Main Dev. Thread - Mind's Eye


Does that mean there are ultrasonic subliminals running in the background with guided tracks in the foreground?


Yes. It’s a very light title, fast acting and designed to just spark your creativity.


Is it possible QuantumTech develops imaginary skills in other senses as well? I think I start hallucinating hearing things (Or I just went nuts)


I hope this helps with aphantasia… aphantasiameow says he helps people with his course which people say is like win wenger image streaming which a photographer wrote an article that image streaming “cured” him.


Will this be released in feb/early march?


Yes, I’m now pivoting to this full time. Again, lol.


Hopefully this can be an end goal for users


do you have an eta for this? i am waiting this supercharger for a long time and it seems it is very high on demand. Why there is such a delay? Thanks


@SaintSovereign Any update on the release of this?

We - the people with hard time visualizing- would appreciate this kind of mental supercharger : ))


Mind’s Eye seems to only exist in the imagination, but me wantsss it, my precious.


All this delay is more a turn off than turn on for me


It is coming! It is coming! I can sense it in my mind!