Main Dev. Thread - Mind's Eye (Old Thread)


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You are correct. The thread got derailed and I apologise for my part in that. But I do think it’s worth discussing the point raised.

The original suggestion is that visualization is a viable alternative to taking action. I don’t think the context of “when you can’t take immediate action” actually matters, either visualization is a viable (perhaps weaker) alternative, or it’s not.

My position - I don’t think it is, I think only action counts. I think visualization is another way of directing the subconscious, just like subliminals themselves, whereas action is a way of manifesting change. Two different things.

What do people think?


Come on guys. You dont wantthe year to end like that


We are on the Mind’s Eye promoting thread.
“What to visualize, and what the benefits of it are” is certainly worth discussing here.
Negating it as daydreaming would be less than befitting.

I’m sure we all agree that BOTH have their place.
Maybe, Visualization doesn’t have to be an Action to be constructive towards Goals.

For example…

This is useful.

Though I don’t think Neville Goddard suggested any kind of “problem solving”, he preferred end states almost exclusively.

Napoleon Hill did. Creative Imagination & Organized Planning - use visualization for solving potential obstacles, avoiding unnecessary detours, innovating new products & services, etc.

Couple other Constructive Visualizations uses that Hill also endorsed:
… Seeing, Feeling, Believing Yourself as having already achieved your Goal,
… Getting advice from Imaginary Mentors.

If this work situation is likely to persist beyond 4-6 weeks, a good Action would be to choose a different process than hitting the clubs. Socializing, Online Dating, Day game, whatever.

If it’s for less than a month, sure, use leisure time acclimating your “I Am” state to a game-successful man. :+1:


Thanks to @Elme, I had a good read about Barry Long and his “no thinking” philosophy. He talks about just “taking action” instead of thinking.

My intepreration now about “taking action” is that you take the ACTION that AFFIRMS your ASSUMPTION of your desired state of being.

That means if you want to be a multimillionaire, apart from visualizing about it, you take the action to affirm that you are one, such as promising a million-dollar donation to a charity.

Three points about taking action

Its 2020 now. Any news about when this product will hit the market?


Soon. Now that the Paris Business Retreat is finished and Q is somewhat locked down, we’re now speeding ahead on clearing up the backlog. Mind’s Eye is now 100% my focus.


Man I hope minds eye helps me make better decisions. In my bets lol.


Just finished the first stage of Mind’s Eye – it’s going to be over 10 minutes. For the “mental supercharger” line, which are more involved than the subliminal superchargers, will not follow the same conventions as before.

Development is coming along nicely, however, and I’m very much eager to see how people responds to this one.


I am also very eager to see the effects on me since (almost all of) your products seem to boost my visualisation ability


@SaintSovereign Will MInd’s Eye be made on Project Q (Quintessence) or Just Quantum Tech.


How many stages will it be?


The underlying subliminal is quantum tech. Reminder, it’s a supercharger (hybrid hypnosis / ultrasonic subliminal).


Three stages.