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How does Alchemist go against religious beliefs?


@Merc when you listen to khan or emperor do you feel your religious beliefs changing ?. If so i dont think its the subliminals that are brain washing you. Or removing your religious beliefs. Perhaps part of you wants to be free from religion ?.

Perhaps you have been watching stage hypnosis shows where the hypnotist. Makes a guy under hypnosis walk and quack like a duck. Or make chicken noises. Subliminals do not make you do things against your will. They only guide you and help you achieve what you want to achieve.


Alchemist ST1 makes you question your beliefs, that’s for sure!

If you believe something, but it’s purely because of tradition, or another superficial reason, you’ll get shaked.


I didnt have that experience tbh.


Agree I think Merc might be getting confused with mind control cults like the moonies. As emphasised in previous posts SC are not mind control programs that make you jump of buildings and change your religion etc, they are designed to guide and assist you in achieving what you want to achieve.


So mind’s eye will help with visualization and possibly meditation?


Yes, very much so.


Thank you :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to use this awesome product to help manifest and visualize my life into existence.


Will this be released in the next few weeks?


Interesting thing about the religious beliefs. What if your religious beliefs happen to go against the aims of the subliminal?

…Like your religion teaches you that suffering is good, money is evil, and you shouldn’t go round having sex before marriage?

I don’t know of any religious beliefs forbidding a person from developing his visualization capabilities though , unless the religion believes that enhanced visualization is a gift from the Devil.


two programmatic statements:

  1. All religions, bar none, will at some point make use of visualization capabiliities

  2. All static, unchanging beliefs (no matter what they are) will eventually be challenged and transformed by a path of investigation of truth (whether scientifically, spiritually, emotionally-based, etc.)


If you really think about it, religious claims about the devil and devil’s work and what not dont make any sense at all. I mean it in a general term, not only in this case. Religion believes in an almighty god, yet they tell us there is something we or other entities could do, to irritate this almighty power which created a 13.5 billion year old universe… It is a simple contradiction. Either you believe in a divine, almighty god who is eternal or you believe your actions could make god angry.

Back to visualisation. If you really think about it, nothing on earth was ever created without having a picture, an idea of it in mind prior. Nothing. You dont even leave the bed before (unconsciously) visualising it.


This is a good picture and shows how importat action is. Otherwise you will stay in bed forever. :joy:


Just had an excellent idea:

Visualizing the action that you’ll be taking is the next best thing to do when you cant take immediate action.

Eg: I’m tied up at work and cannot be hitting the clubs as regularly as I liked, but I can go into an alpha state and visualize myself doing what I would have done if I was able to.

This is huge. Imagine working on all your sticking points in the alpha state…


If you convince yourself this is almost as good as taking action the danger is you’ll waste your time with this instead of actually taking real world action.

“Huge” is taking constant action. This is basically just daydreaming and an excuse not to take action.


Please read the whole post in context:

when you cant take immediate action


I read your whole post, read my first paragraph again. It’s a warning, not a denial of what you said. Although in truth I don’t really agree that this is the next best thing, I think it’s only useful as a supplement to taking action, nothing more. The term “next best thing” implies it’s useful on its own.


Then reread it again, because you clearly dont get it.

Get exposed to the work of Neville Goddard.


If you want to sit there fantasizing all day be my guest. It’s certainly easier than actually taking control of your life.


If you want to misinterpret what I’m saying all day be my guest. It’s certainly easier than actually comphrehending what’s in front of you.