Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


@SaintSovereign I promise to buy it as soon you release it


I’m grateful to have read this. Since beginning with SC, I’ve been continually angered by people seeing the “nice guy” in me and exploiting it. I’d have picked up PCC today if I had the money.


I’ve been listening to PCC as part of a stack for at least three weeks. Do not recall the exact date I started. I have also been relistening to the audiobook version of 48 Laws of Power. I have listened to that twice and Thirty-Three
Strategies of War which is a nice companion to it.


2 months on Power Can Corrupt, I would have been lost without this little product. Just the act of permission to ‘defend’ yourself from another’s influence is worth the money alone.

There were times where PCC was useful however for payback mode. Sometimes a remark or action leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but reacting out of pocket is socially inadvisable, so I carry out various subordinate acts: either refusing to comply, asking for an equal favour or giving as good as I got.
Adult bullies test their victims to see if they will take abuse without complaint. PCC (w/ Khan, Emperor or Ascension) ensures that WON’T be you!

With PCC, I can now see the bigger manipulation EVERYWHERE - TV, movies, commercials, news. Not to get too heavy with it…


Exactly! :sunglasses:


Hi @Michel.

Being able to see the snakes in the grass is a good thing, we all deserve to feel safe and able to protect ourselves! What was is it like for you to take a stance and defend yourself?

I have noticed inmyself I often feel the need to either comply, either because I am afraid that I will lose i.e job or will end up alone. When I read what you wrote I had the incling that one might go a bit paranoid to see ployts where there are none (intented).

A lot of things are designed to influence us like comercials, but the key is in being aware of it, not being more than a temporary bubble in my mind. I would dislike feeling or thinking each time oh that is another form of manipulation. Curious to know your take on this …



Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you… Ros, Spooks (MI-5, the TV series)

Hungry? Thirsty? Need to attract women?

What brands did you think of?

Major corporations would love it if they were first in your mind, the billions spent on advertising is proof of that. Just whistle a certain 5-note tune right now… That’ll be inside your head until you die.

When you want money, food, shelter, sex, you have to get it from someone else. Manipulation/persuasion/influence (however you want to salt it) is necessary as people are usually self interested.

Unless you want to go down the “might is right” abusive route, social finesse is needed. Maybe you’re not in a position to go ham on your boss, but there are certain things you can do that will reduce the target on your back (our SUBS will do THAT)

Being aware of the hidden language of manipulation isn’t very cuddly or cute. But it’ll stop you being someone’s little bitch.


I created a monster…


As Frankenstein turned on his creator, it rose on its feet, turned its head and spoke it’s first act of insubordination:

“I’m hungry, where’s the fridge?”


Started a third time listening to the audio book . PCC has been running in a playlist with Spartan and Primal. I’d estimate 4 to 5 hours of exposure a day for each.


Any results from PCC?


Great news :grin:

Last night, based on what I’ve been reading and what I was feeling, I felt compelled to spend money on myself. I needed to protect myself, and I know I’ve not known how or who I really needed protection from. I had no tools to work with. I’d been reading about Power Can Corrupt, It’s based on the truths that all men of power know the social game, and they use those skills in every part of life.

@Michel came from a rough background, used Kahn a number of months, but added PCC later. He said that now he sees all the games that people, the media, and institutions use on him every single day. @Fire and @SaintSovereign made this sub not so we could be bigger assholes, but actually be aware of all the power struggles going on around us. We would then be free to decide our own directions. @Michel said now he had tools to work with, and a lot of insecurity left him.

I bought PCC last night, listened all last night with EOG, and all today with EOG. I was doing laundry an hour ago, and 3 Hispanic men were near me doing theirs. I realized I was acting subconsciously like I was or would be their victim–as I’ve seen myself as having no internal protections around men in my life. (This also leads me to be the perpetual “Nice Guy” to avoid conflict)

But something clicked in me. I realized I was creating this “truth” that they were going to hurt me. This has all been in my own head. And…something in me relaxed. I did not want to play this victim game, and I was able to brush off that “reality”. That’s fricken AWESOME!

I think this will move into my beliefs that others will hurt me with my money–so I mention it. I’ve created these “truths” so my life might make sense, and those same truths are causing more inner and outer chaos. I’ve been building a wall towards my bitcoin miner lately, thinking he’d do something to sabotage me. Meanwhile, he’s done nothing wrong. Nada. This is all in me, and PCC is giving me something I can truly change my life with.


@subliminalguy people speak of giving off victim “vibes” which bullies sense in order to get to their next target. To be able to say “not me, not today, hell no!” is powerful and takes an incredible amount of inner strength.

I’m sure that Fire & Saint have been noting our story arc in the latest Khan marketing email…


Purchased PPC myself and I am running it with Ascension V2. Very seriously debating doing the quad pay and purchasing Khan as my brain keeps telling me it’s over settling for less and wants the best life for me


@JCast, I thought I’d reply here since it’s specific to PPC.

I took a walk. But I didn’t do what I’d considered when I replied on your Ascension thread. I didn’t stay in my neighborhood. I chose to go towards my fear, and I drove to a park I was at just weeks back when running Emperor fulltime. I knew I’ve had some unnamed fear around women, but when I arrived, I went towards it rather than away from it.

Something that was really different was and is that I, too, am not happy with settling with old fears and ways of being. I didn’t have my normal fears in place, and I looked men and women in the eyes without expectations. I even got one quizzical look from a guy with his wife, like “something’s different but I can’t tell what it is”.

I walked a good 1.5 miles round trip, choosing to leave the park and follow the river. My motivation was a growing disgust with hiding in “same ol, same ol” behaviors. I noticed 2 girls choosing to walk my way when I approached–and this is my growing point. I could have done and said old “safe” things, but I didn’t open my mouth. I just smiled at one, admired their big dog, and kept walking. But same old behaviors felt very uncomfortable for me.

I returned to the park, heard and saw young kids with their parents, and desired to be in such an environment–a family–again. I sat on a bench around 20 minutes, finally leaving since my unrest with settling with old ways was stirring in me. I got in my van…but sat again. I normally “move, move, move” to avoid thoughts and feelings about missing a family. I just didn’t yield to such impulses today, for they were used before and kept me unhappy and unchanged.

Even now, I have fears of saying (writing) only the “good” things. I’ve done it before for acceptance. Acceptance feels like shit when it’s based on bullshit.

My biggest challenge today (seriously!) was recognizing what I could say which was genuine and not cliché. I know how to say funny/nice BS things, and I’ve used it since it doesn’t invite honest discussion. However, I wanted honest discussion today. I realized that this surfacing was new, but I didn’t follow up seeking more since I’ve played “nice guy” roles, they required little honesty, and they were…ahem…just easy to pull off. I desired some honesty today, but I was a little afraid of it at the same time. I realize now there’s a pain in my eyes, and I know people can pick up truths even when BS is flying. So, I sat alone seeking to be honest and fair to myself.


Sorry if this question has been answered, I couldn’t find it with a search. What is the track length for PCC? 30 or 45 minutes?


Masked is 45’


45 minutes for ultrasonic


@Michel I just read your review of PPC. I’m starting to think running PPC with Ascension V2 could be the ultimate cure " Nice Guy " syndrome . Instantly made me think of the end of this scene


My favorite scene from that movie