Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


Is it released and downloadable yet? I think it’s coming tonight.


It has already been released about 2 days ago. Check the posts above :wink:


I thought “Now Available” meant that it was available now. :slight_smile:

Inner Circle is coming any moment though…


Yeah its out and its awsome


what do you mean awesome? what happened to your life and you feel this sub is awesome?


Yes @Badboi, could you tell us more?

And did you use now one of the laws, where you build intrigue and mystery to get people to chase you? :joy:


I felt more in control Socially at the party.
Its like a boost in confidence, that i can handle all the talks and people seems too open up more.
So its power how to handle people, in a good way.
I just realized what i did wrong before.


Did you observe anything important on how you handle people?


Yes I did :hugs:


@Badboi could you please start a Power journal?

I would love to understand more what you discovered you used to do wrong, whether you are reading 48 Laws while listening to Power sub, and what was your experience with people opening up more, and how much did they open up to you before? :slight_smile:

It’s very interesting


I clocked it at 45 mins


So maybe it manifests as stronger social skills, at least as a partial benefit?


As I see it, it can be used in many different areas of life, for example, with women, money or at work, with friends. I notice that I act differently, which gives me status, control and power.
I’m just like a ninja, bam bam bam, haha.
I’m in a good mood, I was just training. happiness hormones. :smiley:


I was going to read the book 48 Laws, I’ve watched the movie on youtube, lots of info at once.


I will be buying quantum limitless.


There’s an audiobook on playstore(Android) which is free. You can check it out.


We need to start a seperate thread for quantum LImitless ao we can discuss this product further.


I suspect Saint will start a thread for it pretty soon, might as well wait for that. It might be Fire as well, he’s pretty active the past few days, Saint a bit less.

Law 25: Recreate Yourself
The world is your stage. You decide what role you want to play. Think of life like a book that you are writing. You’re the main character, so act like it.


@Dark Philosopher will give it a few days and wait for fire to begin. If nothing happens will begin a thread and help SC promote Quantum Limitless.

@AMASH are you planning on buying QL ?.


QL is speculation at this point in time. It has not been announced officially, with a release date :slight_smile: