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Can you post any articles for your statements please?


I hope this comes out soon, i am really looking forward to this product.


Let’s see, I’ve accumulated many information from many different sources throughout the years so it would take allot time to re-find and post all these sources into hear. Although I did watch a video a little while ago on how Nicola Tesla used his visualization techniques and lucid dreaming. I’ll try to find it and post it in here.

Here’s two interesting YouTube documentaries on Nikola Tesla and his visualization techniques. They do cover most interesting things. Although if you want to find more interesting facts, I would advice looking around on internet. Many of his knowledge has been hidden though so you’ll have to look further then just a regular google search. Maybe try duckduckgo.


Thanks for those. He may have been born lucky, but he certainly didn’t die lucky. Even less so if you believe the conspiracy theories. Which I am sort of inclined to do, just imagine how different the world would be with free electricity…


I know it is a shame, but I havent really dealt with his story and the things he created / accomplish yet.
But I know something about him which I found really intriguing:

Thank you very much for these, Hermit


Unfortunately he was killed before he could release his free energy project. Surely enough he isn’t death, he’s still around only not in this dimension. A smart mind like that has definitely moved on and is now in the higher realms. You see most people see it as death, while in fact death is only an illusion. Death is rather a term for moving your actual consciousness out of this physical vessel. Consciousness can only exist when embodied. If you haven’t build your light body your basically will lose your memories and be incarnated all over again to finish your lessons. In this way we have been trapped here on earth for a long time. By wasting our time on day to day jobs and the matrix so to say. Spirituality is key. Build your energetic astral body and your light body.


The 3, 6 and 9 are the energy pathways of the higher dimension above. I’ve used these allot in an energy technology I’m using for centering, opening and energizing the chakra’s while building all the subtle energy bodies. It’s going to be on the market once the testing has gone through. My friend William has been working on this for over 40 years. He has major visions and is been guiding to do this. The change is near. 2020 is going to be a big year and with the launch of this project we will be able to clean up all the mess. The state of nature right now doesn’t allow us to obtain our full potential. Telepathy our way of communicating we’ve lost this ability, and many others because our environment doesn’t allow. If you were to live on a mountain for one year, eating organic food, drinking structured water. You’ll be able to make a telepathic connection with the animals around you. Your body will be health to it’s proper state.


Right. In trump’s words-“He DiEd LiKe A DoG, A BeUtIfUl DoG, A TaLeNtED DoG”


Let’s watch the political references, all. No need to go down that rabbit hole here.


He said both of the phrases, but first one was about the now deceased person and second one was about an actualy dog that was injured. Late night show writers put those phrases together.

Learning experience - it isn’t what you don’t know that’s gonna hurt you the most in your life, but the things you do know, that actually aren’t so. Imagine that… (pun intended)


@SaintSovereign Will MInd’s Eye have QuantumTech embedded in it?
Any specific ETA on this one ?


Minds eye i believe will be based on the new leading bleeding edge quantum technology. Minds Eye will be one of the powerful subliminal product’s to hit the market.


@blackadder Indeed The Most Powerful One :sunglasses:


Will it be a guideline how to visualize or will enhance the current skill of the user? I visualized maybe 4 times in my life but i would like to be part of my routine. Will it be suitable for beginner?


Will mind’s eye go against religious beliefs?


@mercharc why would it ? Why do you think it will go against religious beliefs ?


When I first got here. This

was one of my queries for sub club products in general.

I was confirmed that apart from alchemist, all the products don’t go against religious beliefs.

I’m not sure how, but my mind associated minds eye with the alchemist, and hence my question.


Do you have religious beliefs ?


Yes sir absolutely.


No, of course not.