Main Dev. Thread -- Beyond Limitless


This is awesome! I’m glad to see the module is masked. Would be great while updating everything the bonus from libertine gets a masked too. Thanks!


I’ve just listened twice. You’ve outdone yourself on this one. Very inspiring.

I like that you’ve become more explicit in leading the listener through the guided meditation.

I am definitely going to be keeping this in my playlist on an ongoing basis.


Thank you so much for this. The Creativity Unleashed bonus alone is worth the price of the product several times over. I’m going to be playing:

Emperor v2
Beyond Limitless
Creativity Unleashed

How often should I listen to Creativity Unleashed?


Creativity unleashed sounds very powerful i wll include this in my stack too. With this technology I indeed have no limits. Remember that song guys “no no no on no no theres no limits” :smile:


So how do we use the Beyond All Limits track? Also I’d say the Beyond Limitless track was a surprise, I felt as though it was a bit deeper than I expected compared to Libertine. Very interesting.


Then it MUST be for a freestyle rap. Any backing track in this world is a given chance to drop serious bars yo. :smiley:


Lol, it’s just the song. Use it when you wanna relax, or do a freestyle meditation session.


I’ve placed the Creativity Unleashed subliminal into the Ultrasonic playlist I have going in my office at work.

Emp V2
Creativity Unleashed (I am noticing that it reads on the screen of my mp3 player - Beyond Limitless (Ultrasonic))


That was my mistake. Originally, we were going to name the module “Beyond Limitless,” but realized that would probably confuse people. Will release a hotfix tonight.


This program seems to be very powerful, but I am not sure what I should visualize when I should focus on a thought of something I want to create. What I mean is this some sort of Law of attraction-type thing,where I should invision something that I want to manifest in my life?


You let go, and explore whatever images come to mind. Write those images down in a journal and examine their meaning. The subconscious speaks to you in symbols and imagery – this will allow you to analyze what’s going on in your inner life, especially when it’s related to creativity.


Can I run beyond limitless before running Emperor ?


Yes, of course.


So this is something that I shouldn’t direct consciously? Good thing that I asked, because I tried to consciously fill the void by imagining something.

And one more thing, the “Creativity Unleashed Stack Module” does it only work on creativity or does it boost Iq and so on?


That’s the thing – It’s up to you. Beyond Limitless is a tool, it’s up to you to determine HOW you use that tool. Consciously directing the image will help your visualization, concentration and imaginative abilities, all of which has a WIDE range of benefits.

Letting the image “come to you” strengthens the communication with the subconscious, which can help align the conscious and subconscious minds. It also gives you insight into the inner workings of your subconscious mind. You’re also more liable to go into a trance state, which will help the various programmings “seep in” more.

We’ve provided the tool, it’s up to you how you use it.


I like this track a lot but one thing pulls me out of trance. At 1:12 in the track the voice actress refers to “a flucker of vivid color” which just jumps out as being a mistake. Is she mispronouncing “flicker” or does her accent make an I sound like a “u”? I considered that she might also be saying “flutter” which could also make sense in this context, but I listened to it multiple times and I am pretty sure she is saying “flucker”. It is jarring.



She’s saying “flutter,” with an emphasis on the “-ter.” I know it’s subjective, but I can’t hear “flucker” at all. Girlfriend doesn’t hear it either.



I also hear it correctly “Flutter”.

Few problems that Im having trouble with is:

  1. Somewhere in early beginning, is she saying “air and flow”? What im hearing is “epi and flow” whatever that means.

  2. Somewhere about middle or so in the track, at first I thought she was saying “creativity spock” which didnt make sense to me since i dont know what a spock is unless your referencing star trek or star wars (sorry i always get confuse by those two). Then on my 3rd listen I realized she is saying “creavitity spark”.

  3. Throughout the track when she speaks she squeaks a bit here and there, is this intended?

  4. Is it all possible to have a vocal artist without a accent? Between this and libertine her pronounation on certain words just drives me crazy.
    When she telling to go “deepah and deepah” (deeper) or “bod-D” (body), “with-IN-you” (within you), “spock” (spark), just few off top of the head.

  5. Are we suppose to imagine and paint a picture as she try to guide you? Im having a hard time with this part of the guidance, will this be an issue?


  1. @SmallSteps It’s probably “ebb and flow”, like the tides.


What does “without an accent” mean? Do you mean you want someone with an American accent? I assume that Subliminal Club has customers around the world. So what are Australians, Europeans, Asians or Africans supposed to think? An American accent sounds foreign to them. Everyone sounds differently to everyone else. I don’t think there is a solution to your problem. If that’s even a problem. :wink: