Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


Cool! Saint improved the picture of Power Can Corrupt, its sharper and brighter now. I like it.


I think that reading the book will benefit a lot, since it is conscious effort to subliminal subconscious programming. Perfect combo!

This is animated The 48 Laws of Power. Enjoy!


Have SC added the limitless module in this bad boy ?


Ok i bought this time to test drive :slight_smile:


Just a thought:
Since this sub is based on the 48 Laws of Power, would it be a good idea to make Quantum Limitless related to Greene’s other book, Mastery? Or at least a supercharger for it?


No, we’ve got big things planned for Quantum.

Parts of it are in most subliminals because of how universally useful it is, so yes.


:heart_eyes:. If you dont mind me asking, how far away is Quantum from release?


Ok i bought this, time to test drive :slight_smile:


What you gonna do tonight, blackadder?


Tentatively, end of October.


what about 33 strategies of war…that one definitely will be fun…hm…I wonder how it will work out…


@Sirchiropractixalot Quantum LImitless is already causing a storm. People are raving about it. This product will set industry standards for future products.

Imagine learning a new skill in a short space of time. Imagine you going on a date with a hot russian girl. You will learn the language in a short space of time and charm her pants off in russian as you sit over drinks.

The possibilities are endless. I only hope criminals dont buy and use this product for evil purposes.


You just gave them some ideas…


Who are these people who have tested it and are raving about it @blackadder?

As far as I know, the only person in the world who is using Quantum Limitless is @SaintSovereign.


:):rofl: care to share


I am personally super excited for Quantum Limitless. Is it going to be a single stage or multi-stage sub?


Please do try and steer this thread back to Power. I’m quite looking forward to people writing how they suddenly realized they were being manipulated.


I wonder if Power will be 45 minutes, or 30 minutes. It seems from Khan’s recommendation to listen to Inner Circle 4x = 2h that Inner Circle is 30 minutes. Since Power is a semi-major program, would it be on the shorter side or standard length?


My guess is 45. Unless they used the abridged version of 48 Laws. :slight_smile:


Power Can Corrupt is 45min :slight_smile: