Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


Well, Ultimate Artist is a subliminal that I definitely want, because I am a creative. But it’s about # 5 on the list. So, it’s going to be a while before I run it. Let us know if you’re ever going to take it down because I’ll buy it first.

I think that for a specialty sub like Ultimate Artist, positioning would be key. I think there are communities of people trying to make it as artists. I’m thinking of the music industry, in particular. Once a critical mass of people, or a few influential people, knew about Ultimate Artist it would probably become a popular fad. Then again, with the way things seem to work in that community sometimes, could be that some have already found it and are sitting on it for themselves. I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m glad it exists. I’m looking forward to running it in the future.

This makes a lot of sense.


I understand. Which is why this time I started my post with “I speculate”. :smile:

I really, really LOVE WeaponX platform. Its a lot more Active than the Limitless style of learning.
Please consider releasing more of them, or creating Weaponized versions of the current lineup.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Pretty sure Saint has some weapon x titles lined up or ideas he wants to make happen. Plus hopefully eventually the existing weapon x titles and supercharger lines get updated to current tech. Beyond limitless would be great with new tech and same with legacy or dreams.


We won’t take it down, and we actually do have plans to revisit the idea – will probably be mid next year. I think this second approach will be much more successful.


So here is the “show us some love” supercharger poll :wink:

  • Social power (PCC)
  • Dating power (Power of seduction) learn and hack the rules of exchange. Life = Sex. Sex = Power
  • Money power (Money can Corrupt) sales, negotiation, workplace power etc

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Couldnt have said better. I completely agree with that statement


Money can corrupt!Money can corrupt!


YES!!! :+1::+1::+1: OMG, @lowrider i love this!!! Thanks for making it a poll! Let’s do this!

Power of Seduction A roadmap of how dating really works. Every false belief and dating mistake we’ve made will be corrected with Power of Seduction.

Dating and seduction is a power game - let’s not deny it. Women AND Men both play these games, it pays to be aware of it and to nudge the game in our favour - ethically. Passing shit tests, acknowledging subtle manipulations and avoiding neing taken advantage of, as well as displaying dominance and having good negotiation skills - from approach to first date to sex. Sex is the end result of dominant power dynamics.
It’s NOT a PUA how-to guide, more a framework of beliefs that will stand you in good stead in the dating arena.


Note: Its a Supercharger poll.


I know. I’m getting excited!


For what it’s worth I’m glad UA is around and I’ve been getting a lot of benefit from it. But it’s true how it’s hard to fit in a stack. Art itself has a huge learning curve, huge investments, sometimes none of these things are even all that perceivable vs something like starting up a small online business. I honestly question sometimes if I’d be better off ditching Ascended Mogul and just putting all my focus into UA. Any thoughts on this @SaintSovereign? That really is my biggest goal in my life, building my life around my passion for music. I threw AM in the mix so I could deal with longstanding confidence issues and make sure I can navigate the world better. But if UA builds the ideal life around what I want that seems like it’d be the fastest route. No real clear cut answer on this one so far for me.


Do equal parts AM and UA. The AM training will help handle the business side of music (which, by all accounts is a tough industry to navigate). UA will help with developing your skill.


Thanks man, I’ll give that a shot.


I will gladly pay a premium for a money can corrupt supercharger!

  1. What about Sex Can Corrupt? I can bribe successfully corrupt government officials/cops with women?

  2. Money can Corrupt = I can successfully bribe government officials/cops with money?


We’re hoping Sub Club members won’t need to bribe to get ahead.

Besides the are better, more subtle means… :yum: [Law 26]


Been back on Power can corrupt for a week now. I walked into a bar as i gazed at each person in i was already able to figure them out. One girl was a lesbian one guy was gay. Another guy i could tell was trying to hard to be alpha. It was interwsting to beable to automatically figure people out before interacting with them.


Are you Jason Bourne?


Interesting, @blackadder

Inside my mind in was already making note of work colleagues thumbscrews. :no_mouth:

I did however stand my ground with an old security guard who insisted on taking my passport for inspection. Passports cost a lot of money if lost, I wasn’t playing around.

Got her to qualify herself to me. Even her “wtf” look didn’t faze me.


Money Can Corrupt supercharger wins! @SaintSovereign, @Fire, the people have spoken.

(an Art Of Seduction major program based on the 24 rules would be great, just for me :yum:)