Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


On that note, how about a sub + supercharger on Persuasion & Influence?

A 4 Stage sub could include verbal skills, non-verbal skills, rapport building mastery etc while the super charger could be bases on Caldini’s classic.


Yes to a PCC supercharger. One urging balance in carrying out the skills.

Maybe also a supercharger based on Greene’s Art of Seduction - link it in with S&S

@mecharc where do you see PCC being useful in business?


well even better…to includes nlp and storytelling skill…


Like how it enhances charisma plus how it helps you develop intuition for peoples inentions. Also it helps you get things done. But that is only my opinion


PCC will help with all of that. Business is cutthroat, so having a game plan in dealing with people and staff is essential.

Getting things done is a motivation thing, so Khan ST3 is perfect.


Yes Khan ST3 will push me. I’m expecting PCC to help me push others buttons correctly to get the work done.


I would be the first customer for a Power of Seduction subliminal. Most people who are successful in adulthood learn through skills. A lack of confidence in social and dating arenas are simply not knowing what the hell to do.

I got that taking action is all important but acquiring skills in dating and sales to take that action would help greatly in improving the quality of life.

Power of Seduction would perfectly compliment Sex and Seduction as a stack module too.


How about a sub based on the concepts of “Principles by Ray Dalio”?


I get that PCC is niche, but the companies that are really compelling are the ones that find niches that nobody else is filling and markets in such a way that people see that product as something that will give them an edge that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

How many subliminal companies out there just put out all the same cookie cutter titles? So many.

Am I intrigued by those companies? No.

Do I buy from them? No.


It’s a much more involved process than just “filling a niche.” That niche also has to have demand, otherwise your company will never become profitable. Make no mistake, while we love what we do and enjoy seeing people’s lives changing, we also want to make a healthy profit. Fighting against market forces rather than working with them is the quickest way to find yourself in the red and out of business. This is the key to our success – we’re a data driven company that closely tracks sales, demand and market forces and responding to them accordingly.

Of course, we often make titles without regard to potential profits – PCC and rvX comes to mind – that we created out of sheer curiosity or for other reasons (like to advance our technology base), but we can’t create ALL of our titles that way. It takes an incredible amount of effort to create a title, and even though we create digital items, it’s still very possible to end up in the red on a title that doesn’t sell (I’m looking at you, Ultimate Artist).

If the market shows interest, we’re much more liable to create a title. So… if a supercharger based on PCC excites everyone, start showing some love for the idea.


I’ve said my bit. I only request things that I can’t already get and that I would actually buy if it were created. I have purchased a number of titles from Sub Club up to this point, so I am not just someone coming out of nowhere with no track record requesting something.

Obviously, if I were the only customer to want such a thing, there would be no reason to create it.

I did purchase Ultimate Artist, so as to my interests and ambitions I may be somewhat of an outlier, but it would seem to me that eventually UA will turn a profit.


In all the time that it’s been released, Ultimate Artist’s total sales are less than what Power Can Corrupt has sold in a little over a month or so. That’s just the fact of the matter, and the data doesn’t lie. Our business is 95% data driven – ya’ll wouldn’t believe the systems I’ve implemented on the backend to predict and model sales from a title, hence why we’re incredibly profitable and other companies are scrambling to keep up. Everything, from pricing to our release schedule to which titles we create is based on consumer demand and market forces.

I’m not sure why you seem to be getting a little defensive over this, and forgive me if I’m misreading your tone. I know you’re not some random person throwing out an idea and we very much appreciate your patronage and support – hence why I’m even considering it in the first place. That being said, creating a supercharger isn’t a small task – the production of one costs what you’d pay monthly or a small apartment in a nice area in the United States. In order to maintain the growth of the company, we have to make sure at least 80% of the titles we create are profitable (right now we’re experiencing unprecedented growth, almost to the point where we may have to start hiring), so a title needs some market backing before we can proceed.

I have considered, however, accepting early pre-orders for tracks like this – almost like a kickstarter – to ensure that we can create niche, unique titles without shouldering ALL of the risk. If we go that route, that’s something I want to rollout early next year. Allow people to make suggestions, rally up the pre-orders and then we’ll proceed with creation.


You freaking genius. :+1:t3:


I began stacking power can corrupt to my listening stack again and I believe its working. My mind is highlighting the times when I have been manipulated in the past. Times when i did not even realize it. Havent got time to journal this but just wanted to let you know the product appears to work.


Just bought it myself i think it is a must have to any stack


This is me showing adoration for the idea. I would also like to see it as a possible unholy trinity of Power:

  • Social power (PCC)
  • Dating power (Power of seduction) learn and hack the rules of exchange. Life = Sex. Sex = Power
  • Money power (Money can Corrupt) sales, negotiation, workplace power etc

Power dynamics are a niche, they’re also why the 10% succeed and regular Joe’s like me still believe in fairytales of "work hard, save money, chase women, be nice…" We want to be nice, but it’s better to know how not to be a chump.


Book recommendation for you that takes a different approach than Robert Greene…

Adam Grant’s Give and Take. :+1:


I speculate that UA suffers from poor naming & salespage problem, not market demand.

All SC product names are attractive / attention-getting by themselves.
Khan and Power Can Corrupt are poor name choices, but they are polarizing - they attract a significant chunk of the market while repeling others.
EOG is neutral.

I’m not sure if Artist is an archetype a lot of subliminal buyers identify with.
Poets, musicians, painters, dancers, who want to make a professional career with their art skills - I don’t see too many of them here.

The exact same MP3 file if sold as being for Writers / Authors / Copywriters / Social Media Influencers / Youtubers / etc. would probably beat PCC effortlessly.
Or, if it were sold as a tool for Enhanced Creativity, Innovation, Passionate Expression, Fearless Testing & Implementation of Ideas, etc., it would sell like hot cakes.

Sure, mention that it helps with dance, music, photography, design, stage/camera performance, et al - just position it as being for Entrepreneurs, esp. internet ones who have to use several of these “Art” forms, or constantly create new Content/Code/Products - and it becomes another secret weapon in the Emperor’s toolbox.


@Simon Mind Blown



You’re engaging in what I call “egoic marketing.” It’s when a person believes that their sole, personal sensibilities somehow applies to large groups of people, evident. I personally believe that Khan and Power Can Corrupt are excellent names that fits the concept well. Who’s right and who’s wrong?

In marketing and product development, the only thing you can trust is well collected, organized data. Like I said earlier, we collect and analyze a lot of data when making decisions. The numbers simply don’t lie. In this case, a “poorly named,” quickly announced niche product outsold a product we hyped for much longer.

Here’s the thing: we already anticipated this. UA was made as a technology extension toward the new Weapon X platform.

And the reason it didn’t sell well, based on the data isn’t poor positioning — it’s the fact that it doesn’t fit well into most people’s stacks.

I’m not going too much into how we know this, as I have been made aware that our competitors are reading this forum for business intelligence (and even responding to and discussing our strategies on theirs), but the data supports it. When you only have 8-10 hours a day to run a stack to help you build a business and you have a choice between titles such as Khan, Limitless, EoG and Emperor, you’re going to go with the tool that has a direct and observable effect.

Attempting to sell Ultimate Artist as a tool for entrepreneurs would lead to increased refunds and consumer frustration because the results wouldn’t be readily apparent, as that title is made for artists. It’d take quite some time for an entrepreneur to see results they could attribute to UA over the other subs in their stack (those practicing the guitar, however, would see an immediate increase). We know this is true because we know the average users usage behavior.

Not to mention the latent dishonesty in positioning a product as something it’s not just to tap into a larger market. There’s some entrepreneurial scripting in it, but it’s 100% a title for aspiring artists.

The second reason is the fact that Limitless and QL actually cannibalizes sales of UA because the functionality is similar. Why run UA for guitar when you can run QL and learn everything?

That’s all I’m willing to say, as I’m not giving out any more info to the competition. :stuck_out_tongue: