Main Dev. Thread -- Beyond Limitless


My take:

Going into a guided meditation session with a critical mindset is a sure fire way to stifle your results. There’s no way that a single vocal artist can appeal to an entire userbase – there’s bound to be someone who will find “issue” with the voice artist. So far, she’s been reliable and easy to work with, so we won’t be changing voice artists.



You’re outdone yourself with this one guys, AMAZING work. You started on a high note, and keep getting better and better.

I have enjoyed watching your constant evolution!


Can we use “Creativity Unleashed” as a regular Stack Module - with any SubClub playlist, or it won’t be much use without Limitless or Beyond Limitless?

Especially say, with Emperor - which has some Limitless built into it, and could use additional Creativity for empire building!


Yes, you can use Creativity Unleashed standalone, but I don’t know if we can include it in Emperor.


You should add it to Limitless instead


Yea Emperor is already a huge monster sub lol. Though maybe you could add it as a sub module for emperor one day when the tech allows you to with out making it too long.


I would like Emperor to become a sub that has everything. A choice that you can make just to run by itself and know that, even though it won’t give the quickest results, all the elements for growth and self development are there and integrated and optimized into one product that keeps evolving as new processes and ideas are discovered.


Maybe eventually they can offer custom subliminals that you build thru some sort of machine or program from their various subs and sub modules they have.

If that makes any sense lol


If New Dawn performs the way we want, we’ll be able to put a lot more in our scripts.


Well that is great news and sounds pretty awesome.

Are you still rolling out upgrades to primal tech v2 soon for all the subs.


I never asked for adding any scripting to Emperor. It’s great as is.

My question was if Limitless was necessary in a stack for one to use Creativity Unleashed?

If yes, Limitless is necessary, then is the one built into Emperor sufficient, or it will benefit only those who are running the full Limitless program?

If no, that means it can be used like any other Stack Module - it can be added to any SubClub playlist, for general Creativity enhancement.
(I believe that @SaintSovereign’s reply meant this latter scenario is the case.)


No. It’s a stack module.


Couldn’t really find the thread for Limitless, but it is relevant to Beyond Limitless as well. Does Limitless/Beyond Limitless increase IQ/short term memory?


Limitless significantly enhanced my memory after just listening it for like 2 days. I literally memorised 28 pages of inorganic chemistry in 4-5 hours and I still remember 90% of it even tho it’s been 11 days since then.


Which one has longer lasting effects on the memory and learning abilities?. My memory recall needs some work on so I see Limitless as a potential tool to have in my arsenal. Cheers


Is anyone using beyond limitless alongside Khan ?

Supercharger running question

Yes, I use Beyond Limitless with Khan, every morning before main stack. It really superchargers my intellect and comprehension. Hope, SC guys will remaster it with New Dawn.


Thankd Dmitry if i were to use it at night before running Khan and first thing in thr morning after running khan do yiu think this should be ok ?


I think either way is good. I like morning loops more because it also helps to “format” my day with intellectual boost.


Thanks Dmitry how many loops do you run ?