Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist


Following on from Fridays question has anyone been able to astral project themselves back and forward through time ? or to other parts of the world.


and part B:

is there anyone who has been able to stop doing this?


Has anyone had great experiences with Alchmist ST4 Core at Terminus level? I’m also curious as to the interplay it would have with other subs.


Haven’t been using my custom with it in long enough to tell. I got about a week in between ultima listens and just started back after 3 ended.


So if Mind’s Eye works the pineal gland, does any stage of Alchemist do the same?


how can I access to private alchemist forum??

I have been using Khan 1st for a week now. I feel much confident.
Last night I saw a footsteps moving towards me and i got scared as I never had such a dream before. Now i guess its just sending the subconscious to walk into the path.

Also using Alchemist ST1 and its making me very very sleepy.?”””

Is this a reconciliation happening???


Send a DM to Saint with your Alchemist order number and you should get access.


Ok i got that.