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Would recommend against it, or the sub might get cancelled before it ages into a second season.


I agree that making it a exercise like before could be less effective because you may just get good at that one visualization and not at others. Having something that just makes all visualizations easier is much more useful. But as @DarkPhilosopher said, a booklet like what comes with DREAMS would be a great addition.

I am fairly good at visualizing but defiantly not at Saint’s level. I can say imagine a scene on a beach and feel the sand, hear the sounds and faintly smell the salty air. But I have trouble with meditative stuff, like imagining energy going in you. It is easier if I imagine something divine putting energy in me instead. I sort of have to find what resonates with me, even at that moment.

I wonder if audio recall ties into having a good minds eye? Because I just can’t stand repetitive catchy pop music, largely because it can get caught in my head and troll me for days. :laughing:


We weren’t joking when we said Q drastically speeds up the amount of time it takes for us to create a title. @Fire just handed over the script. Loading it into Q in a few hours. Should be ready to go by Thursday.

Unfortunately, we won’t be releasing any literature to go with Mind’s Eye. The good news is, the script is designed to enhance your visualization abilities almost automatically, but we all know that taking action speeds up the manifestation process. So, I’m going to open a special “Mind’s Eye” thread. On the first post, I’ll add links / videos to any material sent to me. In the thread, you’ll be able to share your own experiences, strategies and tactics. So, if any has anything they want to submit, feel free to go ahead and share with me via PM.


Mind’s Eye is now available. Get information here: Main Disc. Thread - Mind's Eye Q

Closing this thread to keep things organized.

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