Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


Sold! Looking forward to frustrating the total fuck out of manipulative motherfuckers.

Thanks to @DarkPhilosopher for the recommendation.


For those wanting to know what Power Can Corrupt does:

Charisma - a lot of charisma.
Social skills.
Confidence in dealing with difficult people.
Knowing what moves to execute with others to further your own causes.
Seeing “bad hombres” from a mile away.
Having fun with said hombres to twist them into pretzels for shits and giggles.


any examples from your life?


Do u think I should add this into my stack of

Khan and Mogul, :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:?


Since I’m behaving with more confidence and charisma, some have a very strong repellent reaction, men and women (violent coughing mainly). That tells me they are bad eggs and to stay away, they wish me ill.

Work managers - one episode where a young manager tried to get me to work more hours than booked. Since they put me in bitch level table cleaning and not bar, I simply refused. She responded with "aw, dont be such a big baby"… Subtle manipulation right there. I left on time.

One of the bad hombres is my own mother, who has been using the dark arts on me since birth, so I’m testing Power on her. It’s going to be interesting.

Power Can Corrupt is absolutely essential for introvert nice guys who grew up in abusive households as it reveals the real raw truth of life- most people aren’t your friends. It can also turn some serious tables as you finally wield some power of your own by having WII-FM tuned in: What’s In It For Me?


No idea about mogul but PCC has scripting to enhance titles like khan and other subs that boost personal power…so yes


Are you taking about black magic on you? Sorry to hear that.


@lowrider physically and emotionally whipping and systematically wearing down a child’s confidence and self esteem from the age of 2…

That takes a lot of inner work to overcome, so yes you are right, I would consider that as a form of black magic.


Sorry to hear that. That’s so hard to heal from. Keep up with it. You will over come it! I w went through a lot of trauma as well. This book helped me understand things a lot.



From what i remember you know how to deciphwr dreams may beable to help.

Last night i listened to 2 loops of power can corrupt. In my dream some guy came out of nowhere and attacked me with a butchers knife.

I automatically picked up a frying pan and smashws it across his head. Then got him into a triangulat choke. When he stoppes struggling. I said “lets calm down and talk my name is Black Adder”. I let go and then he shook hands with me.


I have been listening to “Art of Seduction”. It seems like spending some time listening to the audio versions of Greene’s books should catalyze PCC’s effectiveness.


I assume you didn’t exactly call yourself that in your dream. If you did, I suggest spending some time away from this forum before you end up in an identity crisis. :wink:

It’s true I seem to have been intuitive about people’s dreams. No guarantees though, but let Monsieur le Noir give it a shot…

So, something unexpected happened and you handled it like a boss. The way you seem to have handled this fight is like you are completely in control, like you have all the answers to something. Could be something that’s been bugging you or a recent challenge or change that was unexpected as well. It could be an insecurity you had.

It’s guesswork, but it’s the best I got right now. Good mindset though. Chuck Norris would be proud. Even if he wouldn’t have used a frying pan. :slight_smile:

With the animated Director’s Cut, audiobook and ebook I intend to immerse myself completely in the 48 Laws when I run that subliminal. It’s like a supercharger, aligning the conscious and subconscious towards the same goal.


@blackadder PCC has a complete road map for dealing with unexpected social situations, so you’re getting a mind upgrade. The physical attacks into negotiation is basically the gist of the sub.


Just bought PCC and have added it to my present playlist of Spartan and Primal. This was the first sub I have purchased since Ultimate Artist back in April.


Playing the audiobook of 48 Laws of Power, too.

That + the subliminal should catalyze each other.


Also 48 Laws of Power with binaural beats.


That’s sweet!


Any possibility of a “Power Can Corrupt” Supercharger?


Possibly. These past few weeks were hectic due to Thanksgiving and next week is going to be rough too. After that, I’ll be back on the grind full-time again and I’m planning a large expansion of the supercharger line, including the currently announced Mind’s Eye and Commandant. After those are finished, I’m open for ideas. Power Can Corrupt did sell fairly well (which surprised me, as it’s a niche product), so it’s something I’ll consider.


I think people could use more subs based on external power and power dynamics. So to say, we could know when to be assertive, aggressive, dominant and on the flip when to be quiet, when to let the others win and when to be submissive and friendly