Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


Bujin won. :wink:


@SaintSovereign Launch it already!


It’ll drop soon. Just verifying the files, making sure everything is correct.


Power Can Corrupt is now available:


@bujin, PM me the email address associated with your store account for your free prize copy.


It also contains a charisma and sex appeal boost. Interesting.

Would love to see how it’ll affect manipulative people and how they’ll react.


@SaintSovereign can we get a response to this question?


Add it to your stack like you would any other major subliminal. It’s a smaller title, but still scripted with the “major subliminal” base, not the stack module base.


I’m very curious if the effects would be increased if one used the ultrasonic while listening to an audiobook version while reading the book.

They would be involving their conscious mind both auditory and visual, while the subconscious gets subjected to the subliminal. When I do get it, I’m so gonna try that, it would be so much fun. Anybody wants to donate it to me in the name of science? :slight_smile:

And yes, it’s possible to both listen and read even when you’re reading a different section of the book. It’s difficult and your reading slows down unless you ignore the audio, but it is possible. Just don’t drive or perform strenuous physical activities while doing so. :wink:


The cover looks great. I really like it.

By the way, @SaintSovereign, does this one include healing concerning power, any negative beliefs about power, and cleaning out of whatever negative messages that power is bad and other things like that?


And when is Inner circle released ?


Sounds almost like Ebru, but not quite. :wink:

Whatever happened to him anyways?

You should ask in the Inner Circle thread, bumping it back up.


I am wondering do we need to read the book in order to benefit from this subliminal?



Thank you for upholding your high standard of excellence, while also making sure we got your audio awesomeness in our impatient electronic devices. Thanks for Power Can Corrupt! I’ve been wanting a title like this for months and some how through the aether you read my mind.


No need to read it, your subconscious will get the principles anyway, but I’m sure it would do more good than harm.


I just read this entire thread. What a way to “Unwind” from a long workday HAH.

Sounds amazing. I’m a LONG way from getting it myself, since I’m doing shooting for 500 hours minimum of Emperor, after which I’ve settled on the idea of either EoG or Khan.

I will say in response to anyone asking about audiobooks while listening. While that COULD work, I’d recommend a quick Photoread of the book at least 24 hours prior to listening to the sub, for anyone who’s used that system before.

I gotta stop reading all these journals and threads lol. It’s like a freakin space-age candy store in here all the time!

Journal: Emperor/Rebirth

At least you’re photoreading the threads, so it only takes you 5 minutes. :wink:


HAH I wish


There is a free version of audiobook. Just search in google


So I have a question about stacking subliminals. I am currently running Emperor, I am interested Power Can Corrupt, my question is say I listen to Emperor for about 6 hours, do I take a break say for one hour then run Power Can Corrupt? If anyone has any suggestions on how to run these two subliminals I am open to suggestions.


You can either run it on the same playlist or different time during the day. I dont think it matters

I am running 12 loops khan when i sleep and during the morning. Limitless and spartan when i am working and muay thai x before muay thai sessions