Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


You just gave me an idea-what if we run audio books at the same time with the Quantum Limitless?


Totally, I think that would be considered “taking action” for any related sub and reduce reconciliation.

One thing I noticed is that the now MIA @AMASH was constantly approaching girls during all his sub runs :man_shrugging:


Reading books while listening or not is a form of studying. QL is designed for that purpose :slight_smile:



I am running Spartan and Primal. Wondering how effective “Power Can Corrupt” might be in this stack.


"The answer, the key to the ability to transform ourselves, is actually insanely simple: to reverse this perspective."

  • Robert Greene

@dorfmeister thank you SO MUCH for posting this!!!

It is so clearly stated. I reflexively avoid fads and trends, so I had not really paid much attention to Greene thus far, due to the contexts in which it was being discussed and in which I, personally, was encountering it. But I recognize wisdom when I hear it. And this message is wise.

He goes on to say:

"Stop fixating on what other people are saying and doing; on the money, the connections, the outward appearance of things. Instead, look inward. Focus on the smaller, internal changes that lay the groundwork for a much larger change in fortune.

It is the difference between grasping at an illusion, and immersing yourself in reality. And reality is what will liberate and transform you."

Good stuff. I’m paying attention.


The points he discusses in that video and the suggestions he offers are perfectly timed for the stage 2 of Ecstasy of Gold: The Ecstasy of Life. The focus on learning, preparing, and attracting the realities you seek.

It’s also really resonant with Quantum Limitless.

He’s definitely a zen禪 guy.


Robert Greene is a very underrated master of social sciences. He has studied many successful people of all kinds both alive and throughout history. His insights are invaluable and his books are like bibles for their respective subjects


One more thing about PCC. This is harsh sub, it helps me to reveal manipulative people in my life who tried to use me. This sounds like paranoia :slight_smile: but I see the effects already. I think that not only 48 Laws but Chaldini’s Influence as well is present in the script.

I admit that PCC is a must have sub then you are building your empire. Less toxic people in your life, less energy loss and etc.

If you are quite heart-opened person, who likes to give then you will definitely benefit from running PCC. You will be suprised how people who used to take, and less to give, will be frustrated :slight_smile: and will disappear from your life.


This one is in my wishlist.


I am trying to figure out how to run this one. I am already running Primal and Spartan and don’t want to spread things too thin.

The copy implies this should be run with one of the more status oriented alpha programs like Ascension or Emperor.


You can run PCC as a hook up sub but as a standalone too


Sure, just trying to determine how to optimally run it. From what I have gleaned, that would be alongside a status alpha.

I am not sure either Spartan or Primal are focused enough on status and I am not sure I want to run 4 subs or drop Primal or Spartan in order to run Ascension.


I’d consider Primal as a status sub, sure. You’d be a bad boy character with a Machiavellian edge.


I would advice against running 4 subs. How important is spartan in your life? Is pcc so important to add?


I don’t plan to run four subs. I don’t even like the idea of running three.


Well it would seem to me that the ultimate alpha would combine the warrior with status and instinct.

A more focused and manipulation-proof mind is a great thing to go with that.


Just finished 48 laws of power and now am listening to 33 laws from The Art of War.


Could be interesting to create a sub that draws from all of Robert Greene’s work, like the 33 Laws, Mastery and Art of Seduction.


I like this idea. Or draw a sub from a top 5-10 book poll