Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


As far as there being an official announcement, apart from it being on the 2019 roadmap, there is also this…

Which means we can expect a product thread in somewhere around two weeks from now I guess. I doubt it will be here in a few days, with Inner Circle and Mind’s Eye still being on the forefront. If anybody want to help promote, why not start with those? Otherwise, people may forget all about those two because they are getting all hyped up in Quantum. Which would be unfortunate, given the work that went into them.

Crap, I went off-topic again…


I am wondering if this would be a good way to listen to two subliminals. I am currently listening to Emperor on my iPod I do want to listen to Power Can Corrupt as well. So I have a playlist with Emperor and PCC which I have on repeat. Meaning that Emperor plays then when that is done PCC plays. Then the process repeats itself.


That’s fine. I stack similarly. Just a playlist of 2-3 files on loop.


Thanks Simon!


You know, every time I think of this sub, I find myself thinking:
“Would it be possible to do the same for The Art of War?”

Considering how the two bear a lot of similarities, I would love to know if it is feasible…


Isnt the same?


I know you don’t usually give out scripting and I can understand that but how much of the 48 laws are actually in this subliminal?

Is it just it just the “name” of the law or does it also have a brief explanation of the laws as well?

For instance will it just say “Never outshine the master” or will it explain why you shouldn’t outshine the master?

I’ve already read the book so it doesn’t matter either way for me but I am curious.


ALL of the laws, plus training to help your subconscious understand / act on / defend yourself from them.


I think it could be useful to incorporate a minimalist version of this as a module within the standard script.


Well you convinced me to get it.

Just started it this morning. We’ll see how it goes.


I’m curious how this would pair with Alchemist


I plan to stack it with Alchemist in ST3


@Badboi, could you please share an updated review of Power Can Corrupt?


Last two days I have been stacking Khan stage 4, Emperor and Power Can Corrupt. I appreciate its still early days but what I have noticed is guys seem more friendly with me and want to hangout with me.

The first night I added in Power Can Corrupt I had a dream of me kicking people out of my house or asking them to leave.

Out of curiosity how is everyone else stacking ? mine is

x 3 Emperor
x 3 Khan stage 4
x 3 Power can Corrupt

Feel free to share your thoughts, constructive critisms


That is a pretty interesting stack considering Khan st3 and Emperor are kinda the same.


Alchemist 4
Khan 4

On loop.
In that order.

Alchemist is somehow fixing issues that Stage 1s and Regeneration didn’t get to.
Immediate Impact: procrastination is almost entirely removed.

Power’s effect was different when I stacked it with only K4. More cult-leader-ish.
With A4, it’s not entirely obvious what it’s doing, but - I’ve stopped giving free advice…
And that’s why I’m not posting much on this forum either.


I know that either Fire or Sovreign said that Power can Corrupt hooks into either Emperor or Khan.

Does this mean it has to be played immediately after running your khan\emperor stack ? or can it split. Say for example run the Khan stack in the evening and run the Power Can Corrupt in the night leaving a few hours in between the stacks ?.


Wait do u run 48 loops of power


That is awesome :joy:


48 loops ? Of Power can corrupt ? Not good as my brain might melt :slight_smile: