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I listened to Monroe’s books on audio a while back . Compelling material. The Gateway Journey and many of the other Hemi Sync titles are pretty compelling, too.


@SaintSovereign and @Fire, was “rvX: The Gateway Experience” released yet?


EDIT: Oh, you mean the manual. In all honesty, we do have a version of it, but it’s not as simple as we wanted, so we decided to rewrite it – that version is still in development.


Alright. Thank you.


I’ll talk to @RVconsultant about releasing the current version.




I do miss the rvX stuff. And we never did get around to apX.


It’s all coming back in a big way once Q is finished. :wink:


Is that before or after Mind’s Eye? :wink:


Hopefully mind’s eye is released in the next month lol


Hopefully we can see a related Lucid Dreaming X—AKA ldX— sometime down the line. :wink:


Anyone stacking Alchemist, Emperor and EoG? Or would that be too dense/cancel out?


Not cancel out. Just take longer to process (probably).

But it also depends on your current life situation. How much new change would your subconscious need to generate.

It could be that you’re a member of the royal family of Bhutan, are already running a respectable, reasonably financially-solvent theocracy, and just want a little leg-up. In that case, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge at all.

Silly example but the point is real. How much additional work and energy (and at what depth) will be needed for you to attain where you wish to be with the three programs?

If you’re 1) trying to reach a radically new place in your life with all three, and 2) if your goals for the three programs are not really overlapping (i.e. you’re actually trying to reach three different radically new places in your life); then it would be good to do more planning. Start out with one and then add more as the movement begins to happen in your life.


I’m running EoG and Emperor now. And I’ll add in Alchemist in September. So we’ll see. :bowing_man:


A very interesting point about the speed of achieving goals being dependant on your life situation.

It’s like for somebody aiming to be a CEO, he probably will achieve his goals faster if he is a high-flyer in his company and well-known in the industry with a good track record rather than if he is currently jobless and worked in mediocre roles in not very well-known companies.

For the latter, the subconscious will need to work harder even if both of these examples used the same subliminals with equal amounts of listening every day.



Because, for this person, many of the messages being introduced to the subconscious by the subliminal are already there. They just need to be strengthened, solidified, and regularized (in other words, increased).


Hi, guys!

Based on what I have seen in the journals, generally, when one progresses to the next stage of a multi-stage subliminal, the listening of the previous stage is stoped.

In the case of Alchemist, ST1 has some purification/cleansing features that seems to be interesting enough to be taken advantage of always: “… It will remove all negative spiritual energy and instead surround you with energy that attracts positives in all areas of your life. Finally, the Pathfinder is a powerful spiritual purificator, designed to purge your energetic structure from everything holding you back. You will also see improvements in your daily life and not just in your spiritual practices, since cleaning your energetic channels will also purify your negative thoughts and beliefs.”

I’m now in the beginning of ST2, but I’d like to take advantage of the purification/cleanse aspect of ST1.

So, I ask: do ST2 have, in some way, these kind of scripting too, or I should stack ST2 with ST1?


Hi @Abu_Nasir, I’ll @DarkPhilosopher here. He has worked with Alchemist and tends to have a good grasp of the operational logic and practical considerations of the programs in general.

My own sense is this:

First, the short version:

Run Alchemist Stage 1. 1 rep in the morning and 1 rep in the evening. The rest of your listening can be focused on the current Alchemist Stage 2.

Second, the slightly less short version:

Magick’s a bit like this too. In the beginning neophyte stages of practice, a great deal of attention and effort is focused on banishment and clearing practices. Once this foundation is satisfactorily built, the emphases shift to other growth projects, but one continues to do routine banishings and clearings. It’s like the difference between dental surgery and daily toothbrushing. One is for radical reformation and restructuring and the other is for maintenance. Having completed a good amount of time on Stage 1, you can now shift to a maintenance schedule.

Third, the least short version:

I think that there is very likely to be some degree of overlap between the contents of the various stages. It’s impossible to do energy circulation practices without at least some inclusion of grounding/clearing/banishing. But there’s a lot of room for variation. Clearing can be as simple as a slow intentional breath taken before one’s meditation or magickal working, or it can be as involved as a weeks- or months-long fasting and purification process.

My guess is that Stage 1 places a strong emphasis on banishing, clearing, cleaning. Stage 2 continues with these functions, but places its strongest emphases on other areas. So, I’d imagine that technically, you probably do not have to keep a maintenance stack of Stage 1 going. However, since your mind naturally is signalling that it values and prioritizes what was happening in Stage 1, I would respect that and take it seriously. Maybe it wants to utilize those scripts a bit more even though it’s generally ready to proceed to the next stage.

That’s why I would, therefore, recommend, keeping a minimal maintenance stack. (You may find that as you progress, the natural move comes to decrease or completely discontinue that maintenance stack.)

Banishing and purification practices are generally performed at the start and end of the day. They mark the boundaries between the period of greater external activity and the period of greater internal activity. Performing a clearing, purification, or banishment practice (for example, playing 1 repetition of Alchemist stage one) is helpful because it both 1) performs a clearing function and 2) signals the mind to effectively govern its transitions across these boundaries. It’s good stuff.

So, those are my basic thoughts.

Look forward to joining you in Alchemy-land at the end of the year. (Although by that time, you may be on to something else. :slightly_smiling_face: )


Hi, Malkuth! Extremely valuable and interesting points you posted! Thank you, sincerely!

Alchemist is a FENOMENAL subliminal! I’m just gathering more information in order to post my experiences with it, but I can tell you for sure: it does exactly what’s said in the product’s description page.

Anyway, come join me in this long term journey!


Can anyone speak to their running of Alchemist’s first stage, ST1:Pathfinder?


Well, in the beginning to sleep much more and even became lethargic during the day.

I started having many unusual dreams and waking up in the middle of the night with a sensation that someone/something was watching me. It happened MANY times.

My body temperature was higher than normally it. Actually, when I hear ST1 nowadays my body temperature goes higher.

That’s some of the things I went through when in ST1.