business company. Who has more power to make change?

Probably not the best explanation but it really isn’t that easy to put concepts like these into language as it is far beyond the mental mind.

Try to understand with the heart instead.

Please just get yourself a tensor ring. Once your field gets hit by one of these frequencies you’re changed forever. Not only that, you’re imparting these frequencies on all humans who are affected by your aura.

If I wasn’t much of a spiritual hermit already, I’d probably be running Alchemist right now.

Let your inner hermit seek and understand.

I’m glad your going on the path of becoming an immortal spiritual being. Not pointing any fingers to the mystics but we magicians and alchemists do take our ‘ego’ or personality with us into the higher realms.

All jokes aside, what’s the point of life if you get erased once the body dies? Whatever you accomplish or achieve, physical death is coming for all of us, it’s only a matter of time.

So better start building your body of light already so that you can embody your consciousness with the light body after physical death!


What’s your advice on how to practise that for a total newbie to spirituality?


Oh men, there are so many different practices.

Many different methods on attaining conscious immortality. The best way is ‘high magick’, theurgy which are rituals and then using it in combination with other tools to fuel the body with more pure light blue tinged white light - using tensor fields, pyramids, fractal numbers, PEMF devices are also very good for healing. A combination of the previous with theurgy is the best way.

There are many secret orders that work in discretion to do the great work which is focuses on magickal based spiritual development of building the various bodies of consciousness and attaining physical immortality. Most often this is called ‘the great work’, definitely not easy but you’ll benefit from it in ways unimaginable.

FYI - most people are not ready for it.


You could be a jack-of-all-trades in spirituality.
You should definitely consider doing coaching,
but I know money is the last thing you would care about


The best way is to invest in Alchemist and use the Pathfinder (Stage 1).



Am I mistaken when I think that there is no guided session for Astral projection but it is a Weapon X subliminal?

So if this is true, shall I just listen to track and lay down and meditate?
Also if you have other tips or recommended books on Astral Projection, share them pls. Hermit intrigued me to look more into that kind of stuff after my exam :blush:


Well, it is called apX, so it is indeed a Weapon X. Run it leading up to your action and possibly during.

I thought I had some good book recommmendations, but those are on astral travel, not astral projection. I’ll see if I got some about projection as well.


Share the ones on astral travel also if u don’t mind


So what sort of positive developments do people speak of in the private forum.

Any discussion of Kundalini experiences?


Nothing special, really, just like any other subliminal program. If somebody bought it to become the next Buddha, they aren’t sharing.

@myspace123 I would think your reading list is way too large already. But if you insist, start with Monroe’s Journeys trilogy, the first book being Journeys Out of the Body.