Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


I am removing Khan its making me far too horny and this is not the right time for me. I am going to stick with emperor and power.

Low libido 🍌 what to do?

48 as in “48 Laws of Power.” :smile:

In common lingo, my stack in the post above was:
1 x Alchemist Stage 4
1 x Khan Stage 4
1 x Power Can Corrupt

No files are played multiple times.


Anyone want to share their observations/results ?. So far ?.


If we do treat Power Can Corrupt as a major program, can we expect a follow up stacking module? For verbal/emotional self defence? Based on Weapon X?


Question; would this work well for leadership in business situations? Like a real estate agent that is responsible for working with and coordinating multiple parties to close a deal? What would be the best subs for that?


@nwaterlowford i believe it would from what i have read.


From what i understand it is a social sub that helps understanding and subconsiously manipulate power in social dynamic. I guess it should be fine with any job that you need to communicate with people


I think a supercharger keyed to Power Can Corrupt would be a great idea.


Does Power Can Corrupt contain a version of Ascension within it?

Is there a significant alpha building aspect to it?


I dont believe there is alpha build to it. I think it only makes you aware when someone is trying to manipulate you.


Its light scripting and it is about 48 laws of power. I doubt they have anything for alpha traits


I don’t think that “light” is appropriate word for PCC script :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It is quite intense in what it does.


It depends on how you look at the relationship between power and being alpha. For instance, one of the laws is about acting boldly - very much an alpha type behaviour. But PCC itself is not meant to be alpha based per se


meaning that it was created with the purpose to hook on another sub


I agree and think that its time to implement new term: Major Stacking Program :slight_smile:


If this doesn’t have any alpha scripting it would seem to be a sub of the sort that would be catalyzed by an alpha track.


I’m very intrigued by this sub. One of my hang ups in life has been complete and utter embarrassing submission to any authority figure and/or anyone with more status than me.

However, I have not read 48 laws of power. Shouldn’t this be required???


No, but I think it could help if you did. Training your conscious and subconscious at the same time…


I would figure to run this you’d get better results listening to the audiobook and reading the text version of it several times.

It is on youtube.


I fully agree @dorfmeister. I’ve heard of this book for literally over a decade and haven’t gotten to it. Funny enough I have read the fifty cent book.

Maybe buying the sub will be the motivation I need to finally get to it.