Main Dev. Thread - Mind's Eye (Old Thread)


So there will be a standard Q edition and an Experimental Terminus edition, correct?

With the reduced listening hours, I hope it’s a 30 minute file. :blush:


Yep, I don’t create images in my mind, or very foggy ones


Fantastic news, Mind’s Eye has been on my Want list since it was first announced.

I can “visualize” using all my senses about equally, so it’ll be interesting to see if it can enhance all of them.


I think for me, I want know how to “feel it real” through my imagination.

Also hopefully, Mind’s Eye will allow me to immerse myself in an autobiography or fiction book…

Lastly, always have had problems with guided meditation because my mind’s eye is fixed and I can only imagine/visualization from the location of my physical eyes. Hard for me to visualize a ball of red light above my head or shift my sense of awareness to the back of my head or my toes. I find it hard to imagine myself inside my head either.


wow. game-changer.

thank you.


Will the Mind’s Eye be available as a module inside the Q store?


Probably. No sense in not putting it there.


I have always had a problem getting the super chargers to work especially the ones that require you to picture a scene. Its like something is stopping me or hindering my ability to do this. Yet I have vivid memories of what I did ten or twenty years ago.

This product might well be a welcome addition to subclub.


Very grateful for this. I am about to manifest some money and being able to imagine the situation as vividly as I can is helpful. The Universe is always on our side.


I think it was Saint that said if one cannot visualize what one wants then the law of attraction will not work so lets hope minds eye can help.


I feel you. As do many others. It’s the main reason I’m not running superchargers that often.

Saint can testify I argued quite a bit when he told me he was going to make a sub without step-by-step instructions on how to improve conscious visualization. I was greatly looking forward to somebody telling me how to get better.

One tip, the biggest issue with the supercharger visualizations (that I have) is that they go too fast. Just practice the visualization on your own and you’ll be able to build the image faster and faster until you can pop it into existence right away when running the supercharger.

Visualization needs to accomplish 2 goals:

  1. It needs to be as real as possible, involving as many of your senses as possible. The closer it is to reality, the more readily it is accepted by your subconscious. This is why I wanted that progressive step-by-step.
  2. More importantly, it needs to put you into the desired state. It needs to elicit the vibration and feeling that achieving your desire brings. Once you have that vibration, that feeling, you can let go of the image and trust that whatever is responsible for manifesting will create something that elicits that vibration/feeling in you, even if it is not what you originally envisioned.

There is also a theory that you need to be able to hold the desired state long enough for it to reach whatever is responsible for the manifestation. If you don’t hold it long enough, if you allow in some doubt or distraction, you have to start over. And that, supposedly, is why it is so hard to actively manifest your desires.

You see that concept in subs as well. We need to constantly be taking action to support our goals, thus staying in the desired state.

There are some people out there working on creating quantum/energy/light-tools that supposedly encapsulate your desire so it reaches its target without being affected by your doubts and distractions. Most take the form of altars or geometric shapes that you place your desire “on/in”.


I’m up for testing mind eye-T. Could be a game changer.


Excellentttt :smiling_imp:

I wonder if this is considered a stack module or a major program. If a major program, I’m not sure if I’d want to add to my current stack.


Waiting on @Fire to provide me with that info. It’ll probably be major because it needs support scripting, but with Q, I MIGHT be able to get it down to 30 minutes.


There’s the practice of image streaming and some guided visualization hypnosis on youtube that I can think could be of big help!
I do agree with visualization to be such an essential skill for manifestation. I’m starting to realize how important it is


Will this subliminal also come with a guided session or different stages?


No, as Saint stated in his announcement that it’s coming this weekend, it’s no longer a supercharger with guided track, but a “standard” subliminal that - much like Limitless - supports your own journey to learning how to visualize. The action you take is finding good teaching.

I would propose that we start a thread once it’s released where everybody places their best tips, tricks, YT videos and the like so we can all try to learn from it, even if we don’t have Mind’s Eye. In the end, I still believe we should learn this skill and I would love to find a structured approach somewhere. Between the lot of us, maybe we can find one.


That is a great idea @DarkPhilosopher, including this:


Maybe it should come with a little manual/booklet. Not that SubClub has a rich history in creating accompanying literature. :wink:

Hides from Saint.


Can we call this sub… WandaVision?