Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


I would love to know the motivation behind the image. A skull on an apple.

The apple could be the forbidden fruit given how we went the religious route for this one, although it reminds me of the apple the evil queen gave snow white. :slight_smile:


That was my thought - Matthew 6:13 talks about temptation.


Love the image


@SaintSovereign, you said in the ideal scenario for Inner Circle, we listen to it 4x a day.

And since this one is not a Stacking Module, but kind of a mini-major program, how often to listen to this one every day in addition to a major program for solid results?


I think it looks pretty awesome. The skull really sets the tone of power corrupting your mind can be detrimental to your health and being.


The more i read about this sub the more i am intrigued. Does one need to read and digest the 48 laws of power before using the sub ?


I am very interested to respond in this because i would like to know if it fits my current listening patterns


I think listening to audiobook version of 48 Laws while running the sub in the background would be immensely productive. Especially if you’ve a Kindle version as well and WhisperSync it.

Just a thought.


I think I can get the basic symbolism of the pic. “Not all that glitters is gold” or the ‘honey-covered razor blade’ that Buddhists talk about.

It suggests that this is a serious program about becoming informed about and protected against the seductive but ultimately harmful effects of excessive ambition, power-hunger, and even out of control desire.

Apples/fruits usually represent freshness, sweetness, goodness. But with some experience and wisdom we learn to see the unexpected consequences that can creep in unnoticed.

The picture’s growing on me. But it really does look like a spoiled apple. Red on the outside, but corrupted and eaten away on the inside.

Definitely not playtime. I’ll say that much.


I think it is growing on me.


Maybe it’s the apple of discord? An effective way of wielding disrupting power.


We are still on target for a Friday, September 27th release!


You mentioned ot would work well with titles like Khan, emperor but how about those who are currently using Primal or the older subs like S&S ?


Yes, of course it’ll work well.


How many loops minimum you suggest?


Any pre booking bonus coming up with this ?


I hope not, I just want to get it when I’m ready instead of feeling pressured into getting it now or I’d miss out on added value.



Perhaps I missed this… could you please officially announce the winner(s) of the Power Can Corrupt guessing game?


Reading back it seems only bujin was close enough to get a copy, the rest of our guesses were too ambiguous, most of us were stuck on the religious angle instead of the practical angle.

Good to see you again, maybe you can Remote Whip some people into committing to the exercises. :wink:


In my mind, the full title of this sub is:
Power Can Corrupt: Path to Being a Goodhearted Thanos

just sayin’…