Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist


There’s journals, it’s just in a secret Alchemist user’s forum. Send me your order number and I’ll grant you access.


Can I have access without having the actual Alchemist program? So unfortunate that I cannot read these.


I’m in that. Must’ve missed the remote viewing specifics.


Amen to this, even if it was temporary. I understand why it would be in a separate forum. That said, it would certainly inform me a lot more as to what I can expect from running The Alchemist.


@SaintSovereign does Remote Viewing Qx contain scripting to decalcify Pineal Gland, just like Mind’s Eye?


@Hermit Minds Eye has that?


First thought that popped into my head. One of us may have been viewing the other. :slight_smile:


I dont think I follow…:woozy_face: what do you mean Dark?


I read this:

and immediately thought:

Then I read your post. You know, great minds, taking words right out of…


I get it now!! Must be all the decalcifying taking place that has my mind in a haze :joy::joy:


Yes, Mind’s Eye has that, and how would you want to that scripting to do anything if it doesn’t? lol.


Is everyone cryptic today or is it me that Im not understanding?! :joy::joy:


It is the reconciliation everyone is going through, my love


Nope, this is normal :joy:


Lol, I can’t even decipher this cryptic myself, reconcilation hit me today, lol!

So what I ment to say was; Mind’s Eye won’t do a think if it wasn’t for your Pineal Gland, it needs be decalcified, otherwise there’s no water in it with as result no psychic abilities or extrasensory perception.


@SaintSovereign does Astral Projection Qx also contain scripting for Lucid Dreaming, such as scripting to make you conscious in your dream?


It was confirmed here:



What is your experience of adding Alchemist stage 4 to your stack?
I’m sure it changes with whatever your running it with, but anything in general.


Great, thanks @Simon! That actually explains a lot :sunglasses:


Does Alchemist have anything that makes your alchemy stronger with time as you listen to the sub?