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Any other observations and reflections will be very welcome.


I am curious since using the products has anyone managed to develop their remote viewing skills ?


I think that when Saint stopped posting those challenges most people stopped trying. I can tell you my intuitive and empathetic abilities have increased, but I believe that is part of every SubClub sub.


“I’ll talk to @RVconsultant about releasing the current version.”

Any progress with the this?


For those who are using this sub, Dr Joe Dispenza’s teachings is the best way to take action. I call it Practical Neville Goddard.


Does the energy cultivation with SO BELOW actually help with orgasm control?


Like Alchemist 3 , specifies Kundalini , does stage 4 has more focus on that or is it same ? Also is there more focus on supernatural experiences too ?


Stage 4 is the combined track. It contains all the former stages in a single file. You might not want to just jump into stage 4, however.


Thank you
I have been on alchemist since past 6 months . So I have done till stage 3 , now moved to stage 4 , I was wondering whether to stick to stage 3 more of now move on to stage 4 , as I am more into kundalini practise and super natural .
Please suggest .


Honestly, it’s up to you. I can’t answer this for you, because I don’t know the level of your spiritual development. Don’t be afraid to experiment, though. You won’t lose any results. If ST4 isn’t to your liking, just switch to something else.


Has anyone had success with Astral Projection X? How is the new Q version?


Is there a separate alchemist forum? I have the title.


Yes, Alchemy Insiders where we discuss how to turn base metals to gold :smiling_imp:


I was just hearing Damien Echols explain that the brass vessels within which the djinn of ancient tales were described as being contained was actually referring to us; to the refined heartmind of the adept.


I’m not surprised at all.


PM me your order number.


Is there everyone here who has experience running Remote Viewing XQ, I’ve literally seen no journal about it? Beyond that, it does seem like a valid and successful program, there’s just not much known about it. There’s a huge chance that I’ll be including it in my final Quantum Limitless Custom, but I need to know more information about it, and as far as I know there’s none really using this program.

If you used Remote Viewing XQ, and have had promising results with it, please let me know!


I would love to read journals/results about it too!

In the future I will build a custom with Quantum Limitless St4, Remote Viewing and Astral Projection.
Before, I was thinking Minds Eye instead of QL but since I got ME and Im using T², I figure I will already have enough exposure and QL will bring more benefits to my custom.


Same here, although mine will be a little bit different. My Custom will be a combination of Mind’s Eye, Quantum Limitless St 4, and possibly Remote Viewing XQ dependent on the results that people have got with it.

As of right now, there’s literally no information about this program on the forum, so I’m not sure. It’s highly likely that I end up trying this program for myself.


I have it, but since I’m cautious and there were no journals on it I haven’t tried. Same with astral projection. Maybe once I’m in a good place with my customs and feel grounded enough.