Main Dev. Thread - Mind's Eye (Old Thread)



Now that the voice actress is back from vacation, work on Mind’s Eye can begin. Tentative release date is Thursday, September 26. Depending on revisions and feedback from outside testers, it could be released earlier next week (possibly even this weekend).


Is this still being released by this coming weekend?


Unfortunately, I’ve made the decision to delay this a bit. Stage 1 received exceptional feedback from testers. Stages 2 and 3 didn’t fare as well. Testers believed the jump in difficulty between 1 and 2 was too high. Our intention was for Stage 1 to serve as the “training wheels,” which you would run over and over until you were able to complete the exercises without any issues. Then, Stages 2 and 3 would be VERY VERY challenging. That being said, the current consensus is that 2 and 3 are so difficult that testers were literally too anxious to attempt to complete it (fear of failure). I’m going to take this time to make the transition of difficulty a bit smoother.


I love how so very much open you are about the process here. I’ve not looked at other prooduers so much up to this point, but I have to assume that most aren’t as open, if they follow how most industries go.

Kudos for the transparency, brother. The transparency is one thing that pushed me to finally pull the trigger and buy into the club and get started on my journey.


I appreciate your faith in us. I know you had some (legit) concerns regarding the scripts, but we really do take A LOT of time in making sure that our products are helpful.


I just came across this article about the phenomenon called hyperphantasia - the opposite of aphantasia.

Would give my right leg if Mind’s Eye can help aphantasics develop hyperphantasia.


I dont see why it shouldnt be possible for anyone to achieve this. With or without subliminals, doesnt matter. It is all just about regulating genes after all.
So I am pretty optimistic about it and I think Ill give Mind’s Eye a try some day.
Thanks for the article btw. very interesting. I didnt know it has a name :smiley:


What do you mean by “regulating genes”? Can we regulate our genes?


Hyperphantasia is a new term actually. There was a conference on ‘extreme imagination’ at the University of Exeter this year . The research on hyperphantasia was brought up. Research on aphantasia is still quite recent too.


You do it already all the time. We all do it, since genes are regulated through the signals they receive from their (cellular) environment, which are chemicals and hormones, which are being released every time you have thoughts and emotions like fear, anger, love, compassion etc… This scientific field is called “epigenetics” and the pioniers of epigenetics are Dr. Dispenza and Dr. Lipton.
Subliminals do the same thing, you could say they upregulate your “salesman/lover/seducer/emperor/-genes” and downregulate the genes that got turned on from years of emotional conditioning.


Alright. Mind’s Eye development has begun again.


Wow.Just had a dream about this
I don’t remember it clearly.
But came and found this


Do you think it will be released by the end of the month?


in fact …not only can I see the images vivdly…but also feel it …smell…it…taste it…and hear it… suffice it to say that…I could completely create whatever situations I want… with my imagination…but the problem that I encounter is that…it is not consistent…on a good day …I could visualize having sex with the hottest women in the world and make it so real that to the point I literally come in my pants…without any real physical contact with the Johnson what so ever…on bad day…well my mind just gone wild and could not focus on a simple image that I conjure up…I really hope this supercharge could help me solve this problem…to be consistent and concentrated…


Could we get some UPDATE on this.


It’ll be out when it’s out. We just finished Inner Circle and Quantum Limitless.


@SaintSovereign how is Commando progressing ?. I know there is alot of interest in this stacking module.


Very interested in this one. Nicola Tesla used to be a visualization genius. Well he was so good in it that throughout all his years developing his inventions he never ever made a prototype. He build everything in his minds eye, testing it and creating it. Whenever he finished it in his mind’s eye, he made the actual physical inventions. Not ever has the invention been different then he saw it in his mind and why shouldn’t it? Everything you can perceive in your mind you can hold in your hands.


Where have you this from? I dont know much about Tesla but I am highly interested.
Has he ever talked about how he learned it and steps to do it?


From various readings, videos, research on Nicola Tesla. I love him! Uhhh basically he was pretty much born lucky, with a superhuman brain and great visualization skills. But he stated doing loads of astral projections & lucid dreaming. Which trains your ability to visualize tremendously. These days we are being poisoned by food & water also our air. Chemicals everywhere calcifying the Pineal Gland. Decalcify your pineal gland first. Then get into lucid dreaming & astral projection, Out Of Body experiences. Lucid dreaming should be your first step, after your can achieve this night by night you can get into Astral Projection which is an Out Of Body experience on commando. Doing this your visualization skills will start to skyrocket. Your consciousness and brain power as well.